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5 tips for organising your yoga business


beYogi shares 5 tips to organise your yoga business to save yourself from burn out!

Teaching yoga is exciting because the profession holds so many possibilities for evolution. The job itself doesn’t begin or end with a one-hour class. It requires a lot of time and energy spent on organising your yoga business. This includes preparation, and time optimisation tasks.

No matter the amount of yoga you teach or the context you teach it in, every instructor needs to stay organised to avoid wasting time on tasks.

Tip no 1 to organise your yoga business: Scheduling and time-blocking 

There are various ways to conquer scheduling: you either take your classes, add them to your agenda, and plan the rest of your week around them, or decide to take on the classes that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

Be smart about the way you schedule your time and energy. A less than ideal agenda might work for a while but is not the way to organize your yoga business to make it sustainable — or successful. Besides your weekly classes, add your scheduled workshops, trainings, events to your calendar. Once you have a weekly and/or monthly overview of your activities, you can get to time-blocking.

Time-blocking is simply creating slots in your schedule for specific activities. If you write blog posts and social media content, you might want to do that every single Monday for a few hours. The same goes for class planning, networking, emails, and any other task.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget to schedule time off to rest. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to “forget” to eat or work into the night repeatedly. The future you will thank you for that end-of-day reading time!

Tip no 2 to organise your yoga business: Project management tools

Planning a workshop? Writing a series of blog posts? Looking to open a studio? Planning a retreat? The life of a yoga teacher is filled with projects, big or small, and the excitement tends to come with a good dose of anxiety.

To limit the feeling of being swamped with work, there are a couple of tools available to you. A favourite for many teachers is Trello, a platform where you create boards, and each board has columns, the first three entitled “to do,” “doing,” and “done” which you can rename as you please.

In each, you can add cards to personalize: categories, descriptions, links, documents, and even checklists. If you share your boards with people you work with, you can also add them to the cards and tag them in comments so they see what’s happening.

Another is Asana, where you can create tasks and projects, and invite people on board too. This one is particularly useful for team brainstorms or big projects. You also have a messaging function and templates already made to just start filling the blanks. They have a training to help you get started.

Finally, one that seems to be getting attention recently is Notion, supposedly a platform that is a mix of Trello, Asana, Evernote, Google Docs, and more. Although it might take a bit of time to get acquainted with the software, it sure makes it easier to have everything in one place — and you can, of course, share that with a team.

Expert Tip: For each task you do weekly, create a template. For example, if you have a weekly meeting with yourself or your team, create a check-list so you never miss an element.

Tip no 3 to organise your yoga business: Book-keeping and taxes

 No one likes this, but it has to be done when organising your yoga business.

Keep track of your income, expenses, and bills so you’re ready to fill in papers when the time to pay taxes comes around. The easiest way to do this is with an excel sheet you organize according to your own transactions. You can also use a cloud accounting program which takes everything straight from your linked bank account. Mint, for instance, is a very useful budget tracker.

If you really dread this and you’d rather delegate, don’t be afraid to invest in someone who knows about it. You can also reach out to organizations such as Bench.

Tip no 4 to organise your yoga business: Yoga insurance

Another source of stress for teachers is whether something might happen in class leading to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Especially if you teach at different studios, the safest way to take that unnecessary stress away is to invest in yoga insurance.

beYogi Insurance Plus offers high coverage for a low rate! Especially for yoga teachers, where other fitness-related insurance providers fall short. beYogi Insurance Plus covers more than 350 styles of yoga and other wellness professions. Not only are you covered, but so is your equipment.

Attention Yoga Teachers: beYogi is offering $20 off your yoga insurance annual premium for Digital Yoga Academy members, dropping the annual cost to $159. 

Tip no 1 to organise your yoga business: Flexibility

This might sound counter-intuitive in an article about organising your yoga business. However, as humans, we are constantly evolving. What we need and how we work today might be different from the way we work in a few years.

This means that you might like to use Trello right now and Notion in the future when your studio expands. You might also like early classes now but prefer online teaching in the future, changing your entire schedule.

No matter what change looks like, it’s a sign that your yoga business is evolving and you’re growing. Don’t be afraid to be open to changes and to test things out; be curious about the business of yoga and have fun with your organization.


All in all, your ability to be organised during your week will have a major impact on your business and your mental health. Yoga teachers are prone to anxiety and burnout like everyone else. Following these tips will most definitely have a positive ripple effect on your teaching and skills.

By staying organized, you’ll save time and energy to dedicate to the things you love the most: teaching and sharing the practice of yoga.

Now that you’ve got your business organised, it’s the time to learn some new strategies to engage your audience and grow your tribe online!

Guest Writer: beYogi 5 Tips for Organising Your Yoga Business

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