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The leading 5-star yoga podcast for yoga teachers who want to stop the hustle and overwhelm, and instead create more income, freedom, and success.

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In the world of yoga entrepreneurship, success isn’t just about passion for the practice; it’s also about fostering a healthy relationship with money. This blog post delves into the critical role of money mindset in

In 2023, the yoga industry faces a transformative era, marked by rapid changes in consumer habits and marketing strategies. This blog post is your guide to navigating these shifts with agility and insight, setting your

Welcome to a fresh start, a new chapter, a chance to redefine your yoga business journey. As we stand at the threshold of 2024, it’s an undeniable truth that many of us, despite our best

Are you a yoga teacher looking to elevate your career and tap into the vast potential of online courses? If so, today’s blog post is here to offer you a sigh of relief. We’re about

Learning from life’s twists and turns is an essential part of personal and professional growth. Sometimes, things don’t work out as we initially planned, but therein lies the beauty – each setback brings with it

Let’s talk about a topic often brushed aside in the world of yoga teaching: burnout. There’s often a reluctance to discuss it because, as yoga teachers, we’re expected to exude love for our work 24/7.

Are you a yoga teacher looking to expand your offerings and create a lasting impact on your community? If you’ve been teaching in studios or on platforms like Zoom, you’ve probably realized the limitations of

In this exciting YouTube video, we delve into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its game-changing impact on your yoga business. Join us as we uncover how AI can revolutionize your online presence, streamline

Mindset Shifts To Confidently Sell Your Yoga Offerings (without feeling sleazy or pushy) In this empowering episode, we dive deep into the world of selling yoga offerings with unwavering confidence. Imagine feeling exhilarated, not anxious,

Why You’re Doing Content Marketing Wrong (and what you should be doing instead) In this episode, we delve into the often-overlooked but powerful aspect of content marketing: long-form content. While short-form content like reels and

Yoga Business Survival: The #1 Product Strategy to Implement Now (And 7 Reasons Why) Join us as we explore the #1 product strategy for yoga business survival. Starting an online business brings its own challenges,

Unleashing Your Unique Message: A Yogipreneur’s Guide to Growing Your Yoga Business Online Ready to attract your ideal students and grow your yoga business online? Join us as we delve into the crucial step of

 Boosting Confidence as a Yogipreneur | Strategies for Success Join us in this empowering episode as we delve into the key to success for yogipreneurs: confidence. Discover how embracing your true self and silencing

High Ticket Online Yoga Courses: Transforming Your Business and Student’s Lives Discover the transformative potential of high ticket online courses for your yoga business and students. Learn what high ticket courses are and how they

Embodying the Visionary of Your Yoga Business and Scaling to Six Figures In this transformative episode, Kelly guides you on a journey to unlock your inner visionary and scale your yoga business. Discover the mindset

Scaling Your Yoga Business: Signs You’re Ready and How to Do It Podcast In this podcast, we discuss scaling and the number one sign that you are ready to scale your yoga business. If you

How to nurture relationships with your yoga students through email marketing podcast Are you struggling to make sales despite having a sizable email list? In this podcast, we discuss the importance of nurturing relationships with

If you are on a journey to build your online yoga business, then you’ll want to make sure you don’t skip this step. Building authority, builds trust, which in turn leads to more sales. If

The success follows when you follow the right yoga business strategy- Student Success Stories with Wivi-Anne Nyberg We spoke to Wivi-Anne Nyberg, a past student of our Profitable Yoga Teacher Program for yoga teachers worldwide wanting to

Student Success Stories with Maria Jones This week’s episode is an interview with one of our amazing students Maria Jones. Maria has been in the The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program for a long time now

How to exceed your sign-up goal on your first online yoga course launch- Student Success Stories with Dani Frank In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Dani Frank, founder of Sole Journey Yoga. Dani

How to make $20k in three months in your online yoga business- Student Success Stories with Annie Dunhof In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Annie Dunhof, founder of Enga Unite. Annie is a

Making $16k in your online yoga business- Student Success Stories with Christina Andrini In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Christina Andrini, founder of Jai Bhakti Yoga. Christina is a graduate of The

Yoga Marketing Trends for 2023 – what’s hot, what’s not and where do you need to be focusing your marketing efforts in 2023! Are you looking to grow your online yoga business in 2023? You

One of your responsibilities as a business owner is to prepare your business to survive when things outside of your control change. You may have already experienced this during lockdown, the teachers who were able
Cultivating a strong yogipreneurial mindset is key to longevity in your business. These essential mindset shifts will save you time and energy whilst setting you on the path to online yoga business success.

LISTEN ON APPLE     LISTEN ON SPOTIFY 3 common content mistakes that yoga teachers make Content is one of the best ways to attract potential students to your online yoga offering, yet it seems to

 LISTEN ON APPLE     LISTEN ON SPOTIFY The Yogipreneur’s guide to growing your email list Recently we asked you if you had an email list and 100% of you said yes! This is amazing,

LISTEN ON APPLE     LISTEN ON SPOTIFY 4 reasons why your yoga community isn’t growing podcast An engaged community is key to your success as an online yogipreneneur. In this week’s episode, our founder Kelly

LISTEN ON APPLE     LISTEN ON SPOTIFY Yogipreneur hacks to build an online yoga business that lasts If you’re a yoga teacher and feeling stuck or overwhelmed or confused and considering quitting your business right

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Discover valuable business and marketing strategies to grow your community in a way that makes it easy for you to take action today.
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I’m your host, Kelly McHugh!
As the founder of the leading online business school for yoga teachers worldwide, I’ve taught thousands of yoga teachers to rise up and thrive.
Join me every week on The Yogipreneur podcast, where you’ll learn how to reach your goals, grow your community, create transformational offerings and generate consistent income online.
I share the steps to get started, the qualities to embody on your journey as a Yogipreneuer and the inspiration and motivation to take action today!


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Teach Yoga Online Series
Whether you’re just starting out or ready to go beyond your drop-in Zoom classes, discover what it really takes to profitably teach yoga online and create transformational offerings inside our six-part video series.
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The Profitable Launch Plan
If you’re dreaming of creating an impactful and sustainable business with location freedom, and you’re ready to take the first step to make that a reality, this launch plan is for you.