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Do you often find yourself wondering how these successful yogis seem to been hitting six figures in their yoga business, and you’re still stuck at $2k/ $5k per month? Have you ever wondered what the the qualities and traits of a yogipreneur who has successfully embraced the visionary mindset are? It goes beyond being a mere CEO; it encompasses an energetic shift where you intuitively and uniquely lead your business forward, creating both a legacy and abundant cash flow.

So let’s dive into it!

Financial Abundance: A Key Component

One essential question to ask yourself as you aim to level up and scale your online yoga business is whether you are at ease with financial abundance. Often, during the growth phase, we find ourselves on a revenue roller coaster, where monthly income fluctuates, leading to feelings of instability and financial insecurity. To unlock the true potential of financial abundance, it requires identifying as someone with strong money energy, destined for wealth, and at ease with financial prosperity.

Ask yourself…

Do you consistently attract and receive greater opportunities and larger sums of money?


Do you view yourself as someone still working things out, struggling with the ups and downs of monthly revenue?

It’s important to reflect on your perception and beliefs around wealth and how they may be influencing your business.

The Power of Identity

At the heart of embodying the visionary lies your existing identity and how tightly you hold onto it. Many yoga teachers struggle to identify themselves as business owners, which is the first step toward growth. However, to take it a step further, you must embrace the identity of a visionary who is scaling their business.

A visionary is already successful in their own right…

with a thriving community and established online courses, programs, and memberships. They have a clear vision for the future and are open to having their mindset and approach challenged by someone who has mastered the frequency of the visionary. Embracing new perspectives and possibilities can lead to a profound shift in your business.

The Mindset of a Visionary

Becoming a visionary involves a certain mindset and making empowering decisions about your business. It starts with deciding that your business feels easy, that you are thriving, and that you are on the right path. By making these conscious choices, you commit to showing up, serving your community, and persisting without giving up. These decisions are energetic investments in your business and within your control. Whether you’re scaling to your first five, six, or even seven figures, it’s crucial not to fear these words or feel triggered by them. Instead, celebrate the opportunity to work on your money mindset, as it is an integral part of being an entrepreneur.

The Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

As an entrepreneur, achieving expansion in your business requires a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies. The masculine aspect encompasses strategies, implementation, and taking action, while the feminine aspect involves building a team, receiving support, operating from a space of ease, and trusting that events will unfold according to your intentions. The combination of these energies supports business growth and allows you to embody the visionary role fully. When starting out, it’s common to focus primarily on the masculine, relying on strategies to propel the business forward. However, to break through barriers and limitations, balance is essential.

Inner work

Inner work guided by coaches or mentors, is necessary to facilitate this powerful expansion journey, removing blocks, guilt, and shame associated with growth. It’s an invitation to step into a world of unlimited potential.

The Visionary’s Mindset and Approach

The visionary possesses the ability to envision the big picture, which sets them apart from yoga teachers. They steer the ship, always looking forward and making long-term decisions. They know precisely where their business is headed, even if the path isn’t always clear. Visionaries dream big, take risks, continue to learn and grow, and serve as an inspiration to others. They build valuable relationships, collaborate with other businesses, influencers, and their team, fostering a sense of community and collective success. As a visionary, you have the power to shape the future of your business and leave a lasting legacy.

Embodying the visionary within your yoga business is a transformational journey that requires a shift in mindset, perception, and energy.

By cultivating a healthy relationship with financial abundance, embracing your identity as a visionary, and balancing masculine and feminine energies, you can unlock your full potential as a yogipreneur. With the ability to envision the big picture and make long-term decisions, you have the opportunity to scale your business to six figures and beyond, leaving a lasting impact on the yoga community and creating a legacy that inspires others to follow their dreams.

It’s time to step into your power as the visionary and embark on this extraordinary path of growth and abundance.