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The leading 5-star podcast for yoga teachers who want to stop the hustle and overwhelm, and instead create more income, freedom, and success. 

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High Ticket Online Yoga Courses: Transforming Your Business and Student’s Lives Discover the transformative potential of high ticket online courses for your yoga business and students. Learn what high ticket courses are and how they provide enhanced support and accountability. Uncover the magic of investing at this level and the motivation it brings. Elevate your […]

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Embodying the Visionary of Your Yoga Business and Scaling to Six Figures In this transformative episode, Kelly guides you on a journey to unlock your inner visionary and scale your yoga business. Discover the mindset shifts and strategies needed to attract greater opportunities and abundance. Embrace your role as a CEO and embody the visionary […]

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Scaling Your Yoga Business: Signs You’re Ready and How to Do It Podcast In this podcast, we discuss scaling and the number one sign that you are ready to scale your yoga business. If you are generating consistent revenue and already successful, but you never get around to launching new ideas and new online offerings […]

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How to nurture relationships with your yoga students through email marketing podcast Are you struggling to make sales despite having a sizable email list? In this podcast, we discuss the importance of nurturing relationships with your subscribers and how it can impact your sales. If you have an email list of subscribers who have signed […]

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2023 Launch Success: The secret to making $250k in online sales in your yoga business This time last year, we’d reached a million dollars in total sales revenue. It was a big milestone after years of hard work! Fast forward to today and we’ve already made $250k in 2023, keeping us on track for our […]

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How to build authority in your yoga niche podcast If you are on a journey to build your online yoga business, then you’ll want to make sure you don’t skip this step. Building authority, builds trust, which in turn leads to more sales. If more sales is what you want, then listen closely, take notes […]

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"Brilliant podcast for yoga teachers and yogipreneurs!"

"I love this podcast (like Kelly McHugh’s other online trainings) it’s to the point with very helpful, practical tips and tools to create a successful yoga teaching career! It’s great to listen to when you feel stuck and overwhelmed. As it can sometimes be as a new yoga teacher. But this podcast that’s easy to listen to, even when you’re on the-go, to get inspired and get into action!"

"Insightful. Concise. Practical"

"I really enjoy this podcast and other tools Kelly shares throughout the internet. Kelly freely shares so much value & actionable steps for creating a successful business & developing yourself as an authentic yoga professional. The information is relevant, consistent and right on time! Thank you for all your efforts!"

"Very Helpful Conversations for Yoga teachers!"

"I am grateful to have discovered Kelly’s podcast this year, as I build my YouTube channel LisaYogaAngel. I love listening to all the tips for creating content for your ideal student. I highly recommend this podcast for all yoga teachers, as I feel online is where the greatest opportunity to grow your community currently lives."

"Powerful prompts"

"Thank you for the 3 journal prompts and the framework in your episode. It’s important to identify limiting beliefs and to course correct. Learn and Grow by taking action (progress over perfection)"

"Very helpful"

"Kelly provides very helpful information in easy to understand terms with actionable ideas. Practical and informative, I enjoy every episode"

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Discover valuable business and marketing strategies to grow your community in a way that makes it easy for you to take action today.


As the founder of the leading online business school for yoga teachers worldwide, I’ve taught thousands of yoga teachers to rise up and thrive. 

Join me every week on The Yogipreneur podcast, where you’ll learn how to reach your goals, grow your community, create transformational offerings and generate consistent income online. 

I share the steps to get started, the qualities to embody on your journey as a Yogipreneuer and the inspiration and motivation to take action today!

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