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5 tech systems to easily launch your online yoga course



Let’s be clear…you don’t need to know how to code or how to piece together bespoke tech systems to launch a profitable online yoga course. 

There is no need to feel overwhelmed or to waste time trying to hack together solutions to get your yoga course online. There are tech systems and platforms that can help you to pull everything together quickly and easily. 

And if you’re here reading this, you’re tech savvy enough. 

…because all you really need is:

1. A tried and tested framework incorporating strategies and systems to create and sell a profitable online yoga course

2. An online home to host your course

3. A guide to support you!

Today I’m breaking down step by step the tech systems you need to launch a profitable online yoga course and this is all based on research and a couple of years experimenting…and trial and error!

As you go through the process of launching an online course, there will be many tiny details that you probably won’t consider until you’re in the middle of your launch and it’s too late. 

Investing in these tech systems upfront can be scary. But not using the right tech systems from the get go can cost time and money because you may find yourself migrating courses and email lists, or overpaying for solutions that don’t work and require a lot of input and customisation. And that’s a big no no.

One of the biggest mistakes when launching your course is to choose tech systems and platforms that won’t grow with your online yoga business.

You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Scale-able: You want to choose tech systems that are beginner friendly but empire equipped. What would happen if your yoga business went from having 20 students to 200 students? What would happen if you got 1000 students? Would your system still hold up or would you have to add functionality or cost
  • Automation: Do your tech systems have the ability to automate your tasks? For example, when someone signs up for your online yoga course, will they automatically receive a welcome email, and then an invitation to your Facebook group? You want to make sure you can set up automations in your systems so you’re not doing that stuff yourself.
  • Protected content: This one is pretty obvious, but how protected is your course content? You want your content to be protected and in a course site that looks good, professional and works well.
  • Ease of use: If you can’t use the tech systems yourself and make changes yourself, you don’t really own it. You want to use tech systems that are easy to use, but that also have all of the features of the big, fancy, complex systems. It has to be easy to use but also have the features of the most robust software.
  • Affiliates: You need to be using a platform that makes affiliates very simple. If you don’t have affiiate capabilities, you’ll be smacking yourself down the line for not thinking ahead. Just because you might not need this feature TODAY doesn’t mean you won’t need it a month from now. Keep that in mind.
  • Profit sharing: This might come into play down the line if you have joint products with other course creators. The ability to sell products together is a must. Doing these things used be extremely painful and such a huge hassle.
thrive as a yoga teacher


For yoga teachers who want to take their teaching online, Teachable is the best choice. 

Three reasons why Teachable is the best:


The course builder is extremely intuitive and easy to use so that you can customise and design your homepage, lectures and sales pages with no tech skills. And you can literally get your school set up within minutes. Certainly beats the days and weeks I spent trying to piece together WordPress plugins!

You can easily set up your sales pages to look beautifully designed like so…


It doesn’t matter how many courses or students you have. It will allow you to grow knowing that it won’t fall apart or become too difficult to run if you make more sales.


It looks good and offers a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones due to built-in fully optimised responsive design. You don’t need to worry about how it looks for your students.

Favourite Features:

  • Affiliates and auto-payouts
  • Replicating courses
  • Co-authors for profit sharing
  • Sales pages that are super sexy
  • Integrates with everything

Teachable covers 99% of your bases and is the best investment for your online course. There’s a free option to get you started and pricing plans start from $39 / month. 

Sign up for a free account on Teachable here.


You may be using Mailchimp which is great for yoga teachers who are just getting started with growing their business but if you’re serious about teaching online, you need a robust email marketing software that will grow as you grow – this is where ConvertKit comes in.

It has way more advanced features such as the ability add multiple incentives or lead magnets using “forms”.

If you’re offering a new content upgrade on each blog post, you can add a signup form to the end of your blog post.

MailChimp only allows one opt-in form per list.

But on top of that, ConvertKit specifically has a lot of features that are important when you are launching an online course.

People can opt out of a launch email sequence, without unsubscribing from your entire list.

You can create a tag and just have people click one button if they aren’t interested in receiving the launch emails you’re sending out about your new course. This means you keep them as a subscriber but they won’t get launch emails that don’t apply to them right now.

You can tag people who purchase, and then automatically remove them from your launch emails.

You don’t want an enrolled student to continue receiving your launch emails as they’ve already signed up! Using tags and rules you can have them automatically unsubscribed from the launch email sequence.

Your new students automatically get welcomed to your program

You can set up some really nice onboarding and check in emails when people purchase your product. This is awesome for customer/student experience.

And you can tag people as interested in a particular topic and maximise communication when launching

Send MORE launch emails to the people you have tagged as “Interested: Topic of Course” or “Lead: Topic of Course”. For example, those who opt in for a specific lead magnet or for a waiting list for your course have shown significant interest. You could send these people special VIP bonuses and even extra emails towards the end of your launch period since they opted in as extra interested.

I’m obsessed with ConvertKit, and in general, it’s something you just need for your business whether you are launching or not.

Sign up for ConvertKit here.


I use LeadPages every day!

Leadpages is an awesome lead generation software that is built to create attractive and designer landing pages to help boost your email list as well as other tools to maximize your overall conversion rate (people visiting the page who opt-in).

As well as offering opts in boxes for your website (that are better designed and more visually appealing than ConvertKit’s opt-in boxes), Leadpages also gives you the ability to create all kinds of different pages within seconds!

The pages you can create include:

Squeeze pages
Opt-in/subscription lead pages
404 pages
Webinar Promotion pages
Sales pages
Video pages
Thank you pages

This means you can set up a coming soon page or a “free mini-course” lead magnet page…you can literally create pages within seconds and then publish just as quickly.

So, you have an awesome looking page ready to go without having to go through any publishers, designers or developers.

They offer plenty of really great templates and you can easily see how many views and conversions each landing page or opt-in box has had.

Leadpages is also a great way to deliver launch webinars and the pages needed such as the registration, thank you, and live pages.

AdobeStock 327395685
A sporty woman in sportswear is sitting on the floor with dumbbells and a protein shake or a bottle of water and is using a laptop at home in the living room. Sport and recreation concept.


iMovie has all of the solutions you need to create videos like those you see your favourite teachers selling.

It’s a super intuitive tool that, when leveraged correctly, can take your videos from bland to bam and make video editing fun (no really!).

In turn, your videos will better engage students, create a stronger brand, and ultimately grow your business.

The interface can look a bit scary on the first look…and that’s where Youtube is your friend because there are hundreds if not thousands of iMovie tutorials to get you started.

You’ll be whizzing around the timeline, pulling your video and audio files in and matching the up in no time at all.


Another tech system I use EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Canva lets you easily create beautiful branded social media posts, workbooks and documents. It has a drag and drop feature as well as professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.

Canva offers a simple yet robust online design platform that can turn any idea into a powerful, stunning design easily and quickly. Canva has the tools and functionalities that enable users to create awesome, appealing, and relevant content and the capabilities to make the process easy and seamless.

Canva’s powerful drag and drop editor, along with its vast selection of images, fonts, and templates, makes it easy for users to build documents and designs from scratch. Users also have the option to create custom designs and templates that contain elements of their brand and company. With easy to edit templates and designs, Canva helps users ensure consistency of themes across documents.

Templates, documents, and designs can be configured so that others can edit and introduce changes. On top of that, users can also comment on their work, which enhances communication and collaboration.

With user-friendly applications, over a million images and fonts, and budget-friendly price rates, you simply can’t go wrong with Canva.


Remember this…

There’s no need to get overwhelmed if you’re not sure how to use these tech systems and platforms right now. That’s just the unknown that feels scary and everything seems difficult before you really get into them.

Once you open up the program and have someone walking you through exactly how to use them, it becomes very simple to use!

That’s why I include tons of tutorials and tech trainings inside The Profitable Yoga Teacher. I want you to know that I’ve got you covered, and I don’t assume anything. So if you’re a beginner, I’ll show you where to start. And if you’re ready to do a few more “advanced” things with your course tech, I can help you with that too.

What tech systems are available for launching my online yoga course?

This blog post outlines five reliable and user-friendly tech systems that can help you easily launch your online yoga course, including course platforms, video hosting, and payment processing options.

Do I need any technical skills to use these tech systems for my online yoga course?

While basic computer skills are helpful, these tech systems are designed with ease-of-use in mind and do not require advanced technical skills. Many of them offer intuitive interfaces, step-by-step tutorials, and customer support to assist you in setting up your online course.

Can I use these tech systems to host live yoga classes online?

Yes, some of the tech systems mentioned in this blog post offer features for hosting live classes, webinars, or Q&A sessions. These live components can add value to your online course by allowing real-time interaction with your students.

How do I market my online yoga course using these tech systems?

Some of the tech systems featured in this blog post come with built-in marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media integration, and affiliate programs. Utilizing these features can help you promote your online yoga course to a wider audience and increase enrollment.

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