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How expert do you need to be to teach yoga online?


There are so many yoga teachers are want to teach yoga online! However, there is one main objection and that is the question: How expert do I need to be to teach yoga online? Many teachers believe they are not expert enough to share their teachings online.

It might not be about the fact you’re not expert enough but actually your own fears.

Don’t Let Fear Get In The Way Of Teaching Yoga Online

You might have things you’re passionate about but don’t believe you are expert enough to teach in that topic. The thing that could be holding you back is actually the way you’re thinking about it. It’s not because you’re not smart enough or not experienced enough.

The actual reason is you keep telling yourself to keep small.

You’re not willing enough to be brave and put yourself you there!

As yoga teachers you question yourself. Can I really do this? Is my yoga business ready? Am I kidding myself that people would want to learn yoga online with me? There are many reasons for these doubts such as time, finances, technical expertise and many more. But in essence, those fears are really highlighting the same thing. They highlight the struggle that yoga teachers have with being brave, trusting themselves and backing themselves even when it’s something they really want.

Release Your Self Limiting Beliefs

Teachers need help to move beyond their self-doubts and gain the confidence to take a chance and to step up and really invest in themselves to finally take action. Because these fears just hold you back from really following your dreams. You probably have plenty of stories of why it’s okay to hold yourself back and you often feel like an imposter waiting to be found out. But you don’t need to be an expert to create your own online yoga course and that you really as you are right now totally enough!

If you’ve been through something that others haven’t you are able to guide and mentor them or you may have a unique perspective on how to teach a certain topic. We have ways to explain things that no one else does. Maybe you’ve got your own system or process to do what you do uniquely. Perhaps you just genuinely want to share your knowledge with others and you realise that learning never ends. You want to learn more and share that knowledge with other people.

If this feels like you then you really can create an amazing online yoga course and share that with the world.

There is no point in life where you suddenly become an expert or where you suddenly feel like you’re enough.

Fear never goes away! It’s about having bravery as our constant companion when you go for those dreams.

Is there anything holding you back from teaching yoga online right now? Do you feel or haven’t got the right expertise or do you recognise that it’s actually your own fears that are holding you back?

What Is An “Expert” Anyway?

Everyone has their own idea of what an expert actually is. The dictionary definition of an expert is: “having a special skill or knowledge because of what you have been taught or experienced”. The key is what you’ve been taught or experienced. You are a fully qualified yoga teacher! You’ve been taught how to teach yoga and you’ve personally experienced yoga as a student and a teacher.

You don’t have to be the world’s number one knowledgeable expert. Being the world’s number one most knowledgeable expert would make you less relatable to your ideal students. You would be way too advanced for them and wouldn’t be able to break things down for someone who is learning to understand!

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert To Teach Yoga Online

Your students want to be able to relate to you so you only want to be a few steps ahead. By being a few steps ahead you can share your teachings in a way that your students understand. This will allow you to offer solutions to your students based on what you have been taught and experienced.

When you think of it like that it helps you understand that you don’t need to be a professor or a real expert. This false perception is really going to hold you back from making the most of this incredible opportunity that we have as yoga teachers to get online. We have incredible systems and platforms available to us that allow us to reach students all over the world.

When you have a tried and tested framework you can then learn the skills to create a course and successfully launch to your communities. You need to have the foundations in place before you teach yoga online. This is really essential because you don’t want to just dive in. You need to have strategies in place before you do that. You need to have a community first before you create a course so you have people to launch it too!

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