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Four foundational elements of a successful online yoga business


More and more yoga teachers all over the world are starting to take their teaching online with the aim to reach more people and generate more income in their business – a solid and effective online yoga business strategy.

Despite the best of intentions, many will fail.


Many yoga teachers overlook the essential elements of launching an online yoga course successfully – and creating an online yoga business.

Going back to basics can often seem like a waste of time when a yoga teacher has been gaining some success. But trends change. Student’s desires change. The tools we use to market more effectively change, too, along with the technology that makes it all happen.

When it comes to making your online teaching dream a reality, you need to build the foundational elements of your marketing strategy.

There are four key foundational elements you must have in place to build a successful online yoga business:


1. You have an online home – your website

Your website is the foundation to everything you do, it’s your home and hub for your community. Having a website gives you the opportunity to create content to attract potential students and to capture their email addresses.

When you have higher-priced products such as retreats, private classes and e-courses, your website helps you to promote these offerings.

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2. You consistently offer lots of free, valuable content

If you don’t already have an effective content marketing strategy in place, you are likely missing out a lot. And losing a lot of ideal students in the process.

As well as positioning you as an expert through the content you share, you’ll increase awareness of your yoga brand. You may also attract new eyes online, boost traffic to your website, get people on to your list, convert them into students and retain them. And all through the content that you create and share online.

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3. You create and nurture your email list

Spending time and effort on email marketing is one of the BEST things you can do to grow your yoga business.

Just take a moment to hear what yoga teachers Gloria Latham and Brett Larkin said about growing their email lists.

Once you’ve got a potential student on your list, you have the opportunity to show up weekly in their inbox to build a relationship. And this is how you build an engaged community who go on to invest in your higher-priced offerings.

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4. You are visible online

You need to be there in the places where your audience is hanging out online. This means doing Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories, and extending your teachings from the studio into the digital landscape.

There are ways to make this easier such as creating weekly pieces of content and sharing it on multiple platforms.

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By doing these things to build an online yoga business, you build trust and become an expert in your niche.

When members of your community see you as an expert who shares valuable knowledge, they will be in a position to commit to learning with you online. And they will be willing to do it through your paid program.

It’s exactly what YouTube star Adriene Mishler (Yoga with Adriene), travelling yogi Allie (the Journey Junkie) and Kundalini teacher Gloria Latham do.

All three offer an online program/membership site and all three are having huge success.

They all have a website, consistently offer tons of free content, focus on nurturing their email lists and are active online.

They understand their ideal students, their communities trust them and they create programs to meet their ideal student’s needs.

You won’t find their programs readily available on their website. Instead, these teachers take you through their yoga sales funnel.

1. They offer lots of free content to “attract” you

2. They bring you to their website and make an offer to receive their opt-in freebie in exchange for your email address

3. They deliver you the freebie in a welcome email and follow up with an email sequence that nurtures you and primes you for their paid program

4. The continue to offer value by connecting with you on social media, through your inbox and on their website. 

5. They present and launch their online program at a point when you trust they are the teacher to help and support you in your yoga journey. 

This is not a quick win, it’s a process of building the know, like and trust factor with your audience because there’s nothing more off-putting than visiting a website and being taken straight to a sales page.

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