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7 Great ways to grow your email list for yoga teachers


7 Great Ways To Grow Your Email List For Yoga Teachers: Growing your email list is one of the most important things that you can do for your yoga business.

The truth is, if you’re running a business of any kind, you need to find a way to stay in touch with your current, future and previous customers. You need great ways to grow your email list!

Social media is a great way to build awareness of your brand online. But not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Plus with social media’s ever-changing algorithms, it’s becoming harder and harder to reach these audiences organically.

Email is perhaps not as powerful as it used to be, after all, there are lots going on in people’s inboxes these days.  But pretty much every single person has an email address.

When someone clicks on your email, there’s a good chance that you have their attention. They aren’t being distracted by the hundred other things often going down on social media platforms at the same time!

Twitter is a good example of this. Your tweet can get lost amongst 1000’s of tweets in your follower’s feed.

In the online world, businesses can often be judged by the size of their email list and it can often be bragged about. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how big your email list is! It’s about firstly having a list (as many people don’t), and secondly the quality of the list itself.

A smaller list of loyal subscribers is worth more than a really large list of disengaged people. Quality over quantity wins every time.

Growing your email list is a long term and continuous activity. Getting your first few emails is always the hardest, but by starting now, you are moving in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at some great ways to grow your email list today!

1. Ask your students to sign up for your list after every class

The students in your class are your ideal students. They resonate with your vibe and they want to know what further value you can offer them. So commit to something new this week.

Commit to asking the students in your class for their email addresses and permission for you to email them.

Take a note pad and after the class ask your students to sign up to your list for updates. Collect their email addresses in a notebook or leave a list on your computer open that they can type directly into.

You could create and print a research and health questionnaire for all students to complete. And explain you want to learn more about them so that you can better serve them. It’s true! Use the info they provide to plan what you teach and better teach to what they need.

It’s the best-kept secret to build and grow your email list for yoga teachers. Something so simple that it’s often overlooked.

2. Offer something for free as an incentive to sign up

Offer to send your students a playlist or a video of you breaking down a new posture you’ve been learning in class. You’ll get far more students signing up if you can offer value.

Deliver your freebie in a Welcome Email that your new subscriber will receive as soon as they sign up to your list.

3. Include different options to sign-up

Make it super easy for people to sign up for your newsletter as people aren’t going to search around for your opt-in form. You want it visible, right there in front of them as soon as they visit your site. Pop-ups work to get new subscribers and I recommend trying one at least on your homepage.

If you have a blog, the most prominent place to include your sign up form is in the sidebar. Another idea is to include boxes between blog posts and at the end of each blog.

In fact, every page of your site (About, Contact, Schedule etc) should include a subscriber opt-in box. You need to have more than one form. People can land on your site and leave again, having never gone to the one page you put your only sign-up form on.

If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin to create nice looking popups and forms without needing a designer and coder. SumoMe (comes with a good free version) and OptinMonster (more options but not free) are excellent for that.

4. Promote your newsletter on social media

Even if you don’t have a website, you can set up a tab in your Facebook page dedicated to collecting email addresses that populate straight into your list in MailChimp.

You can then share the link to this tab on your page across the other channels to get people to sign up online.

If you use MailChimp, you can share a link to your actual newsletter across social media. That is a really nice way of getting your newsletter out to a broader audience and to show people what they miss when they don’t sign up.

5. Encourage subscribers to share your emails

Including social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button in your emails. This is a great way to encourage your existing subscribers to share the email with their network.

You’ll gain access to their friends, who might be interested in your content and sign up for your list. Be sure to also include a subscribe link at the bottom of this email to make this process super easy.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging can be a great way to expand your reach. Existing blogs and publications are always looking for great content – so it can be a win-win situation.

With guest blogging, it is important that you are providing content that is tailored to the readership of the site you’re writing for. And of course where your ideal student will be.

Use guest blogging to build exposure and try to include a call-to-action right in your post. Also, make sure to link back to your own site via your bio.

7. Webinars

Webinars are a really fast way to grow your email list for yoga teachers and connect with your potential students. If you’re interested in teaching online, a webinar is a very natural place to begin your relationship with your prospective students as they are close as you can get to face-to-face interaction with your community.

Webinars are a great way to give a preview of your paid online classes and membership programs. If you’re just starting out, Google Hangouts is a good free option to host a webinar and using Facebook ads to drive traffic to a free webinar is a great way strategy for growing your email list.

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