Our mission at Digital Yoga Academy is to make it simple and exciting to transition your yoga business online, grow an engaged community and be profitable so you can keep doing what you love.

With online programs, a 20k strong diverse and supportive teaching community and high-touch mentorship and coaching, you’ll finally create an online yoga business that’s fun and purposeful and supports you to create the flexibility and freedom you crave!

Founder of Digital Yoga Academy, educator and coach for Yogipreneuers who want to step out of their limitations and into confidence, profit, and success! 

I’ve taught thousands of yoga teachers to rise up and thrive in the online space and to build profitable and sustainable yoga businesses.

I’m guessing you’re here because of your entrepreneurial spirit and desire for more freedom, time, abundance and joy!

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My journey from corporate worker to multiple six-figure online business owner 

A 15-year successful marketing career had left me feeling unbalanced, burnt out and living for the weekend. I hustled to exhaustion, driven by my belief that I had to work harder and achieve more to truly succeed.

I discovered yoga and it became my escape. 

In 2015, I joined a teacher training to “deepen my practice” but soon discovered my desire to share the healing benefits of yoga with others. 

Within months, I quit my full-time well paid job as a marketing director (much to my Mother’s dismay!) to pursue my dream of having my own business. 

Good Yoga Life was born and by 2020, I’d sold out 25 retreats from Ibiza to Bali and captured media attention from Grazia, Time Out and OmYoga Magazine. 

Living the tropical, coconut-drinking life on my own terms and creating a community I could call my own had become a reality. 

But it wasn’t the same story for my yoga teacher friends who were bouncing from studio to studio with packed-out weekly schedules, no time for their own practice and still struggling to pay the bills.

I knew there was a better way.

In 2017 I finally set to work on the ah-ha moment I’d had during my teacher training and launched Digital Yoga Academy.

I soon realised the importance of receiving guidance from coaches and mentors who had already walked the entrepreneurial path and understood the uniqueness of this online journey. 

It became clear that unlocking my mindset for success and upgrading my belief systems was the magic ingredient to truly realising my potential in the world. 

This inner work has brought me a whole new level of confidence and fulfillment and it’s allowed me to build a rock start team and scale my business to multiple six figures!

now its your turn

'                !

It’s truly a dream every single day to help teachers like you to unlock your potential, make an even greater impact and actually make a living doing what you love.

I believe supporting teachers to spread the love of yoga is incredibly important.

As I continue to help teachers gain the right skills, strategies, and mindsets to share yoga, more beautiful human beings are being positively impacted by having yoga as part of their lives.

I’ve already walked the path that you’re on and I’m excited to support you, whether it’s inside one of my freebies, as you listen to me on the go or perhaps inside one of my programs. I’m on your team and I’m ready to show you the way. 

The question is, are you ready?

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