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The #1 Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers


Do you have a Facebook Ads strategy for your yoga business? If you don’t really know where to start, you can learn!

There are lots of ways that you can run your ads. Facebook ads actually include Instagram because you set up your Instagram ads in Facebook Ads Manager. People refer to it as Facebook ads, but what they actually mean is Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has a platform called Ads Manager and you can set them up from your ads manager dashboard. 

Here are some important steps for creating a successful Facebook Ads strategy for your yoga business:

Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers step 1: Targeting

This is how you should always start with and it’s called targeting

This is very important in a Facebook Ads strategy for yoga teachers.

Essentially it is sending Facebook and Instagram ads to people who already know you.

You’re targeting someone who’s already had some type of engagement or interaction with you online. 

It’s a much safer place to start because the audience that you’re sending your ads already know you. Maybe they’ve been on our website or they follow you on Instagram. Because they already know you they’re more likely to convertThat means that it’s going to cost less to target them.

They’re more likely to book your yoga retreat or a place on a workshop that you’re running or to sign up to your online course. 

If you run your ads based on the interest of yoga and other brands are doing that as well, it’s going to cost you more to run those adverts. That’s because you’re competing with all the other brands who are also running ads based on the interest in yoga. 

In an ideal scenario, you would like to sell your workshops, retreats and your courses to those people already on your email list by having a decent existing community. But there will always be cases when you have some places that you still need to fill.

Target people who have been on your website and who have actually looked at the specific page from your offering.

They’ve read the information about your offering, but they haven’t booked yet. Imagine then being able to send those people an advert about your retreat and maybe even an incentive. Perhaps a bestie deal where they both get a discount if they book together or some other offer they can receive if they book as a result of your ad.

Use ads to grow your email list!

Remember, social media looks pretty but really what you need is people on your email list. That’s where sales happenConversions happen through nurturing people on your email list by offering your students tons of value and content to help them with their yoga journey.

Those are the people who are going to book your workshops, retreats, are going to enrol in your online courses. One of the ways that you can use ads is to target your followers on Facebook and Instagram is by offering them something. It’s called an opt-in freebie.

Create a piece of valuable content for your ideal students. Then promote the freebie in a Facebook Ad targeting those people who are already following you. That way you can get those people onto your email list and start having a deeper conversation with them and move them down your sales funnel. 

Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers step 2: Setting up

Use custom audiences when setting up your Facebook Ads to target your audience. You can find the option for setting it up in Facebook Ads manager underneath audiences. 

It gives you a number of different options and takes you through a little flow to set up your audiences. Think about your audiences as buckets. You can set up lots of different buckets of audiences. 

You can set up an audience for people who have been on your website and even for people who have been on a specific page or read a particular post. Set up different audience buckets for people who follow you on Instagram and on Facebook as well. You could, for example, set up a custom audience of people who have watched specifically 75% of a video. If somebody has watched 75% of one of your videos, chances are they’re quite interested in what they’re watching.

If you don’t have a Facebook business account, you cannot run Facebook ads.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to have a Facebook business account

The next step is to have Facebook Pixel set up on your website. Pixel is a piece of code that you find in the Facebook Ads Manager. If you’re using WordPress, you can install a plugin and copy the code from Facebook Ads Manager and paste the data into the plugin.

Then when somebody clicks onto your website Facebook Pixel will take some data from that person’s computer, then take that data to Facebook and look for a match. When it finds a match, it adds that person into the bucket. 

And this is why content is crucial!

Content is crucial because the only way that you can fill up those buckets is if you start sharing your content on those platforms. People will then start engaging with you on those platforms. 

Once you have filled up your buckets you can start setting up your ads. When you’re in Facebook Ads Manager skip past the interest targeting options and select your custom audience. In there you have whichever custom audiences you’ve set up and run your ads to target just those people.

The people in those custom buckets are much more likely to convert to sales for your offerings. They’ll see your ad and they’ll straight away recognize it because they know you!

Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers step 3: Test your ads

The next important thing to do is to test your ads. 

Test your ads so you can see which audiences are working best for you. You could test a few different images and video again images to see which one is performing best with each custom audience.

When you set your ads up, you need to look at the data and start learning. Look at your conversions!

Imagine this scenario: you’re setting up an ad to promote a free meditation piece of content. You’re running that ad to people who follow you on social media but are not already on your email list. When you set up this ad, you would exclude your email list so that it only targets those people who follow you on social media but are not already on your email list. The goal of this ad is to get people who follow you on social onto your email list. 

Facebook ads strategy for yoga teachers step 4: Budget your ads

When you set up ads, you don’t want to put £100 on it or anything like that.

You should set up a daily budget and test at least test three images to see which one is going to have the highest click-through rate. Use no more than £5 per day, per ad to begin with. You can see the reach, what the click-through rates are and what your conversions are looking like for these test ads.

Then you can start to build up your daily budget as you become more confident in the copy, the images and videos that you’re using.  It’s less risky to give ads a go like this. 

How does this relate to the bigger picture?

The bigger picture relates to your sales funnel or your yoga marketing funnel and the importance of content.

Think about a funnel- at the very top is sharing content.

Imagine this scenario:

You write a blog post summary on Facebook and share the link to that post.  Then you create a related post to share on Instagram. You add the link to your blog post in the bio and create some stories about it. Essentially you’re showing the link to the blog posts, but what happens when somebody clicks on that link?

They land on your website, which is the very top of your marketing funnel. 

And when they land on your website, what do you want them to do? You don’t want them just to consume content on our website. You want to use that as an opportunity to start a relationship. With your Pixel set up, that person not only ends up in your website bucket but you now have the opportunity to target them with an advert. 

You’re aiming now to move them down the funnel. The first part of the funnel is when they land on your website. The second part of the funnel is getting onto your email list, where you can start a conversation.

You then want to have another piece of content to offer to get them on your email list! This is why content is absolutely essential. This piece of content should be something that you know your ideal student is really interested in and wants from you. That will encourage them to type in their details into your opt-in box to end up on your email list.

If they don’t give their email address at this point targeted ads come into play. You can actually promote your free piece of content on Facebook and encourage them to sign up to receive it. 

The ideal copy for your Facebook ads strategy

The best copy that you can use in your Facebook and Instagram ads is the words that have come out of the mouths of your students. It’s really important that you talk to your students and use surveys so that you find out what your students are struggling with.

For instance, if you’re promoting an opt-in Freebie, the best piece of content to get the highest conversions is something that offers a solution for a challenge your students are facing in their yoga journey. This requires you to understand who your students are.

The classic example is the beginner student. When they first start considering going to a yoga class, what are they thinking? They don’t know what to expect. They have worries and fears that actually could stop them from going to that class. You could create a piece of content around those fears. It can be a checklist of things to bring to your first yoga class.

Create something that your students will need enough to give you their email address.

That’s what you want to base your copy around. It’s powerful when you connect to the challenges and the struggles that your audience are having in your copy. 

This is not a quick win!

This isn’t a quick win, you’re going to make loads of money overnight. This is a strategy for building a sustainable and profitable yoga business.

This is what marketing is about. It’s not about quick wins, but using strategies that are going to help you to build a community and attract people who really want what you have to offer. 

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