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Business and marketing strategies that yoga teachers should know about


There are many different business and marketing strategies to grow your community online, nurture your potential students and build your yoga business!

There are four essential pillars you need to implement as part of your business and marketing strategy to grow your yoga community. 

Pillar no. 1: Have a Website and an Online Presence

Your website is your online hub, the place where your potential students can come and find out more about you and what you are offering.

It is also a place where you can drive new eyes to your business by creating content like a blog and sharing your posts on Facebook and other social media channels. New people will click on those links and land on your website. 

This strategy is a marketing funnel where you share content and get people to jump onto your website. To receive more content from you potential new students can sign up for your email list which will allow you to continue to build a relationship with them.

Having a website is an essential part of your business and marketing strategy!

Learn more here about how you can increase your web traffic with a blog: How To Boost Website Traffic With A Yoga Blog

Pillar no. 2: Email marketing

Email marketing is a strategy used to nurture the relationship you have with your ideal students.

When you understand who your ideal student is you can create content that they will find valuable. To receive this content your potential students will be willing to give you their email address to receive that content.

Once you have them on your email list you can continue to nurture that relationship by continuing to give them valuable content.

Having permission to be in your students’ inbox, which is a sacred space, means you can cut through all the noise on social media!

This allows you to communicate with your ideal students more intimately and effectively.

Pillar no. 3: Create content

Consistent content creation is another essential business and marketing strategy for your yoga business. Create valuable content that is going to help your ideal students with their yoga journey and their biggest struggles. 

By creating valuable content your students will resonate with you as their teacher and continue to learn from you. You will build trust with your students and be able to take them along on your yoga journey.

A great content strategy is to create challenges that can be used as an opt-in freebie. Your potential students will exchange their email address for access to these challenges or any other content you decide to use for your opt-in freebie.

Read this post to learn how to create an opt-in freebie to attract your ideal students and grow your email list: How To Create A Email Opt-In Yoga Freebie Your Students Will Love

As a busy yoga teacher sometimes content creation gets pushed to the back of the priority list. However, creating valuable content is a vital part of your business and marketing strategy. 

Make sure you schedule time every week to work on content creation!

Pillar no. 4: Be visible

Your students and potential students are hanging out online, everybody is on their mobile phones, on Facebook and on Instagram. You have an opportunity as a yoga teacher to be visible on these social media platforms.

Let’s set the scene here:  You’ve got a student that comes to your class and practice with you on a Monday evening and you have just one hour of time with them. If you are visible online with them you can extend that time you teach them online. 

You can extend your teachings from the studio into the online space where they get to see more of you. Your students can continue to learn from you by sharing tips on different yoga postures and they connect with you more by sharing your yoga journey and what yoga means to you.

Once you become visible you will stay in their mind.

This visibility will help you have more success when you launch an online course or announce workshops and retreats to your community.

If you are visible for your students, they’re going think of you when they’re thinking of a booking yoga retreat because you’re there showing up consistently!

As a yoga teacher, you have so many things that you’re passionate about sharing, so share it and make more impact in the world and make more impact with your students.

What else?

These are the 4 pillars for you to think about and spend a little bit of time asking yourself:  Am I doing this? Am I making some progress in these areas?  What do I need to focus on? 

Everybody starts at zero, so if you’re at zero, that’s totally okay. There are loads of resources on the Digital Yoga Academy Website. Make sure you also join the Digital Marketing Academy Facebook group. The resources in there can really help you to learn some new business and marketing strategies, to build your email list and start being more present in your students’ inbox. 

Here are some more business and marketing strategies:

Spend time planning out your year and get organised!

A lot of the yoga teachers feel stuck and overwhelmed in their business. To feel more under control you really need to spend some time actually planning out what you want to do. It’s important to think about what worked for you before and what did not.

Being aware of the things that you need to focus on and spend a full day brainstorming and working out the types of events and experiences you want to create and break everything down.

If you want to host your first yoga retreat, what are the steps needed to achieve that? What do you really need to do to make that happen? Think about it properly and give yourself a timeline. What do you need to do now if you want to host a retreat at the end of the year? Because you will need to do some stuff now! 

Read: 5 Tips For Organising Your Yoga Business.

Start blogging

Blogging is something that more and more teachers are using as a strategy to share their message. It’s a great tool to attract your ideal students. Sharing blog posts gives you more opportunities to grow your email list. 

Read more about why you should start blogging: 7 Reasons Why Yoga Teachers Should Start Blogging

Review your business’s performance

Do you get to the end of the year and look back on the numbers in your business? You should be! Reviewing your financial performance every year is crucial to make sure your yoga business is profitable. 

Effective copywriting

How can you be authentic in the copy that you create, but also persuasive and helpful? It’s about sharing your message and how you’re helping people with their journey. There’s a difference between salesy and actually helping people. The key is being able to express that through your words.

Read more about writing effective copy in this blog post: 3 Principles of Compelling Copywriting for Yoga Teachers

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