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5 steps to email marketing success for yoga teachers


5 Steps To Email Marketing Success For Yoga Teachers: It’s the one we all put off, but it’s also one of the most important tools in your digital toolbox.

If you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on building valuable relationships with your existing students outside of the studio. This is why you need the 5 steps to email marketing success for yoga teachers!

Even if you think you’re not going to send emails straight away, it’s better to set up your list using a free service such as MailChimp and start getting your students on it.


People check their email multiple times a day. So showing up in their inbox is going to keep you at the front of your student’s minds. If your teaching schedule changes, or you have a new class or you’re doing a workshop, having an email list means you can keep your students in the loop.

With social media’s organic reach diminishing by the day, you can’t rely on social media to keep your students updated. Even if you have tons of followers.

But if you start doing email marketing and doing it well, you’ll get more people to open your emails.

Research shows customers on your email list are more likely to purchase from you. If you’re a yoga teacher, this means more people booking your classes, workshops and retreats. It really is a no brainer!

It’s how you make your sales. People get to know you on social media but they don’t buy there.

Email really is the easiest way to stay in touch. Students will give you their email addresses because they want to hear from you. And they want to work with you on a deeper level, so if you don’t step up, they will miss out.

So let’s take a look at how you can start building up your email list today with these 5 steps to email marketing success for yoga teachers!

1. Ask your existing students for their emails

The students in your class are your ideal students. They resonate with your vibe and they want to know what further value you can offer them. So commit to something new this week.

Commit to asking the students in your class for their email addresses and permission for you to email them.

You can simply bring a note pad to class and ask your students to write out their email addresses. Or you can create and print a research and health questionnaire for all students to complete. And then explain you’re wanting to learn more about them so that you can better serve them. It’s true! Use the info they provide to plan what you teach and better teach to what they need.

2. Sign up for Mailchimp

There are many out there but I like MailChimp. It’s free when you start out and it’s amazing what you can do with Mailchimp when you start to get techy with it. It’s one business investment that makes you money instead of costing you money and it’s super easy to use.

3. Set up a welcome email

The welcome email is the most powerful email you send and with MailChimp, you can do this automatically. All you need is 30 minutes to customise the email to what you want it to say.

The open rate will be the highest of all your emails. So make sure you put the effort in to help your new member appreciate everything else you send out in the future.

Don’t be satisfied with the standard “Thanks for joining my list”. Get creative!

Tell them a bit about yourself and point them to where they can connect with you more (ie your website or Facebook page).

4. Start sending a weekly newsletter

This might be the hardest part to get consistent with or you might find this super easy and fun.

If you’ve already got a website, these emails not only help to establish your credentials. They also provide easy links to new content such as blog posts on your website.

If you haven’t yet got a website, make sure you keep copies of your emails as they will become instant blog content for when you do publish a website.

For now, share on Facebook and use the archive function in Mailchimp to share access to your past creations.

If you’re not sure what to write about, find one thing that you were asked recently by a student (or friends looking for yoga advice). And share a tip or insight on how to help with that situation.

Hit the share on Facebook button when you send your email and your Facebook fans will see it too.

5. Set up an opt-in form on your website and Facebook

If you’re using WordPress, install the MailChimp for WordPress plugin and set up an email capture form on your homepage. And start collecting email addresses from people visiting your website.

If you’re not quite there with a website yet, no worries. You can also set up a MailChimp form on Facebook. Check their documentation to learn how to set it up.

Ok, that’s it. You’ll be growing your email list in no time and at the same time expanding the outreach of your teachings.

Have fun with this new way of engaging with your students. Enjoy the aspect of being able to connect with them after class and start sharing how they can work more with you.

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