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How to Sell Your Online Course: Selling an Online Yoga Course



If you’re a yogipreneur who wants to create, launch and sell an incredible online course that your audience is ready to enrol into, then you need to understand how to sell your online course with the right strategies and mindset to back you up. 

Digital Yoga Academy students have had incredible success with their course launches, successfully launching many programs, multiple times, over the last few years.

This means that we have acquired a plethora of knowledge and experience related to online course launching and what it really takes to create and launch a course that sells. 

In this blog, we’ll be sharing with you the number one secret to understanding how to sell your online course and launch it the right way so that it sells.

Finding Your Niche is Essential

While niching down isn’t our number one secret, it’s an essential ingredient to creating and launching an online course that sells.

Your students aren’t really buying your online course, they’re buying solutions to their problems. Which means they are purchasing based on how they want to feel after completing your course. Ultimately they’re buying the outcome and results that you promise (the benefits) and not how many videos or bonuses you have in your course (the features).

The features of a course can help you to craft a course that will seamlessly hold your students hands through the process with the help of the best resources, education and accountability. 

However, the specific problem that you solve and the transformation that you promise is what will help you launch and sell your course successfully and this requires you to niche down. 

Niching down not only helps you to understand the problem that you are solving, but it also helps you to understand the kind of person that you’re creating the course for, yet many yogipreneurs feel resistance towards niching down. 

However, it is a crucial step to take in order to effectively market and sell your online course. In fact, it is the first step you need to take before you make any further decisions regarding your messaging and  marketing.

Getting clear on your yoga niche

In order to go beyond zoom classes and start diversifying your yoga offerings , you need to know what the transformation is that your students are looking for. Which means you need to know more about your ideal students and who you are serving. 

The key is to identify your niche and find a specific need or problem that your ideal students are looking to solve. That is how you create more powerful messaging that people take notice of and start moving away from being just another yoga teacher that offers drop-in classes. 

After you have honed in on a specific problem your audience has and the solution that they’re looking for, you can start creating your yoga offerings. You can choose the format in which you’d like to facilitate this transformation for your students. 

If you’re trying to figure out your niche, here are some questions that you can ask yourself/your students to help you figure it out. 

  • What is a problem that many of your students are facing?
  • What is it about them that makes them unique ?
  • What is keeping them up at night?
  • What changes do they want to make in their lives right now?
  • What are they thinking about and feeling
  • Where do they desire to be?

Having a niche and understanding the problem that you solve is most definitely an essential component to making sales on your online course, but it’s NOT the number one secret to launching a course that sells.

The number one secret to launching an online course is YOU

The decisions you make, how you decide to show up for your community, the energetic investment that you decide to have to your business and the outcomes you want and the actions you decide to take. This is what will make or break your course launch. 

Decisions are powerful and you have to make the energetic decision that your business is thriving, that you are an embodiment of what you preach, that you are taking the actions that are necessary in order to make sure that your business is growing and thriving. 

Those decisions are the foundational pillars for any successful online course launch. It’s the same pillars that created a six-figure course launch for Digital Yoga Academy.

Now, if you are currently thinking that a six-figure course launch is not possible for you, do not buy into that lie. It’s a lie we told ourselves not that long ago. 

You actually can have a six figure launch. 

Of course, it won’t happen overnight and creating wild results within your business takes time. It takes grit, knowledge, persistence and belief, but you can definitely make a decision that it is happening and make it happen for you.

Cultivating a strong entrepreneurial mindset

In the beginning of our businesses, we are usually bombarded with fears. Fears that we’re not good enough, or that it might not work. Imposter syndrome, overwhelm, frustration, resentment and procrastination can really hold us back in our entrepreneurial journey. 

This is exactly why cultivating a strong mindset is so important. Without the proper mindset work we struggle to move forward within our journey and our progress tends to slow down. 

Cultivating a strong entrepreneurial mindset can increase your self belief and help you focus your energy on showing up and being there for your community rather than having your energy used up with fears, overwhelm and procrastination.

Making a decision is essential & deciding is more than just believing

Making a decision means that you park all your fears and resistance to a side. It means that you no longer give into that energy. It means that you are trusting that happening for you, that success is coming. You trust in the possibilities. You know it won’t be overnight but you know it’s happening for you.

However, you will only be able to have this trust and let go of the attachment to the outcome, if you cultivate the right mindset and make the decision that this is what you really want.

Detach yourself from the outcome

When you’re attached to the outcome and the fears and resistance, energetically we put up a barrier and a cap on what’s possible.

However, when we approach our business without attachment, and put all our energy and focus into serving our community instead, the floodgates of momentum swing wide open! 

This has been our experience and that of our students. The moment you attach yourself to the outcome, fear of not getting paid result sets in and it starts to feel like a struggle.

Yet, when you let go and trust that the outcome you seek is coming and FULLY believe in this…the results come with ease.

Moreover, if you have a skill or competency gap, you can fill that gap by learning! Everything you need to know is available to you. You can learn how to grow your community, you can learn about marketing and you can learn what it takes to launch successfully.

So building an online yoga course business is possible for you and we want you to believe that and to be in the energy of having already decided that. 



You, as the founder of your business, have the power to decide. You can either decide to give yourself extra grief by giving energy to your fears that will mentally and emotionally drain you, or you can decide to make your business journey easier by deciding to play a bigger game instead. 

You can decide to let go of the outcome and believe it is happening, whether it’s in three months or three years from now. You can choose to allow your best energy to come forward. You can approach your goal with joy, anticipation and the knowledge and belief of what is possible and take action from a place of possibility rather than from a place of fear. 

This is all a decision that YOU make and this is what will help you create and launch an online course that sells.

Additionally, every successful and profitable thriving business owner has only got to that point because they have tried hundreds of things that didn’t work, so get comfortable with failure.

Remember, there is definitely no such thing as an overnight success, so stop getting in your own way and give yourself permission to play a bigger game. 

Stop capping your potential with all the fears and resistance. Stop telling yourself this isn’t going to work. Instead create an online course that solves a specific problem by providing a solution, show up in your best energy for your community by cultivating your mindset every single day and watch the magic happen. 

If you’re ready to create an online course that solves a problem by providing a much needed solution and show up in your best energy for your community through cultivating your mindset every single day, our program Profitable Yoga Teacher is for you. 

Inside our Profitable Yoga Teacher program you will not only learn how to successfully create and launch an online course that sells, but will also receive the tools necessary for you to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial mindset which is really the number one secret to having a successful course launch. 

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