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Are you Ready to Create and Sell Online Courses as a Yoga Teacher?


If you’ve been wanting to create and sell online courses but you’ve been waiting for the magical moment when you suddenly feel ready to do so, this blog post is for you. 

Maybe you have an idea for a course but are doubting whether you are an expert enough to create it or maybe you have already created the course but holding back on the launch because you feel as if you don’t have a big enough audience. 

So, how do you know when you’re truly ready to create and launch an online course? Keep reading to find out!

The truth is that you never feel completely ready to do anything that is growth related.

Perhaps launching your very own online yoga course is something you’ve been thinking about for some time but you’ve been waiting for the magical moment when you suddenly feel ready. Unfortunately that moment never comes. Realistically, it just doesn’t happen like that.

However, there are definitely signs that will show you that you’re ready to create and sell an online course but our fears and limiting beliefs can sometimes overshadow these signs and make us feel as if we are not ready.

So first, here are some very common beliefs that tend to hold many yoga teachers back so that you can recognize if any of these beliefs are holding you back as well. 

Possible limiting beliefs that are holding you back

1. I’m not expert enough

If you are feeling as if you need to know more or that you need to do one more teacher training before you launch your course, then this could be you. However, this feeling of needing to know more is just trying to keep you safe from feeling like an imposter by putting your course out there because you don’t know enough-yet.

The reality is that we are never going to feel as if we know enough. We will constantly be learning and it is impossible to know everything. So, by going through the process of creating and launching a course you will help you fill any gaps in the knowledge that you have.

Creating a course forces you to get your knowledge out of your head onto paper so you know exactly what you need to learn more about and what you are already an expert and this means that creating a course actually gives you the opportunity to learn as you create.Moreover, you actually already know more than enough in order to help your students.

Your goal is to facilitate a transformation for your students, a transformation that you’ve most likely had yourself. This means that you already have all the experience and that is enough to help your students experience the same transformation.

2. My community isn’t big enough

Yes, you need a community to launch your online course, however, we easily fall into this trap and start thinking that we need to have a 10k launch or a 6-fig launch to have a successful launch. However, this is not true. There are many launches that are zero dollar launches, five hundred dollar launches etc. and these launches are usually what leads to bigger launches down the road.

The reality is that you don’t just launch once. You launch multiple times and each time will get better because people will be more aware of your products/ services, you will learn what works and what doesn’t from your previous launches and your community will keep growing with time.

As mentioned above, you do need some community to launch to. However, if you do have a community, regardless of how small it is, it’s a chance for you to launch your course, a chance for you to serve and your community will continue to grow with you and you will have bigger launches over time.

3. I’m scared of failing

Fear of failure is another massive limiting belief that tends to hold many yogiprenerus back. This is usually because we internalize what it means to fail. We think that if a launch fails that we are a failure. 
This is simply not true. A failed launch is a failed launch and says nothing about you as a person. You are capable of surviving failure, and it’s important to learn how to reframe it.

Failure is about learning. There are many lessons that we can learn through things not working out as we would like them to. Failure helps us figure out what to do and what not to do next time around and this is invaluable information to help us have a better course launch next time around. These are the most limiting beliefs that tend to hold many yogipreneurs back and now, here are the signs that you are ready to launch and create your online course.

Signs you’re ready to create and launch your online course

1. You feel the fear

This might seem counterintuitive but fear could actually be a sign that you are ready to create and launch your own course. Fear usually arises when your goal is out of your comfort zone and you are about to step out of our comfort zone.

Fear also means that you care about what you do, your community and what you put out there.

Know that on the other side of fear is impact. So, rather than letting it hold you back, use this as an opportunity to fulfill your purpose, to move through your fear so that you can impact people’s lives.

2. You have an idea for your course topic and you constantly think about it

This is a very obvious sign that you are ready. Maybe you know exactly what you want to create,  you might just have an outline for it, or maybe you know the exact transformation that you want your students to have. If you have all of these three things ready, it means that you’ve already done the work to niche down and understand your ideal client which means you can even launch your course right now.

It is not necessary for you to create the whole course before you launch. You can actually create the course as you go. So, If this is you then know that you are 100% ready to move forward.

3. You feel excited about the idea of creating and launching a course 

If you are reading this post right now and are excited about helping people on a bigger scale, then this is another huge sign that you are indeed ready. Even if you don’t have an idea, an outline or a transformation mapped out yet, just your excitement and passion can help you move forward with creating and launching your own online yoga course. 



You’ll never feel ready to do something that’s going to cause you to step out of your comfort zone and grow. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the positive signs without allowing limiting beliefs to overshadow our progress and success. 

Always ask yourself, is it more important that you wait until you’re ready and everything is perfectly aligned, or that you get out there and start helping people sooner rather than waiting around forever?

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