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How to nurture relationships with your yoga students through email marketing


How to nurture relationships with your yoga students through email marketing

Building an email list is essential for any online business. It’s a way to keep in touch with your audience, offer them value, and eventually sell them your products or services. But having a list of email addresses is not enough. You need to nurture the relationship with your subscribers to turn them into loyal customers.

Imagine this:

You have an email list of 500 people who have signed up for your freebie. They’ve gone through an automated email sequence of maybe 5 or 6 emails over a couple of weeks. Some of these people have enrolled in your evergreen course as a result of one of those emails in the sequence. That’s money coming in while you sleep! They now receive your weekly email – some weeks it’s two. They know, like, and trust you. Sometimes they reply back. They ask about your course or your membership. You continue a back and forth via email, and they enroll. When you launch something new, these are the people who book. You realize the money is in your list. Your email list becomes your greatest marketing asset. You work hard to keep creating content that you can share with your list each week. You focus on nurturing your list because that’s where the sales come from.

This is the reality in our business.

It’s the reality of many of the students inside our programs – YLP, TPYT, and the Visionary Mastermind. And it can be your reality too. It starts with having a freebie, and we’ve done previous trainings and podcast episodes focusing on creating freebies and growing your email list. But today we want to talk about what happens beyond that, because what we don’t want to do is share our freebie via email and call it a day. We need to be intentional about the follow-up and how we nurture the relationship we have with our subscribers.

So, what is nurturing?

Nurturing is the process of building a relationship with your audience and educating them on how you can solve their problems. This is important because your business exists not just to serve your students and create impact, but also to make sales so that you can continue doing what you’re doing. If you only focus on growing your community and forget about nurturing relationships, you’ll struggle to make sales. Nurturing creates trust, and trust is required to create sales.

Most people aren’t ready to buy from the get-go…

There is a decision-making process, and this is actually a lot longer than it used to be. People take longer now to make decisions, and the reason for that is because we are bombarded by marketing and sales messaging all day long. Our lives are busier, and so we need extra time to digest information. This is why your email list is so key because you have your people in a list – you have a direct way to contact them, and you can keep following up, offering content, and building the relationship through email.

People’s behavior as consumers is also changing rapidly.

Your potential students are savvier and more intentional about the content they consume online and how they consume it. So, the great thing here is that if someone signs up for your freebie, they’ve intentionally requested it. So your emails are super important to them. And if you don’t send the emails because you’re too scared to send them, you’re too scared to annoy someone – it’s defeating the object and not serving the person who has literally put their hand up and asked you to serve them via email.

So, email marketing is a highly effective strategy to nurture, specifically personalized emails – these are one of the most effective ways to increase engagement.

Nurturing your email list is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. If you want to make sales and grow your business, you need to focus on building relationships, offering value, and educating your subscribers. Email marketing is a highly effective strategy to nurture your list, and personalized emails are one of the most effective ways to increase engagement and overall conversions.

So, start thinking about how you can create an automated email sequence that offers value and helps your subscribers take action.

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