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Scared to teach yoga online? 6 common fears and how to overcome them


Successfully starting to teach yoga online quite literally has the power to transform your yoga business and your life. It gives yoga teachers the power to increase their income, reach more students and make more impact

Despite the many incredible benefits that come from teaching yoga online, there are fears that hold some teachers back.

This post is going to run through 6 common fears people have when it comes to teaching online and how you can overcome them.

All of these fears aren’t new. They’re all recycled! All humans have a variation of the same fearful thoughts. That means all of these fears can be overcome! We can figure them out. The goal is to recognise the fear and then get inspired to move past it by doing things differently! Do things differently so you don’t live it that fear and let it pull you down.

1. I don’t have enough skills and knowledge and I’m not expert enough to teach yoga online

Ask yourself “What is an expert?

The dictionary defines it as “someone who’s gained knowledge or skills from experience”.

And that’s definitely you!

As a qualified yoga teacher with knowledge and skills gain from experience, you are most certainly at least one step ahead of your students and you definitely have teachings valuable enough to share.

Your course is a way to share and teach what you’ve experienced and had results from.

Creating your course positions you as the expert! If you know more about something that other people you are already an expert in this area for them! Don’t underestimate all of your wisdom, experience and life skills you’re going to bring to the table.

2. I can’t figure out all of the tech that’s needed to teach yoga online

This fear is really understandable! But modern technology is the easiest to understand as it’s ever been.

Back in the late 90s we wouldn’t have been building our own websites or even considering it. Everything was coded and no one knew how to do it.

We’re now living in a great time when it comes to technology. Everything is fast and user friendly and easy to figure out.

We’re now living in a great time when it comes to technology – everything is fast, it’s user friendly, it’s drag and drop. It’s easy to figure out 

Quite often we sit behind the fear. We spend our time telling ourselves it’s too difficult and that we are not capable instead of spending the time just figuring it out.

If you’re afraid of tech, it’s nothing to be afraid of. There are incredible tools online.

You’re an entrepreneur, you can figure it out! You just need to get in there and do it.

The question is: Do you really want to figure it out?

Just sit down and say “I’m going to figure this out,” and tackle it!

3. People can do yoga online for free and the market is saturated with my course idea

This fear is really just an excuse to start teaching yoga online. While it’s true that there is a lot of free yoga information and videos available online already, people don’t buy online courses just to get facts and tips.

People can buy courses because they’re looking for a guide, someone who can help them cut through the noise and achieve their goals quickly.

Insight, inspiration and guidance are where you provide value as a course creator. Your community want to learn from you. There is value in your organising and presenting your content in your unique way. There’s also value in your unique voice and teaching style.

You might be thinking that online yoga is too saturated and other teachers are already doing exactly what I want to do. As you start to take your business online and come up with an idea suddenly you start seeing your idea everywhere. Then you start to believe that everyone’s already done it and they have done it a  million times better.

This is common! If you have this fear you are very normal, and it’s not going to go away!

But just remember that there are over 7 billion people on the planet. There is more than enough space for you as long as you bring your unique gifts, your perspective, your stories and your take on a topic.

If you try and copy someone else, you will lose. But if you stay grounded in the genius that is intrinsically you then you will win.

If you learn how to market yourself, write great copy, connect with your ideal students and pour your personality into your offering with confidence then you are going to win.

Don’t compare yourself to others. You have to have faith and you have to trust. There has never been and there will never be another you

Never worry that it’s all been done before because if it hasn’t been done by you it has not all been done before.

4. I don’t have an email list and I’m never going to be able to build one big enough

Firstly, we all start with no email list. Anyone that you admire or follow at one point started with zero.

Remember that when it comes to an email list or when it comes to how many followers you have.

It is also always about quality over quantity

It is better to have a smaller highly engaged list of subscribers over a mega list any day. So focus on quality over quantity.

If you have a small number of high-quality followers who are super invested in your content you can have success with teaching yoga online even with a small following.

It’s really key to understand the importance of audience building. Sow up consistently for your people, not hitting a specific list size.

So even if this is all brand new and your list is at zero, it’s totally possible to build an email list of the right people! You can build an amazing relationship with them and then create & sell them the RIGHT course.

The RIGHT course being key – it must be a course that your ideal students really want and need at a price that they can afford.

5. I wouldn’t be able to charge much money because no one would buy it

People who are willing to invest their time into an online yoga course are looking for something that is going to be a good use of their efforts and energy.

You are creating something of VALUE and people will value what you have created it more if you value it yourself.

Your course’s price should reflect the value it provides to your students. Offering a high-value product for a super low price isn’t doing yourself any favours.

Low cost signals low-value.

We all put value on things based on their price – and we are more likely to put effort into something we made a significant investment into.

If you want to create an online yoga course that is truly transformative, you should charge a premium price and know that those students who want that transformation will buy it.

6. It would take too much time to create my course, it’s too overwhelming to even start

We all have the same 24 hours in each day. You and all of the other yoga teachers successfully creating and selling online yoga courses and all of the other course creators in every non-yoga niche out there.  

Yes, we all spend parts of our day in different ways but even if you can only set aside 15 minutes each and every day to work on your course – you’ll be making progress.

 After just one month 15 minutes a day will add up to 7.5 hours – and that’s a whole working day! So you do have time. It’s just a matter of priorities and being organised with how you spend the time you have.

How long it takes to start to teach yoga online depends on whether you’re going at this alone or following a tried and tested method and of course how long your course is going to be.

The fact is, if you’re wanting to teach yoga for a long time AND build a profitable and sustainable yoga business, then you most definitely need to get started on creating your course today!

Fight those feelings of overwhelm

People can easily get overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to teach yoga online. But overwhelmed is a state of mind and it’s a place you can choose not to be. It’s a choice that you make. 

So stop saying you’re overwhelmed and refocus your attention and energy. “I’m overwhelmed” is a choice.  The trick is if you have a lot on your plate you might need to do a 10 or 15-minute brain dump to get it all down on paper.

We need to plan, we need to have structure, we need steps a framework to follow. 


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