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The Yogipreneur’s guide to growing your email list from zero


In the first part of this two part series, we looked at why email is such a powerful marketing tool and how to get started from scratch. Assuming that you have taken the first steps and set up an email list with a provider, now it’s time to start growing that list.

Four strategies to grow your email list

Let’s take a look at some specific list building strategies that you can use in your online yoga business to create a thriving community who love to hear from you.

Create an online quiz

One freebie that can be really effective is a quiz and this is something that we have here at Digital Yoga Academy – What type of yogipreneur are you?

You answer the quiz questions and it will give you a result and a 3 step action plan based on where you are in your yogirepreneurial journey.

How it works

Quizzes are really effective for a number of reasons:

  • Sparking curiosity
    People love to find out things about themselves.
  • Engagement
    It’s a fun way to engage your audience and it gives them something valuable in the results of the quiz.
  • List segmentation
    It also helps you with segmentation because these results help you to understand more about your audience and then tag them based on their results so you can offer them specific content and offerings.

Offer a free trial of your online yoga membership

If you already have an offering such as an online yoga membership, you could offer a free trial.  This can work really effectively for you.

How it works

  • You simply offer a free trial of your membership in exchange for their details being added to your email list. For example, you could offer a free seven day trial to your online membership.
  • The benefit for the student is that it gives them a taste of what you have to offer without having to make a financial investment.
  • The benefits for you are that you have time to build a relationship with the student and when they see the benefits of the membership they’ll stay and continue to pay you money for access creating recurring revenue in your business.

It’s a win win, your students get to “try before they buy” and you get to demonstrate the value of what you offer, ultimately generating a reliable recurring income.

Have a waitlist for your yoga offering

If you are thinking about creating an online membership or online course, or you’re going to host a retreat, you should think about creating a waitlist.

A waitlist is a great opportunity to gauge interest in your programme and collect email addresses for your list of people who are ready and want to work with you!

How it works

  • You create an opt in form to let people know when the course or retreat, membership or workshop, whatever the offer is, is up for enrolment and collect email addresses for those who are interested.
  • Offer an incentive to people by offering a discount to those who join the waitlist.
  • You now know exactly who is interested in your offers for segmenting your list and will be including them in your regular emails to nurture the relationship.

How we do it at Digital Yoga Academy

We currently have a waitlist here at Digital Yoga Academy for The Profitable Yoga Teacher program, which opens in early 2023.

Check out how we do it: The Profitable Yoga Teacher Waitlist.

Host a giveaway

Another effective way to grow your list is through a giveaway. This works really well if you can work with some partners to create a prize bundle.

How it works

  • You have a landing page to promote the giveaway and the prizes along with a form for people to enter (collecting their email addresses).
  • Your giveaway partners will also share the landing page with their audience giving your the opportunity to get in front of new audiences.

In summary

We’ve covered strategies for growing your email list, so you can get started today.

Your next steps:

  • Nurture your list with regular, valuable content.
  • Grow your list with partner giveaways, quizzes or free trials.
  • Create a waitlist for your upcoming offer before it launches.

Your email list = your community

When you create an email list, you’re allowing a group of human beings to come together in one place where they expect to hear from you. You have a huge opportunity, responsibility even as a business owner, to provide value to them. They’ve shown they that like you enough to give you their email address so you owe it to them to offer up everything you can to ensure that they make progress and stay educated.

For tips on crafting your emails see our handy guide: 8 tips for writing compelling email copy for yoga teachers.

You can start today from zero – don’t be disheartened at having a small email list, we all start somewhere from zero .

I have so many teachers tell me that they feel discouraged with their small email lists. But, since we’ve already established that these are actual human beings, I like to take a much more visual approach. When you think about the 50 or 100 people on your list, think about having that many people in a single room to hear you speak. They’ve all shown up to hear whatever it is you have to say. They’re not just a number, they are real people who you can build a relationship with.

So happy email list building!

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