7 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Should Start Blogging

7 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Should Start Blogging

Imagine making a living from your blog! The best advice you can get today: yoga teachers should start blogging.

The world of wellness is full of inspiring bloggers who are making a good living from sharing their articles online and growing their followers through their blogs.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get yourself noticed as a yoga teacher as all you are doing is sharing your thoughts on the thing you love and know the best – yoga!

Most people who start a blog will write two or three articles and then quit. They’re not quite sure why they started blogging in the first place or who they are really writing for.

So they give up…and this is a real shame because blogging can be super beneficial for your yoga business if you understand your ideal student and what it is they want to learn from you.

Of course, all of this is pointless and a complete waste of time if you do nothing with your blog and here’s where you can go wrong:

  • You forget to share your blog posts with your email list and on social media followers
  • Your website is badly designed or laid out
  • You don’t have a consistent posting schedule
  • You’re writing about all things instead of narrowing it down to your ideal student’s interests and pain points
  • There are lots of good reasons why yoga teachers should start blogging. Take a look at these 7 reasons why yoga teachers should start blogging below.

1. It’s so easy!

With a WordPress website, you can set up a specific blog page and posts for each article. It’s super easy to do all of this in the back end of WordPress. It started as a blogging platform and today it’s the most popular tool for bloggers worldwide.

Once you’ve written your article, you can share it with your email list. And also across social media to send your community to your blog post.

WordPress is also the most SEO friendly platform out there and is easy to manage with the YOAST SEO plugin so that new people to your website find your posts organically through Google Search.

The more your blog, the better your website’s SEO will become and the more people will find your website, contact you, sign up to your email list and book your classes!

2. Your yoga students want to know more about you and your teachings

In a yoga class, your students only get around an hour of time with you. Your blog is an opportunity to extend that time and your teachings from the studio to the places your students go online.

If you consistently write high-quality blog articles, you will start to stand out as an expert in your yoga teachings. Your students will be more likely to share your content and new potential students will start to follow you.

Frequently writing on topics that you wish to be known for is one of the best ways to create and control your yoga brand. You want people to hear your name and say ‘oh yeah, that’s the guy/gal who knows a lot about meditation’. Blogging gives you a voice to achieve this.

As well as showcasing your expertise, your students also want to know more about you!

Whether it’s what you eat or where you go to relax or what Spotify playlist you played in class, your yoga students want to see what happens behind the scenes.

This can make your students feel more connected with you as a person and as a teacher.

3. It can help to build a community

You can easily set up your blog to accept comments and this is a great way to engage with your students outside of your class.

Telling your students about your recent blog post at the end of class is a great way to start this conversation, especially if the topic is related to something you taught in class that day.

This can encourage students that attend the same class to connect with each other online and keep in touch.

Building a community in this way is a great way to fill your events and yoga retreats with regular students, especially if they know each other and become friends. It can also encourage return visits to your classes if your students feel part of a community. This is a great reason why yoga teachers should start blogging.

4. It’s a great way to network!

The word networking might fill you with dread when you hear it but writing a blog is an easy way to connect with your fellow yoga teachers, yoga studios as well as students.

Blog posts showing your style of yoga and linking to YouTube and other social media platforms will give yoga studios and potential students a taster of what you are about as a teacher.

This in turn could lead to that dream studio that you’d love to teach at offering you a teaching position or gaining new students to your existing classes. It can also just help you make friends with fellow yoga teachers and create a bigger network of yogis around you.

5. It can help to get collaborations off the ground

Yoga teachers should start blogging because of collaboration.

Collaborating with other yoga teachers and brands is a great way to extend your reach and build your audience online and your blog becomes a tool to facilitate these collaborations.

Whether it’s reviewing products from your favourite yoga or you’ve joined forces with other yoga teachers to guest blog for one another, collaborations are an easy way to share followers and blogs are the perfect platform to do it on.

Not only is this a great way to interact with new potential students but it can also increase your credibility if other teachers and brands are endorsing you.

6. You can gain fans worldwide

Yogi’s love to browse yoga blogs and don’t care where in the world you are and if you’re blog well written and engaging then it can gain you some serious fans.

I absolutely love this – you can be writing a yoga blog in rainy London and inspiring a yogi on Bondi Beach!
A blog is an opportunity to give something back and inspire others and there’s nothing better than receiving emails from people all over the world thanking you for helping them with something.

And who knows when that yogi might make a trip to London and come and join you in your class.

But having a worldwide audience offers a much bigger opportunity for yoga teachers who want to offer online products and courses.

This might be an online programme that you’ve developed with your ideal student in mind and this is one of the best ways to increase your income as a yoga teacher.

So if this is your goal, start thinking worldwide and building your audience through your blog

7. It’s a new creative experience

There is something very therapeutic about sitting down to write, especially with a hot herbal tea by your side!

Make sure you write authentically so that your students know that it is you writing it and you should find that you really start to enjoy it.

Marketing is super important these days especially as it can feel like the market is crowded full of yoga teachers. Blogging is another way to let students know what you are like as a teacher, where your classes are and what’s coming next for your brand.

It creates a voice for you and your yoga brand, which can help you to stand out from the crowd. It’s completely up to you how personal you make it. Just write whatever you feel comfortable with and try and make it your own.

As you plan what you’re going to write about you increase your knowledge and sharpen your thinking. This can only be a good thing for anyone wanting to succeed in business!

You’ve got plenty of reasons why yoga teachers should start blogging. So, what are you waiting for?! Block out two hours of your day this week, sit down, start writing and see what you can create!