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Ready to launch your very own life-changing, profitable online yoga course…

without wasting time and energy in an endless cycle of trial and error with zero results?


It’s time to unlock profitability in your yoga business and build a lasting legacy.

You already know the online space is key to your success – yet getting started feels so overwhelming! After months of Googling “how to build an online yoga business”, the profitability and legacy is yet to be seen.

You’re done with a packed-out schedule that leads to burnout, under-pricing for fear of losing students and a monthly income that doesn’t reward your efforts.

You’ve hit a crossroads and your entrepreneurial spirit tells you there’s more to being an online yogi than teaching drop-in classes on Zoom.

Figuring out how to be recognised as an expert and create an online yoga course that sells and changes lives shouldn’t feel like a struggle

it should feel exciting!

Profitability and legacy begins here.

You know what you want to do, it’s the “how” that’s keeping you stuck.

You’ve been procrastinating and putting off creating and launching your online yoga course because…

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You don’t feel expert enough so what would you even teach?

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Finding the time is a struggle and you have no idea what to tackle first - course validation…what’s that?

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You tried to figure out the tech but almost threw your laptop out of the window - we’ve all been there!

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Worried you’ll do all the work and get no interest - just how do you get students to buy?

And “who am I to create an online course anyway?!” – hello, imposter syndrome!

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Resulting in you changing your plans and moving your launch date further into the future.

not anymore

It’s time to go from just thinking about creating an online yoga course to actually bringing it to life!
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Imagine finally creating limitless income potential and having your first $10k launch!
It’s possible. Just picture for a moment how different it would feel to:
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Stop trading your precious time for money teaching drop-in and studio classes that leave you feeling exhausted, underpaid and burnt out - and instead make more money, working less.

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Finally having clarity on who you’re serving and witnessing the impact that has on your content creation, messaging and your ability to confidently sell to the right people.

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Organically growing an engaged community who are eager and ready to join your life-changing online course as soon as the doors open.

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Step into your role as a leader and go-to expert in your space, helping you to build trust and attract even more students, partners and amazing people into your world.

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Be fully supported by a team of experts as you implement new, proven strategies and make key decisions, knowing that you’re being held and guided each step of the way.

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Overcome limiting beliefs, raise your prices, increase your revenue and expand into the abundant and thriving Yogipreneur you were always destined to be!

These teachers know how different it feels and there's no reason why you shouldn't be next!
meegan 2
Meegan made $5k from her course’s first launch.
maria 2
Maria’s launch made $7k – total $30k in the year.
marylene 2
Marylene grew to six figures within one year.
caroline layzell 1 2
Caroline had 30 new students & made $21k.
dagmar spremberg 2
Dagmar’s challenge had 400 people – $14k in sales.
sasha 2
Sasha gained 17 students & a $9k launch.
christina andrini 2
Christina made $15k from her first launch.
tanya 2
Tanya had a $8k launch from her new course.
jessica van valkenburgh e1684214156273 2
Jessica first ever online challenge made $2k in workshop sales.
misty 2
Misty’s first launch made her $6k in sales.
dani frank 2
Dani has been making between $4.5k – $5k each month.
wivi anne 2
Wivi-Anne’s recent launch made $5k in sales.


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Consider this the missing piece to actually creating an impactful, lucrative and recession-proof online yoga business!
Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 13.26.32

Our students say it’s life-changing and we think so too!

A transformational online group program that combines  a proven strategic framework with high-touch, daily support and accountability from expert coaches and an entrepreneurial, impact-driven community.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher program 2

Learn how to create and deliver your online yoga course like a pro and how to get it into the hands of yoga students all over the world, using our proven Passion-to-Profit Framework.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 5 2
Attract & nurture

Craft magnetic messaging and use powerful engagement strategies to attract ideal students, nurture relationships and build trust.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 4 2
Develop & validate

Develop and validate an irresistible online course idea that your community actually wants and are ready to buy from you.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 3 2
Record & produce

Expertly record, edit and produce your course even if you’re a technophobe or fear being on camera.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 2 2
Amplify & market

Use email marketing, social media, partnerships and paid ads to amplify your launch success and increase sales.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 1 2
Compel & convert

Craft a high-converting sales page and write a compelling email sequence to convert your community into paying students.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program 7
Launch & make sales

Launch your very own profitable online yoga course with confidence - and importantly, to a community ready to buy!

Ready to do all of this in your business?
The framework works!

Christina has her first $15k launch whilst inside the program. And within six months of completing, had totalled $32k. She went from feeling busy but not productive to running a profitable online business using a framework she now counts on.

What you get when you step inside
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pic09092 1 1 2
Lifetime access to our proven framework

You’ll learn the same proven framework of step-by-step strategies, tools and systems that’s created profitable results for our students time and time again. 

Access eight core modules packed with video lessons teaching you everything from nurturing your community to confidently launching your newly created online course.

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Workbooks, checklists & tools
You’ll gain access to the ultimate yogipreneur resource vault packed with workbooks, journaling exercises, checklists, and a variety of other implementation tools.
You’ll have everything you need (and more) to confidently take aligned action each step of the way.
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Weekly live coaching sessions

Receive high-touch mentorship and personalised coaching whilst being held accountable by some of the yoga industry’s best coaches during our weekly live coaching calls. 

We’ll use this time to dive deeper into module concepts, answer questions, offer feedback and connects. Join as many of the 24 live coaching sessions as you like – or catch the replays.

Meet your coaches below.
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Lifetime access to a private community

Be seen, heard, and supported by an inspiring  community of like-minded entrepreneurial yoga teachers from all over the world.

Take advantage of the private Facebook group and the rare opportunity it provides to network and make friends with other yogis in the midst of their own similar online business journey.

You get lifetime access to this group for support beyond the six months of the program – because the journey doesn’t end here and your success is our number one goal.

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Weekly virtual meet-ups
Virtual meet-ups each week with other members via Zoom to connect, share your experiences, collaborate, hatch plans, and forge new friendships.

We’ll set up the Zoom room, you simply turn up to participate.

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Accountability pods
You’ll be intentionally matched with other incredible yoga business owners for an additional layer of accountability to fast-track your success – and to lean on, encourage and celebrate your successes with!
Claire made $10k from her first online yoga course launch.
She started from scratch in 2020 and one of her biggest lessons was that once she cracked her messaging and knew how to create content that speaks to her ideal student, everything changed!
Weekly live coaching with our expert coaches

Learn what’s working in the online course launching space right now – not what worked three years ago or even last year.

Kelly McHugh

Founder & CEO of Digital Yoga Academy

With Kelly’s support, you’ll not only step out of your limitations and into confidence, abundance and success but you’ll also implement proven and robust strategies that Kelly has used to generate over a million dollars in course sales revenue.

Kelly’s commitment to continuous  learning and growth will keep you ahead-of-the-game and moving through the limiting beliefs that have kept you from thriving. You’ll finally claim your place as an entrepreneur and see that it’s possible to thrive online.

Christina Bernhard

Facebook ads & sales funnels

Christina works with six-figure coaches to scale their online business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

You’ll learn about pixels, audiences and campaign set up as well as strategies to reach new audiences and fill up your online offerings.

dya team hannah 1 3
Hannah Rose Cluley

Instagram growth strategies

Hannah coaches wellness entrepreneurs on how to create impactful content for the platform on everyone’s lips, Instagram.

Sessions cover engagement and launching essentials, as well as how to create content to increase the discoverability of your yoga business an gain loyal followers who want to buy from you.

brett headshot ritual 2
Kelly is a POWEHOUSE yoga business coach.
She’s 100% focused on yoga teachers who want to transition their careers online and have an outstanding work-life balance, grow an engaged community and be profitable.
Kelly’s program is perfect for you if you want to gain clarity on packaging your expertise into high-impact online courses.
Brett Larkin, Uplifted.
These are the results you can expect when you show up, take action and stay committed to your goals.
By the end of this six month program, you will have:
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Clarity on your niche and how to create messaging that magnetises the right people into your community.

Vector 8 1 2

A steady flow of new potential students and the skills and knowledge to nurture those relationships.

Vector 8 1 2

A validated course topic and the confidence that you’re community will be lining up for it as soon as it's ready.

Vector 8 1 2

Expertly recorded and edited course content (even if you fear being on camera and are a total technophobe!).

Vector 8 1 2

Created and hosted a high-converting online challenge that seamlessly transitions your community into paying course students.

Vector 8 1 2

Discovered how to use Facebook ads, email marketing and social to amplify your launch activity.

Vector 8 1 2

Crafted a compelling course sales page, email sequence and sales activity to realise your course sales income goals and success.

Vector 8 1 2

Launched your online yoga course with confidence!

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Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 8 modules:

Module 1

Get into alignment

Align your mindset, niche, audience, branding and goals inside this first module. 

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Master the mindset essential for entrepreneurial success.

Vector 8 1 2

Uncover the secrets of the 3-Part Niche Formula and define your ideal student to connect authentically.

Vector 8 1 2

Create a brand identity that resonates with your audience and set goals that pave the way to profit.


Module 2

Messaging and content strategy

Amplify your impact and connect authentically with your audience

Vector 8 1 2

Identify the problem you solve and the transformation you provide, gaining a profound understanding of your ideal student's mindset.

Vector 8 1 2

Craft magnetic messaging that captivates, and equip you with the skills to create intentional content that drives engagement.

Vector 8 1 2

Discover the magic of repurposing and sharing content effortlessly.


Module 3

Massive audience growth strategies

Unlock a treasure trove of strategies to amplify your online presence, influence and audience growth.

Vector 8 1 2

Supercharge your email list with a trust-building online challenge filled with ideal students.

Vector 8 1 2

Create meaningful connections on social media and brea through the viability fears that have held you back.

Vector 8 1 2

Discover the magic of repurposing and sharing content effortlessly.

Vector 8 1 2

Harness advanced website opt-in freebie strategies and list-building giveaways and get started with Pinterest.


Module 4

Plan your online course

Transform your course idea into an engaging and profitable reality that not only enriches your student’s lives but also your own.

Vector 8 1 2

Discover your profitable online yoga course idea and validate its potential.

Vector 8 1 2

Outline your course content with precision, craft a compelling course offering and strategically price your course for maximum impact.

Vector 8 1 2

Strategically price your course for maximum impact.


Module 5

Set up and create your online course

Transform your course idea into a comprehensive learning experience.

Vector 8 1 2

Create a meticulous project plan for your course content so that you stay on-track.

Vector 8 1 2

Master the art of flow within your course so that students stay engaged throughout. 

Vector 8 1 2

Discover how to create a seamless and engaging experience for your students inside the course.

Vector 8 1 2

Master the art of recording and editing to deliver a polished and professional result, whatever your budget.

Vector 8 1 2

Set up your school and take the final steps to bring your course to life!


Module 6

Grow & prime your audience

Pave the way for a profitable course launch that exceeds your expectations.

Vector 8 1 2

Discover the secrets of a well-structured pre-launch strategy that's geared for profitability using our Profitable Pre-Launch Roadmap.

Vector 8 1 2

Qualify your audience effectively using a course opt-in freebie that ensures ideal course students are filling your launch funnel.

Vector 8 1 2

Nurture your audience with engaging pre-launch content that builds excitement and trust.

Vector 8 1 2

Boost conversions with a free yoga challenge, all while growing your challenge list using strategic social ads.

Vector 8 1 2

Track your pre-launch audience to optimize sales and ensure a successful course launch.


Module 7

Promote & launch your course

Get ready to shine as you launch your course into the world with impact.

Vector 8 1 2

Strategically schedule your launch dates and create a project plan for maximum success.

Vector 8 1 2

Craft a launch content plan to ensure your irresistible course captures your audience’s attention.

Vector 8 1 2

Construct a high-converting course sales page that compels action. 

Vector 8 1 2

Engage your audience and drive course sales through the magical launch email sequence.

Vector 8 1 2

Host an epic webinar that not only educates but also boosts course sales significantly. 

Vector 8 1 2

Discover how to track your launch leads and optimise your strategies on the go for maximum success. 


Module 8

Boost student success

Ensure your students thrive inside your course and your influence grows long after the initial launch.

Vector 8 1 2

Keep your students engaged and invested in their learning journey.

Vector 8 1 2

Maximize student engagement through the power of email communication, ensuring your students stay motivated and connected.

Vector 8 1 2

Create a dedicated student community to foster connections and support, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Vector 8 1 2

Increase the lifetime value of your students, and turn them into loyal advocates for your courses.

Vector 8 1 2

Reflect on your journey and celebrate, as you continue to make a positive impact on your students' lives. 


Fast-Action Waitlist Bonuses


bonus #1
Strategy Session with Kelly

(VALUE: $250)

Meet with Kelly McHugh, founder of Digital Yoga Academy, to create a personalised strategy to start the program feeling super focused, inspired and ready to jump all in.

bonus #2
Expert eyes on your course sales page copy
(VALUE: $997)

Get Kelly’s expert eyes on your course sales page. She’ll critically review and edit your copy for maximum reader-to-student conversion.

bonus #3

Profitable Evergreen Launches

(VALUE: $597)

Learn how to set up a funnel in your business to seamlessly convert your community into paying students – on automate!

Exclusive Waitlist Bonuses

bonus #1

Mentorship Session with a DYA-trained mentor
(VALUE: $250)
You’ll meet one-to-one with one of our incredible mentors at the start of the program to set goals and a vision for your success.

bonus #2

$500 discount

(VALUE: $500)

You showed up, you took action and we believe that action should be rewarded financially too. 

bonus #3

WIN! Six months of one-to-one mentorship
(VALUE: $1,100)
You’ll have a chance to win six month’s of one-to-one mentorship for personalised support throughout the duration of the program.
Program Bonuses

Don’t leave without some extras!

bonus #1
yogipreneur 2 e1684334786514 2

(VALUE: $1997)

You’ll get instant access to our six months signature program for new yogipreneurs. Discover how to apply the foundational marketing strategies you need to start growing your online community from scratch.

Get support from our DYA-trained mentors during the live weekly Q&A Mentorship sessions. This is perfect if you’re earlier on in your business journey but you’re ready to take action right now and be inside both programs so that you can also create your online course. 

techlab e1684220555331 2

bonus #2

The Tech Lab
(VALUE: $997)
A library of 20+ tech tutorials to show you exactly what to do to get all your systems set up and integrated.
Everything you need to know about Mailerlite, Convertkit, Teachable, Leadpages, Canva, iMovie and much more..
product shots 7 2

bonus #3

The Coaching Vault
(VALUE: $997)
A video library of Q&A sessions. Wondering if you shoulder-launch a membership you’ve already created first? Check the reference list to see if your question has previously been asked and jump straight to the video for the answers. The Coaching Vault has hours of real-life scenarios for learning and inspiration.
product shots 9 2

bonus #4

Profitable Yoga Niche
(VALUE: $297)
A deep dive into niching to help you to gain clarity on your ideal student so that you can create intentional content that builds authority in your niche.
You’ll discover how to solve people’s problems by strategically combining your passions, expertise and experiences.
canva 1 e1684220708436 2

bonus #5

Customizable Social Media Templates
(VALUE: $197)
A pack of pre-designed social media Canva templates to create stunning Instagram and Facebook posts that can be customized to suit your yoga brand and fit your visual style.
untitled design 9 2

bonus #6

Launch Email Sequence Sales Copy Template
(VALUE: $297)
Creating sales copy for your launch email sequence is so much easier and quicker with editable copy templates.
The result? Next level copy that converts created by an seasoned marketer with almost 20 years of experience, saving you hours of time
untitled design 10 2

bonus #7

Done-for-you Landing Page Copy Templates
(VALUE: $297)
Not sure what words to write for your online yoga challenge and course sales landing pages?
Copywriting can take hours of your time and the results can lack the magic to actually convert your reader. Use these expertly written landing page copy templates to easily and quickly create conversion copy that’s authentic, persuasive and true to your brand
3 1

bonus #8

Podcast Your Way to A Global Audience
(VALUE: $197)

In this training you will learn how to become more efficient and productive in your podcasting journey. Learn how you can use your podcast to connect with your audience in an intimate and passionate way.

This training will give you a step-by-step roadmap to successfully launching and maintaining your podcast. It’s a powerful way of connecting with your community, building your list and generating more revenue in your yoga business.

6 1

bonus #9

Profitable Yogi Masterclass Bundle

(VALUE: $497)

Inside the Profitable Yogi masterclass bundle, you’ll dive into the art of successful launches from our guest expert Allie Van Fossen. 

Our founder Kelly shares her insights from hosting 25 sold-out profitable yoga retreats from Ibiza to Bali. Learn the secrets to meticulous planning, creating a thriving membership community and ethical and effective sales with soul.

Product mockups

bonus #10

Social Powerhourse Bundle With Hannah Cluley

(VALUE: $497)

In this bundle of masterclasses you’ll learn the art of creating captivating social content that maximises your visibility and awareness.

Get ready to level up your Reels strategy and create viral videos that elevate your online presence. Master the art of selling on social platforms through authentic conversations and automation strategies.

Product mockups 1

bonus #11

Mastering Ads with Christina Bernhard

(VALUE: $497)

Get the step by step of ads creation and learn the strategies to optimise your funnel, analyse the data and measure your results.

Ready to scale your ads? You’ll discover some more advanced techniques for retargeting your audiences so you can reach even more of your ideal audience. 

Product mockups 2

bonus #12

Copywriting Brilliance with Mackenzie

(VALUE: $497)

Discover the secrets of warming up your audience for a wildly successful launch and unlock copywriting hacks to build trust and sales.

Discover how to write sales page and email copy that effortlessly drives conversions. Elevate your copywriting game and watch your business thrive.

Product mockups 3

bonus #13

Diverse & Inclusive Yoga with Donna Noble

(VALUE: $497)

Enlightening masterclasses on diversity, equity and inclusion to help you to foster a more inclusive yoga community.

You’ll discover strategies to promote and celebrate diverse body types, promoting a more accepting and inclusive practice.

Total value: $7,764
Grow your own six-figure yoga business online!
Marylene joined the program in 2018 and within two years she tripled the size of her online community and had a six-figure year.
Meet your head coach and founder of Digital Yoga Academy
Hey, I'm Kelly!
I help you to launch your very own profitable online yoga course.
I’ve turned my passions into an online business that’s now scaling to seven figures and it’s literally transformed my life. With the right strategies and mindset, you too can build a profitable online yoga business that you love.
Digital Yoga Academy has been leading the way in yoga business and marketing education since 2017, helping over 20k yoga teachers to step out of their limitations to become confident business owners.
Now it’s your turn!
Inside The Profitable Yoga Teacher, you’ll discover strategies for audience growth and online course launch success. This doesn’t work unless you do – and I’ll be there to support and guide you each step of the way.
It’s time for you to confidently turn your professional expertise into a profitable and scalable online yoga business.
I’m so excited to support your growth and vision inside The Profitable Yoga Teacher.


pic09239 4 2
celest 1 2

“Kelly is one of the most inspiring teachers you will ever find!

With her support and incredible knowledge, we’ve welcomed hundreds of students into our online course over the last year. What Kelly has taught us has been invaluable, it’s hard work but you will definitely see the rewards.

We’ve created a massive impact in our community and we’ve generated a passive income – we never would have generated that amount of money had we not launched our online course. It’s been life changing!”

Celest Pereira, Hypermobile Yogis.

It's time to invest in you!

Note: All prices are listed in USD

The Program

The Profitable Yoga Teacher program (value $2,497)

[Exclusive Bonus] Yogipreneur LaunchPad (value $1,997)

12 Program Bonuses (value $5,764)







The Program + Mentorship

The Profitable Yoga Teacher program (value $2,497)

[Exclusive Bonus] Yogipreneur LaunchPad (value $1,997)

12 Program Bonuses (value $5,764)

Six sessions with a DYA-trained mentor (value $1,800)

Two hours of tech support (value $200)







This is more than just cheerleading from the sidelines and expecting you to figure things out on your own.
This is the strategy and high-touch support you’ve been missing the entire time.
What Profitable Yoga Teacher students have to say about the program..
Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score (1080 x 400 px)

We invite teachers into our program who are no longer willing to wait another year to create an income online and are 100% committed to creating opportunities to have big wins in the next few weeks and months ahead.

Please read the following before you enroll.
The Profitable Yoga Teacher is not for you if:
Why wait when you can start creating impact today!
You can continue to struggle and try to figure things out yourself the hard way or you can join us inside The Profitable Yoga Teacher and get the strategies and support to actually move your online business forward.
It’s ok if you feel nervous or have doubts as to whether you can actually achieve these results. That’s a natural part of moving outside of your comfort zone and it’s in that place where true growth happens.
You’re here reading this. You’re ready to take the leap of faith.
Now is not the time to hold back on getting the missing pieces to finally create a profitable and sustainable online yoga business that will support you for years to come.
adobestock 105627552 1 1 1 2
pic09288 3
A final word from your profitable online course mentor…
The future of yoga is online and people need your expertise more than ever.
There’s a big shift happening in the world right now. People are searching for ways to create a better life for themselves and are becoming more receptive to yoga and improving their wellbeing.
Online education is booming – it’s an industry that’s expected to triple in the next five years and more and more people choose to learn online from the comfort of their home.
How we teach yoga has changed. The modern world needs modern Yogipreneurs who are actively building impact-driven online businesses to reach and serve millions of people on a global scale.
You have an incredible opportunity to be ahead of the curve (and competition) and to establish yourself as the expert in your niche.
The world needs yoga leaders who share their message and impact the lives of even more people on a global level.
This is the change that is needed in the world. This is what you’ve been training for!
And this is your invitation to be an instrumental part of this change.
Check out a Profitable Yoga Teacher in action...
Annie made $6.5k on her first launch.
Frequently asked questions
You will always have commitments. But can you commit to your goals and dreams? That’s really the question to ask.

Creating the luxury of (commitment-free) time will only happen when you prioritise launching an online course that allows you to stop trading your time for money.

You will have lifetime access to the program and ongoing support and accountability to go at your own pace and get the results you desire.
Yes you can. If you do the work! We will never guarantee that you’ll have your first $5k launch or six figure year.

We’ll share proven strategies that other teachers who have gone through the program have had those successes using. But your success? That’s down to your commitment to show up consistently and to implement what you’re learning, in the right order and in the right way. We will be there, doing everything we can to support and guide you.
Trying to piece together outdated strategies and work out the order to do them can be both frustrating and time consuming. This program is the shortcut.

You’ll receive the best and latest strategies from experts who have walked this path many times with proven results.
This program is only for you if you are serious about getting results and committing to your success. We invite you to join us if you’re ready for deep transformation and to trust the support you’re receiving.

This program will move you into areas of your business that will feel foreign and scary at times. It’s time to ditch the excuses and instead fully show up and commit to taking real, consistent action.

This is the moment your business and life will change forever and so if you’re in, you’re 100% IN! For these reasons, there are no refunds. Once you’re inside, you’ll see why.