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The Power of an Evergreen Sales and Marketing Funnel


If you’re a yogipreneur who wants to build a sustainable business, a business that will withstand the test of time, then having an evergreen sales and marketing funnel is a necessity.

An evergreen sales funnel can create a great source of passive income for your business and give you the ability to focus on tasks that matters to you the most. Helping you to avoid burnout with the regular online yoga classes.

Instead you can create passive income streams into your business, such as creating an online course, turning this into a powerful evergreen funnel. Helping you to grow and scale your online yoga business.

What is an evergreen sales funnel?

Many yogipreneur think that an evergreen sales and marketing funnel is a very complicated concept. However, in reality an evergreen funnel is just a fancy way of saying an automated system that sells your offers every day all year round. An evergreen funnel is essentially a system that is consistent, repeatable, scalable, and predictable – when it’s set up in the right way.

The main idea behind an evergreen funnel is automation. An automation that does the work for you in terms of connecting with your audience and selling your offer to them. 

There are a few core features within an evergreen funnel that is required in order for it to work:

  • A source of new potential students: This can be through website SEO and google search traffic, pinterest, your social content, a podcast if you have one, or even partnership collaborations and paid advertising.
  • Email marketing funnel: You can easily create one through offering a freebie on your website. A freebie that offers value to your potential students in return for their email address that will automatically add them onto your email list. Once they are on your email list, you can nurture those relationships and sell to them.
  • Sales content: This is the last piece of an evergreen marketing funnel. This is what is needed in order for you to sell to your already nurtured audience. This will most likely be a sequence of emails, each created to help your students to make an informed decision on buying your course or program.

So, why use an evergreen funnel? What are the benefits?

The benefits of an evergreen sales and marketing funnel

One of the great benefits of an evergreen funnel is that it drastically cuts down the time necessary for you to show up on social media in order to sell. By making the selling process more automated, you will be able to get back to doing the work that you really love: helping your students, teaching, sharing free content and value with your audience, and creating things.

Evergreen funnels can be very powerful. Over the last five years we’ve tested a number of evergreen funnels for various different courses that were all on evergreen where students could join the course anytime and it is possible to make $10k a month just from your evergreen course. It can ofcourse take time but once you’ve tested the strategies and figured out the ones that work it’s totally a possibility. 

Moreover, getting your very first evergreen sale is a milestone within your business and this is the start of a shift within your business. It can seem as if it’s just another sale but in reality, it tells you a lot more. It tells you that your system and strategies are working and that you are on the right track. It also means that you are building a sustainable system that will help you pave the path to generating consistent, predictable income without all-nighters or worry.

However, none of this easy work and it doesn’t happen overnight. In order to create a sales funnel that works you need to put in the work upfront. You have to gain the experience and be committed to the journey. Most importantly, an evergreen marketing and sales funnel is not something you set up and forget about. You will still have some work that needs to be done to make sure that you are bringing in new leads to your funnel. 

The truth about passive income

Passive income is referred to as money you make without having to trade your time for it. However, the word passive income can be deceiving because it is never really fully passive. 

In reality you will always be spending some of your time being visible and creating content and that of course is with the goal; to grow your community and nurture those top of funnel relationships that feed your evergreen sales funnel.Therefore, this model is not entirely passive, but it is as passive as it can get. There is a lot of work upfront to get it set up, and then there are some tweaks and tests and maintenance along the way.

As mentioned before, this is not going to happen overnight, and it will take time, effort, and investment and you will always need to be doing the work to keep your community alive. However, your evergreen email sequence will run while you’re sleeping and it will be automated. And if you have systems in place, you won’t spend as much time working on your business.

Therefore evergreen sales funnels are not for beginners. While they make your life easier in the long run, they take quite a bit of up-front work to build.

The Biggest mistake you can make with an evergreen marketing funnel

Evergreen sales and marketing funnels are a powerful tool that you can use within your business however, the many yogipreneurs make the mistake of using an evergreen launch for a course/offer that they haven’t previously done a Live Launch for. 

A live launch is when you grow your community and build up to a launch event. The launch event will be part of one of the 3 phases (educational phase, pre launch phase, launch phase) of a live launch. You will open enrollment for around 10-14 days and those who enroll end up taking the course at the same time. 

Live launches are great for yogipreneurs who are launching a course for the first time. It not only gives you the ability to test and figure out strategies that would work for a more passive launch but it also creates much needed awareness for your new course. 

An evergreen launch is done through an automated system that nurtures your audience and makes the sales for the course automatically. The course you’re launching will ideally be an online course that is available for enrollment all year around.

While it’s tempting to create an Evergreen Launch for your first ever course launch, these are more suited for yogipreneurs that have done live launches for the same course a few time beforehand since live launching gives you the opportunity to test what works and what doesn’t. 

Live launching also helps you to get more sales within a condensed period of time which means that you will get more buzz, more students, more stories and testimonials and these are valuable assets that you will need when you are heading for an evergreen launch. 

Furthermore, it’s important to test and retest even once you have your course on evergreen to make sure that you are optimizing to make things better and improve results and these necessary steps are not really passive as per say.


Evergreen marketing and sales funnels are a great way to create passive income within your business that will help you more time to do things that you really love. However, evergreen funnels are not fully passive and it is important to make sure that your business is in its right stage before you start implementing any funnel marketing strategies. 

There are different ways that you can launch your offers and we are massive advocates for moving beyond offering drop-in Zoom classes and creating more high ticket offerings such as courses/programs that are transformative for your students. However, in order to sell these higher priced offerings it is necessary to have a launch strategy. Especically a live launch strategy before you move into an evergreen launch. 

This is exactly what we teach our students inside Profitable Yoga Teacher. We go over each and every step of a live launch and give you step by step guidance on exactly what to do during each phase. 

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