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Three principles of compelling copywriting for yoga teachers


Compelling copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective digital marketing for yoga teachers.

Copywriting is the art of strategically delivering words that get your ideal students to take action.

There is power in compelling copy. Copywriting refers to the words that you use each and every day to communicate and to persuade readers to take action. It is the words that you use in your emails, your email newsletters and on your sales pages. This allows you to promote your classes, events, retreat and share your passion and knowledge about yoga with your students.

Writing compelling copywriting is very important to you as a yoga teacher, and perhaps is something you don’t think about. It might be something that makes you feel stuck. These tips on how to create compelling copy will help you overcome writer’s block writing copy for your online yoga business content.

Before you start writing compelling copy you need to identify your ideal student

First, you need to be laser-focused on who your ideal student is. Once you have identified your ideal student you need to talk to them in a way that’s going to resonate and connect with them. Your job is to share your vision to encourage them to take action through the words you use in your business.

You need to offer your ideal students unique benefits that make you different from all of the other yoga teachers out there and tell them you are the teacher form them.

If you already have a website and share on social media then you are already a copywriter! And now you can learn how to become a compelling copywriter.

Every day that you put off learning how to create compelling copy, you’re not serving those ideal potential students. If you aren’t connecting with the people in the world that are yet to discover yoga you’re not converting them to your students and missing out on bringing extra income into your business.

Principle no 1 of compelling copywriting: Create copy that is clear and concise 

Principle number one is to create copy that is clear and concise. Clarity will ensure your message is easily digestible. Copy that is very clear and concise can come across as flat. It still has to be compelling so that your students will take action.

The opposite of clarity is cluttered copy, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating copy.

When reading cluttered copy you can’t find what you are looking. Flowery and cluttered writing tends to have long paragraphs and sentences that are not clear. Look at your copy and see what words you can strike out without changing the meaning on the sentence.

Remember that people have short attention spans.

They won’t sift through your blog post to find the information they need. They want it right there and then.

Keep in mind that blog posts are most effective when they’re at least 1500 words long. Readers typically scan through information and only read about 20% of the copy that’s on the page. You want to share your strongest points at the top of the page and then breakdown your content into subheadings to make scanning for information easy.

Clarity always beats cleverness.

You want to use short, simple words that anyone can understand. Cut out any words that you don’t need.

Principle no 2 of compelling copywriting: Create copy that resonates

You want to create copy that is going to strike a chord with your ideal students. This will inspire students to book your events and enrol in your courses.

The most effective copywriting starts in your ideal student’s head, not yours.

This is why you really need to understand who your ideal student is. The common mistake that people make with their writing is that it’s too self-centred. Focus on what is important to your ideal students and not what is important to you.

To create copy that resonates first you need to talk to your ideal student and describe their problem. Secondly, show them that you understand their journey and how your offering will help. This will help you connect with the students you want to teach. You want your students to be those who resonate with what you have to offer. These are the students who will come back week after week because of the connection they feel with you.

Talk their talk.

Tell them that you understand their journey, their struggles and you can help them to get the transformation that they’re looking for. If you don’t know this about your students, ask them. Send out a survey, use the poll feature on Facebook and on Instagram stories and collect information.

Principle no 3 of compelling copywriting: Create copy that is authentic

The last principle is to create copy that is authentic. Finding your authentic voice as a teacher is a process that comes with teaching experience.

Tapping into your authentic self when it comes to writing online for social media and your website can be daunting

There are fears around being visible and putting yourself under the spotlight. However, being authentic is really about writing copy that sounds like you. It is about finding your true voice and spreading your message. Your ideal students will love what you have to say and what you are offering.

When your students can feel your authenticity, they will truly start to trust you. This is how you will build a loyal fan base and will result in your emails being opened and increased engagement on your social media posts.

When creating authentic copy you need to use words that you actually use in real life.

One of the best ways to do this is to not actually write the copy but to say it.

Record yourself speaking on your phone and talk about what makes your yoga offering special. Talk about what you’re passionate about and type it up afterwards. You want to sound like you’re talking to a friend.

Share a personal story

Another way to be more authentic is to share a personal story. People love personal stories.

You can share a personal story in a blog post or social media caption, which is a great way to stimulate engagement. You can also weave it into your email newsletters, which will bring your email to life and humanize the experience for people reading your emails.

Show your ideal students how you have been in their shoes.

Quite often as yoga teachers, we have experienced transformation ourselves.

Don’t shy away from your own transformation. Tell people that you were where they are now and share your journey and how you can help them on their journey with that experience.

This is an amazing away to be authentic because you are sharing something that has happened to you.

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

If you’re worried about putting yourself out there, just remember that someone reading has been, or is going through the same thing. Sharing these stories won’t alienate you, it will actually bring people together.

You will probably surprise yourself with the results that you get and the engagement you receive when you start to share these stories with your community.

Inject your personality

People will not be interested in dry copy. Don’t think that in order to be taken seriously you have to write proper. You need to have correct spelling and grammar but don’t be afraid to add some pazazz into your copy!

Injecting some pazazz into your writing will keep people coming back for more.

Use the ADA formula to create compelling copy

ADA is a classic marketing formula used for copywriting that can be used as a guideline for creating compelling copy.

A is for Attention

I is for Interest

D is for Desire

A is for Action

Firstly you want to grab people’s attention with your copy that is going to draw them in. You need to cultivate interest and engage their mind with the copy that you’re using. Next is desire. To cultivate desire in your audience you need to understand your ideal student. Lastly, you need your audience to take action by being clear in telling them what you want them to do.

You can use this formula in conjunction with the three principles of compelling copy.

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