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How to Combat Imposter Syndrome as a Yogipreneur: 6 Strategies that Work


Imposter syndrome is a normal, almost unavoidable part of one’s entrepreneurial journey and it is important to recognize it for what it is and figure out the strategies that you can use in order to learn how to combat imposter syndrome.

If you have ever questioned yourself, your authority, your skills or your ability to help your community, then you have experienced imposter syndrome. Fortunately, imposter syndrome is universal and each and every yogipreneur has to work day in and day out to make sure that it’s kept at bay. 

If you have ever battled with imposter syndrome, then here are 6 strategies that you can use to combat imposter syndrome:

1. Ask Yourself Better Questions

In order to combat imposter syndrome you have to replace any low value questions that you might ask yourself and replace them with higher value questions. 

For example…

  • Instead of asking wWhat if no one watches my live video?’ (a low value question) ask yourself ‘what video content can I create that will best serve my ideal students?’
  • Instead of asking ‘who am I to start a blog?’ ask ‘How can I improve my blog reader’s quality of life by creating content that will help them with their yoga journey?’
  • Instead of asking ‘how can I possibly compete with this other yoga teacher who’s been around for years?’ ask ‘How would I behave if I had sold out offerings and a community that tuned in for my videos and read my blog posts”

Through this process you will be able to replace low value questions that are usually self centered and ego based with high value questions that are more community based. This allows you to flip the script and see the exact same situation from a different, more positive perspective.

2. Lean Into Your Experience

As a yoga teacher you have a wealth of experience. You are constantly learning, constantly building and finding ways to live a better life not just for you but also for others.

You have a process or a system that others can use, you’ve reached a result yourself that your students also strive to achieve and you’ve obtained a level of expertise and training and insight that other people are willing to pay for. 

This kind of work takes a high level of cognitive skill, analytical prowess and insight. 

And, this also means that you have a track record of behaviors and credentials so you can lean into whenever you start to feel unworthy or start feeling like a fraud. 

So whenever imposter syndrome starts creeping in, go back to the results, to your training, your education, the messages, the emails and the social comments that you receive from your students, go back to your testimonials and remind yourself of how much grit it has taken you to get to this point in your yoga career. 

3. Celebrate every win, big or small

It is very easy to achieve something and then swiftly move onto the next milestone without really taking a moment to celebrate what you just achieved. However, there is real value and power in celebrating your wins. 

If you are guilty of dismissing your wins then we want you to start tracking your business successes for a few months. This can easily be done by keeping a log of the milestones you’ve reached and the obstacles you’ve overcome including all the big and small wins. 

Once you’ve done so, figure out what you will do to mark each of these occasions and milestones. 

Now you can always come back to these accomplishments and celebrate, whenever you feel as if imposter syndrome is creeping in. 

4. Visualize Your Success

Launching and growing a business requires you to take big leaps, and these big leaps take time, hard work and faith in yourself. While many can be skeptical of visualization it can be a great tool to combat imposter syndrome if used in combination with aligned action. 

Through visualizing the success that you aspire to have each day, you will start noticing how the success you visualize slowly becomes a reality. This kind of affirmation is great proof for your business success and can really help you to overcome imposter syndrome. 

5. Embrace Failure

Failure is scary, but it’s not the end of the world. In reality, failure is a regular and necessary part of growth. Being scared of failure can also result in imposter syndrome since it will make you question your ability to succeed. It will make you worry about how others will perceive you if you were to put yourself out there in a new way. 

However, it is hard to take your business to the next level without taking chances on yourself. By accepting that failure is bound to happen, you can make sure that it doesn’t dictate your future success and this is the key to growing your business.

It is important to realize that failing is part of the process of learning and mastering something and making mistakes and dealing with your failures is part of your job as an entrepreneur.

6. Take Action

If you’re battling imposter syndrome and are feeling as if you’re not good enough, it is quite possible that you’re not doing what you need to be doing. If this is the case, it is necessary to evaluate why you are delaying something or not putting in the effort that you need to put in.

However, just evaluating is not enough, it is crucial to take action afterwards. Taking action is one of the fastest ways to dissolve insecurities and combat imposter syndrome. 

Action helps you to push past feeling like an imposter and it helps you to accomplish the things that you’re supposed to be doing. The things that make you feel good and accomplished.

However, if you are still feeling unworthy regardless of the action you take it is important to realize that, the more time you spend feeding thoughts that make you feel like an imposter the more likely that you will end by believing them. 

So, take the time this week to evaluate and determine which of these two scenarios you are facing within your life, and then go ahead and take the action.



You’re a yoga teacher and this world needs yoga teachers to make a big impact. However, you can’t do that if you’re feeling uninspired, unmotivated or stuck. 

Imposter syndrome is one phenomenon that tends to keep yogipreneurs stuck in inaction, but it is also an unavoidable part of any yogipreneur’s journey. However, equipping yourself with these strategies will enable you to navigate imposter syndrome with ease and make sure that you are able to keep moving forward within your business. 

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