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Advice for yoga business entrepreneurs- yes that’s you!


There are dos and don’ts yoga business entrepreneurs will face, especially when they’re just starting out.

You might be thinking ‘I can’t call myself a yoga business entrepreneur’. Perhaps you’ve still got another day job and you might not be making enough money yet as a yoga teacher. So saying that you are a yoga business entrepreneur might feel a bit of a stretch at times. But the fact is, if you’re showing up and if you’re building your yoga business and working hard towards your goals then you are an entrepreneur and it’s time to own it.

If the fear of not being good enough or that you’re not doing it right are coming up for you, then this post is for you.

Here are three don’ts that you should avoid in your yoga business: 

Don’t number one: Don’t look at what other people are doing

This is really interesting for yoga business entrepreneurs or anybody who is building their business in the digital space. So often you’re looking at what how other yoga teachers are putting themselves out there as a way to get inspiration and to know what’s trending in this space.

That’s a fantastic thing to do and it’s a great way to start your journey! But it can easily lead into thinking that you shouldn’t even try or that you’re never going to be good enough or that your social feed will never be good enough as somebody who’s already done it. And therefore you shouldn’t bother.

A lot of times when we look outside and begin to compare ourselves it just stops us in our tracks.

If you find yourself doing that, the best thing you can do is to stop consuming other people’s social feeds for a while. Focus on what you do well, what you’re passionate about and what you know can add the most value to your students.

We’re all unique as teachers. We all have something different to share with our students. By sharing your teachings, you will attract the students that resonate with you. And those students might not resonate with the teacher that you’re comparing yourself with. 

As long as your community becomes your main focus, then you really don’t need to compare yourself with anyone else. 

If you’re just starting out in your yoga business,  remember not to compare yourself with somebody who may have been doing this for years!

Don’t number two: Don’t feel like other people are in charge of your dreams

Whatever your dream is, whether it’s an online course or a retreat, nobody is ever going to love and care about it the way you do.

You are the one that’s going to have to get up early to put in the hours. So don’t let anybody else be in charge of your dreams because you are the one fighting for this every day. You’re the one that’s getting out of bed in the morning and feel that purpose from within. 

Most of the success that you have in your yoga business, is because you keep showing up. It’s not somebody else getting out of bed in the morning to get on it. It has to be you that takes the action in your business. 

And don’t feel guilty when you have to say no to spending time with friends or to social gatherings. When you have to miss certain things is because your business is taking priority.

It’s you that makes this happen.

Don’t number three: Don’t find yourself busy all the time without being productive

This is about knowing where to spend your time.

Quite often when you’re just starting out, you’re all over the place connecting with different people in studios and teachers. And maybe you’re taking on all sorts of different clients and trying new things. 

That’s all good from the outside but the problem is if you’re not actually taking action on the things that would help you to grow and scale your business. You can be hustling and you feel are chasing your tail. 

Avoid getting into that state of busy hustle where you’re working hard but not producing anything. 

A good example is when you spend your whole day answering emails. You’re looking productive, but at the end of the day what do those emails produce? Have you actually produced something tangible or is it just a clear inbox? 

Make a rule not to answer emails straight away and have an out of office message that says you only check emails twice a day. We live in a society where people expect an instant reply and that could make you feel stressed out.

Think about it: When you say you’re working, are you actually producing something?

When you are working on clearing your inbox, you are not actually producing anything at the end of that.

And Now Three Important Dos for Yoga Business Entrepreneurs:

Do number one: Find people that will build you up

As yoga business entrepreneurs, most of us aren’t employed by a yoga studio. You are the owner of your business, you’re an entrepreneur.

Often as an entrepreneur, we spend a lot of time on our own.

So it’s really important to ensure that you’ve got the right network of people around you. 

There is a saying that you are the combination of the five people that you hang out with the most. It’s true for your friendships,  for your health, and for your business. And if you are the most ambitious of all your friends, then ask yourself, ‘who is pulling me up’?

Make sure you are in a community with like-minded people. As a business owner working from home, there aren’t a lot of people that you get to hang out with during the day. So strive to find friendships with other people in similar positions who you can connect with and you can talk through the hard times and pull you up to the next level. 

So you might be thinking ‘Where am I going to find those people?’

You can meet a lot of them through social media. This is not necessarily about someone that you hang out with or have a coffee with.

It can just be someone that you trust on a business level and that you can bounce ideas off from.

Have a look at who that might be. It might be people in the Digital Yoga Academy community. We have a closed Facebook group that you can join if you’re not part of already. We’re constantly having conversations in there.

You can use that group for support and ask for accountability partners. 

There’s so much wisdom online through podcasts or YouTube videos. You don’t need to know these people personally to immerse yourself in their world and to learn from their wisdom. So think about who you have in your life that elevates and challenges you as well. 

Do number two:  Start daily habits to work towards your goals

When you’ve identified a goal or an outcome that you want to work towards, then you need to get a system that’s going to help you to propel forward in the direction of your goal. And that system requires forming a habit. 

It is something that you do consistently day after day. Because there is value in small things being done consistently over time. 

For example, if your goal was to write an ebook on how to develop a home yoga practice, then your daily habit could be to write 500 words every single day.

If your goal was to launch your yoga website, then your daily habit could be an online course that takes you through the process step by step. For instance, Digital Yoga Academy has an online course on how to build your yoga website with WordPress. Take small actions every single day so that you can launch your yoga website. 

If your goal was to start a blog, then your daily habit could be working on the steps to start a blog. For instance, you would have a plan that would include things like setting up your WordPress account, creating a content schedule, setting up your blog sites and your posts and collecting images.  

The best way is to look at your goal is to break it down into smaller steps to reach it. Then schedule those steps on specific days that you can take action every single day. It could be small things so you don’t fall out of that habit because it becomes much harder to get back on to achieving your goal!

Do number three: Choose to make time

Creating a successful business is not just handed to you. You have to take action and choose to make time. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things you like doing in order to pursue your goals.

As a yoga business entrepreneur, you are CHOOSING to make the time to grow your business.

Success is about choosing between what you want right now and what you want most.

And what you want now might be to go out with your friends or to watch the latest series on Netflix. But what you want most, if you really want it, you have to live your life with the intention that it’s going to happen and you have to live every single day working towards that goal.

So you have to stop talking about all the things you want and start making moves that prove that you want that. You can do anything that you want.

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