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Why overnight business success is a myth



Why overnight business success is a myth

It’s easy for us to open up Instagram and think every other yoga teacher is ahead and is having crazy success. We call it overnight success and when you see others having “overnight success” it can cause anxiety because you feel like you’re not enough because of it. The issue is that it puts an unrealistic expectation of quick success and when quick success doesn’t happen it causes feelings of anxiety and feeling left behind.

So we want to first lay it on the table – overnight success is a big fat myth. After coaching hundreds of yoga teachers, we can tell you now that one of the most common obstacles in becoming successful is the unconscious desire and expectation for overnight success and having it all worked out right now. And these desires and expectations make you feel impatient and more inclined to want to take short cuts which means that your performance suffers. In this episode, we will discuss why overnight business success is actually just a myth!

This episode covers:

  • Why hard work, grit and resilience is required for success
  • Thinking positively about your own journey
  • Tackling imposter syndrome
  • Why you don’t want to skip working hard to reach success
  • The power of failure
  • Why business strategies and mindset are essential for success
  • Journal prompts for success

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