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7 Instagram marketing strategies for yoga teachers


7 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Yoga Teachers: Instagram today has over 600 million users and is growing fast.

It’s a 100% visual platform making it ideal for yoga due to its emphasis on beautiful and inspirational visual content.

There’s a high chance that your students are already on Instagram. So if you’re not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to engage with your students outside of the studio. That’s where knowing how to use Instagram and knowing the key Instagram marketing strategies for yoga teachers is key.

On Instagram, there are two places where you can share photos or videos.

Your Instagram Feed is where you should be posting your best photos or videos. Your posts act like a personal gallery and are permanent unless you delete them. You’ll notice that some of the most popular users strive to achieve a consistent look and feel to the posts in their feed. They also maintain a consistent and regular posting schedule.

Your Instagram Stories are where you can post without worrying so much about how things look or posting too frequently. Photos and videos you share to your story disappear after 24 hours. This is a great place to share more of your personality and daily life.

As a general rule, you should share anything that fits your image as a yoga teacher via your Instagram Stories. Be sure always to save them. And then go back and choose the most visually appealing content for posting to your feed.

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There are several key things that yoga teachers need to do on Instagram to attract more of ideal students, and retain the interest of their existing ones.

If you’re just starting out with Instagram, the Instagram marketing strategies for yoga teachers below will help you get on the right path. If you’re already well-versed in the platform, you can use this article as a checklist.

Posting beautiful yoga pose pictures or videos of practice sequences is a given. The following ideas over less common post types that can really help you stand out.

1. Get inspired

Aside from experimenting with posting various types of content, the fastest way to accelerate your progress on Instagram is to watch the accounts of other yoga teachers. Notice what they are doing well and what things they could improve on.

Don’t be intimidated by their incredible pictures — remember that even they started out as beginners once upon a time. Try to transform that feeling of being overwhelmed into one of inspiration.

2. Show your classes

Remember how nervous you were before visiting your first yoga studio class? It can really help people to see what it might look like inside your classes. Ask one of the studio staff if they can take a few photos or a short video of you while you teach.

Some of your students may not like to be photographed without warning. So be sure to mention that you’ll be shooting.

3. Share social proof

Use any kind of social proof including reviews, testimonials, or endorsements. This gives potential students a peek into what a class with you is actually like.

Get creative with your review posts. Apart from the traditional formats, simple texts or feedback from your clients could also be part of the content on your social media channels.

The key is to engage your students and ask them for feedback actively. If your students are comfortable, you could share their photos and stories.
Of course, always be sure to get permission before posting something like this. Even if there is nothing that could identify the other party, they might get shocked if you publicly share what they thought was a private message exchange.

4. Share healthy things you eat & drink

Practicing yoga and maintaining a healthy diet go hand in hand. Although you might not be qualified to give dietary advice, you can still share the healthy food and drinks you choose as you go through your day. If you’re good at cooking or preparing food, get a friend to take a video of you making something healthy.

Try to strike a balance between your yoga-related content and food/drink posts. You don’t want to flood your feed with foodie shots or only post this content once every six months.

A good way to strike a balance is to share everything you like via your Instagram Stories. You may save them and go back after the week and schedule a couple of posts for the week ahead.

5. Share your imperfections

As you explore Instagram, you’ll find that the images in the feeds of many top accounts look overly polished. As a yoga teacher, always appearing perfect can distance you from your students.

People will find you more approachable if, once in a while, you share your humorous failures and blunders.

While we’re on the subject of imperfection, don’t feel that every post in your feed needs to be a photographic masterpiece.

6. Calls-to-action (CTAs)

Building a large following by regularly posting visually engaging content is great! But without a clear call to action (CTA), it won’t bring more people into your classes. One the other hand, only posting ads for your upcoming classes or workshops will turn people off.

Try to find a comfortable balance so that your audience can enjoy your content. And also feel they are being kept informed of upcoming opportunities to learn from you in person.

Note that most people don’t read the description text of Instagram posts. So if you want something to be noticed, you’ll need to craft an image with the message embedded using an app such as InstaQuote or Word Swag.

Note that on smaller phone screens the text can be quite hard to read, so be sure to use a large enough font.

You can post links in the description fields of your posts, but they are not clickable on Instagram. The only place you can put a clickable link is in your Instagram bio.
For this reason, you will notice many Instagram accounts saying something like “Click the link in our bio for more information”. For example, you may want to use this technique if you need people to visit a particular page to register for a workshop.

7. Be yourself

It’s a cliche, but only because it’s true. Your regular students love your classes because of the way you teach, your unique character, and your personality.

Try to let that show through in your Instagram posts. Rather than striving to present a magazine perfect image all the time, share your life and show your human side.

Instagram is an ideal platform for yoga teachers seeking to build their personal brand, connect with students, and open themselves up for other career opportunities.

However, it does require a conscious approach. By using the tips above and always putting your audience first, you will eventually build a strong following that benefits both you and your students.

What are some effective Instagram strategies for yoga teachers?

This blog post outlines seven effective Instagram strategies for yoga teachers, including tips for creating engaging content, building community, and optimizing your profile.

How can yoga teachers make their Instagram content stand out?

Yoga teachers can make their content stand out by showcasing their unique teaching style, sharing authentic stories, incorporating visually appealing visuals, and adding value through tips, poses, and classes.

Can I use Instagram to increase my yoga class bookings?

Yes, Instagram is a powerful platform for marketing your yoga classes. By creating a strong online presence and using the strategies in this blog post, you can drive more traffic to your booking page and increase class sign-ups.

How can I engage with my audience on Instagram effectively?

Engaging with your audience on Instagram involves responding to comments, asking questions in your captions, creating interactive Stories, and even hosting live sessions where you can connect with your followers in real-time.

What kind of visuals should I use for my yoga posts on Instagram?

Visuals for your yoga posts can include photos and videos of you demonstrating yoga poses, behind-the-scenes content, serene landscapes, meditation imagery, and more. Ensure the visuals are high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and reflect your yoga teaching style.

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