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How to get laser focused on your ideal student



Do you know who your ideal student is?

Getting laser-focused on your ideal student and targeting your marketing efforts to reach your ideal student is essential for your yoga business!

What is an ideal student

The customer avatar

In marketing, there is something called a customer avatar. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to understand who their customer avatar is.

They’ll give their avatar a name and identify all their demographic, social status, characteristics, challenges, needs and wants. The company will then base all their decisions on their customer avatar.

Whereas we might not have millions at our disposal to create a huge project around our customer avatar, we can still take some simple actions to discover more about our idea student.

When you know who this single person is you can create content and offerings that your students will love!

Hone in on who this one person is

You need to fully understand who this person is inside and out, what their struggles are with their yoga journey and how can you help them.

When you understand how you can help your ideal students you can craft your retreats, workshops and courses to support their yoga journey.

By honing in on your ideal student you will be able to easily create content for your social media and blog. You will know what solutions your students want to hear about.

Don’t be afraid to narrow in on your ideal student Be Afraid To Narrow In On Your Ideal Student

You might be thinking…

Why is it one person? There are billions of people in the world I can serve as a yoga teacher.

By focusing your efforts on one person you’re not limiting your reach! You’re actually helping yourself to become laser focused on what your ideal student actually wants and needs.

Don’t be afraid to narrow it to just one person. By first identifying the characteristics and motivations of your ideal student, you will start to attract more people who fall under the umbrella of that one person.

When you try to attract everyone, you end up attracting no one. Focus on this one person – your ideal student – and find out everything you can about them.

Clarify Your Message In An Ocean Of Noise

When you’re not clear on who your ideal student is, your messaging will be diluted and irrelevant.

There is a lot of noise online and you don’t want to get lost in that sea of voices. You need to understand who you’re serving so that when you create content it is really targeted to your ideal student. These people are the ones that will resonate with you the most.

Your ideal students will find you!

You will have more success in creating a sustainable yoga business with a community who are ready for your offerings.

How to find your ideal student

Put yourself in their shoes

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal student. You know what they like and don’t like, their yoga aspirations and struggles. If you don’t know what their struggles are, how can you create a solution?

When you put yourself in their shoes, your students know you can give them the transformation they need with your offering.

To step into your ideal student’s shoes you need to connect with them. Pay attention to what your students are telling you after class and in emails and messages and log these conversations.

The ideal student workbook

To help you understand your ideal student, download the Ideal Student Workbook! This workbook is going to take your through some prompts to help you hone in on your ideal student.

If you are new on your yoga teacher journey you may be making this up which is fine! If you’re an established teacher you might have some raving students who are your ideal students.

The more you connect with these students on a deeper level you will understand what your yoga class means to them and how you can support them better.

When you start creating your offerings with your ideal student in mind you will have more successful launches of new workshops, courses and retreats.

Understanding your ideal student’s biggest challenges

Understanding what your ideal student’s biggest challenge with their yoga journey is one of the most important exercises.

Your ideal student has a reason why they want to practice yoga and you need to find out what that reason is. It is not a case of asking how you can help them because most people don’t know. But people will know what their struggle is.

If you can discover this struggle you can find the solution, then you will become the teacher that they keep coming back to.

If you don’t have any students yet you can do research online into the struggles of your potential students. Become an investigator in Facebook Groups and in the comments on other yoga teachers blog posts.

Validate your ideas with your ideal student

Once you know your ideal student and have started creating your dream offering you need to validate your idea first. If you are going to be putting a lot of energy and money into an epic offering you need to know that your students really want it.

Validation calls are one way that you can do this. These are Skype or Zoom calls that you arrange with your ideal students. Ask them a number of questions to clarify your offering and build confidence with your idea.

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