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9 reasons why yoga teachers need a yoga website: It’s true that we live in the age of the Insta-yogi.


They take gorgeous photos in breathtaking postures that most of us can only dream of! Not everyone can be or wants to be an Insta-yogi. And in fact, the best way to grow a successful business is to have a great yoga website – just one of the reasons why yoga teachers need a website.

A yoga website that authentically portrays your essence as a teacher and speaks to the heart of the person stopping by to take a look!

The person that goes on to become your student because they resonate with you. And want to learn more about how you can help them with their yoga journey.

It’s all possible and it’s true for all successful yoga teachers – they have a website!

So let’s take a look at the 9 reasons why yoga teachers need a website:

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1. Be searchable and found online

Imagine this…one of your regular students tell their bestie about you and how they love your classes and teachings. Their bestie goes online, types “yoga – your name – their location”…and nothing.

You’re nowhere to be found. Perhaps they find you on Facebook but the information doesn’t really give them what they were looking for.

They were hoping to find out how you can help them with their yoga journey. They were hoping to find your website so that they could connect, sign up to your newsletter and book a class!

So instead…they move on. Whilst they’re there looking at yoga in their local area, they stumble upon another yoga teacher. And guess what? They book a class.

This is the reality of what not having a yoga website means for you and your yoga business. You must be searchable and found in the places your students and potential students are hanging out online.

It also means you can keep your existing students updated so that if you move studios or have a new class, they can find this information on your website. And then continue to practice with you.

2. Stand out and build credibility

As more and more people go through their yoga teacher training, it’s becoming even more important to stand out online.

A yoga instructor website builds your credibility in the eyes of your students and yoga studios when applying for teaching jobs.

It really could be the difference between booking a class with you or not and in hiring you or not.

Your website is a sm–all investment in your future as a yoga teacher. It will help you to secure yoga teaching jobs locally and abroad as it shows you’re committed to being a yoga teacher. And you’re working towards growing your audience and following.

If you teach private and corporate classes, your yoga website will help you to look more professional.

You can also differentiate and portray your yoga brand through your website to help you stand out amongst other yoga teachers.

3. Connect with yoga studios and the industry

Your website is essentially your brand, CV or resume and gives studios a taste of your personal and teaching styles.

It’s essentially a networking tool to connect with the right people, partners and studios that will help you to build your following and progress your teaching career faster.

Having a website gives you the ability to link to other brands, studios and teachers in your community. And that is a really great way to work in partnership and build your credibility.

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4. Increase your class size

Your website is a key part of your marketing toolkit and works in conjunction with email marketing and social media.

Promotion of your classes through email and social can direct people to your website to find your teaching schedule and book a class.

Without a website, you are missing one of the key components in this process. And you could lose out on gaining new students as it becomes more difficult to book a class with you.

Your website is an extension of yourself and your brand which will connect with the students who are made for you – your ideal students. In turn, you will increase the number of people attending your classes.

5. Build deeper relationships

Your new website will also be a place where you can publish your thoughts, opinions, your yoga philosophy. It gives your students a chance to learn more about you and your teachings so that they feel more connected to you.

Building deeper relationships with your students is a rewarding aspect of your job.

You can use your blog posts to extend your teachings from your studio to your website. Essentially this helps your students to keep coming back to you and your teachings.

When they see the value, they’ll talk about you with their friends, which will help to build your classes and following.

The students that you have a deeper relationship with will be the students who book your events, workshops and retreats.

6. Reach a wider audience

A yoga website allows you to reach potential students in other locations so you can spread your message even wider. And perhaps even open the door to teaching online.

Your potential students can be anywhere in the world. So this is a huge benefit especially if you have online courses and classes.

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7. Build an email database

Having a website is the easiest way to collect email addresses from your potential and existing students.

You can add an opt-in form to the pages on your website and connect it to MailChimp to easily collect email addresses and build up a list of subscribers.

Building a list of email addresses from people who connect with you and your philosophy is the best way to fill your classes, events and retreats.
Read more about why you need to have an email list.

8. Generate extra income

Most yoga teachers are struggling financially. Some teachers are spending their week teaching 20+ classes and are still struggling to pay the bills.

When you take a closer look at this, those teachers are being paid for their time teaching in the studio but they’re also spending time travelling from studio to studio and planning classes, time that’s not necessarily paid for.

In the long term, this option is not a sustainable way to make a living from teaching yoga.

The other option is to build a profitable and sustainable yoga business and to do this you need to learn new skills and look at generating other income streams.

Having a website can open up opportunities to generate extra income and more freedom.

Your yoga website is the foundation to everything you do, it’s your home and hub for your community. So when you have higher priced premium products such as retreats, private classes, yoga coaching and e-courses, your website will help you to promote these offerings.

So these extra income generators could be workshops or retreats or teaching online.

9. All successful yoga teachers have a yoga website!

Successful yoga teachers earn money in lots of different ways outside of teaching in a yoga studio.

They realise that only teaching in a yoga studio will not offer the income you need to live comfortably. Sure it’s a great way to gain teaching experience and to build your community of regular students but eventually, you must have a longer-term strategy if you’re to be a successful yoga teacher.

They also don’t stop learning! They surround themselves by like-minded people, they read, take online courses and constantly improve their knowledge – whether that’s yoga training or business training.
It is totally possible to be a full-time successful yoga teacher who earns a good wage and lives a balanced life!

As you can see there are many valid reasons why yoga teachers need a website!

When you have your own website, you’ll discover that life as a yoga teacher becomes much easier.

Just imagine how easy it will be to connect with your ideal students, to promote your offering and create new opportunities to generate income.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to grow your yoga business and today I want to share something with you to make the process of building your own yoga website even easier.

Now you know the reasons why yoga teachers need a website, what can you do to get started now?


Everyone can benefit from this super useful resource! Even if you already have a website, it’s always worthwhile taking a second look at your website copy and find new ways to make it more engaging.

If you’re developing your yoga website and not sure what pages to include, this blueprint will take you through the process of identifying the right pages to include for your business and how to write the copy for each of those pages.

Even if you don’t yet have a website, you can use this blueprint to get a head start on creating the copy for your pages. This will make the process of developing your website even easier and quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it essential for yoga teachers to have a dedicated website?

A dedicated website serves as a central hub for all information about a yoga teacher’s offerings, qualifications, and philosophy. It provides credibility, enhances professionalism, and offers a platform to share knowledge and connect with students.

Isn’t a social media profile enough for a yoga teacher’s online presence?

While social media is a valuable tool for engagement, a website is a more permanent, controlled, and customizable space. It isn’t subject to changing algorithms or platform rules and offers a more comprehensive representation of a yoga teacher’s brand.

How can a website increase a yoga teacher’s clientele?

A website improves discoverability through search engines, provides a platform for testimonials and success stories, and facilitates online class bookings or content downloads, thus drawing more students.

Can I showcase my teaching style and philosophy on my yoga website?

Absolutely! A website is the perfect platform to detail your unique teaching approach, share your yoga journey, and embed videos of sample classes, ensuring potential students know what to expect.

Is maintaining a website costly for yoga teachers?

Initial setup might have some costs, but several affordable hosting and design platforms cater specifically to small businesses and individual professionals. Over time, the ROI in terms of student acquisition and branding often outweighs the costs.

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