How to build a six figure yoga biz without losing your soul

There’s a lot of hype online these days about building a six-figure business.  

It seems like everyone is promoting some system or strategy to get to “six-figures”.  And it all sounds very sexy and whether it’s deceiving or not, one thing for sure is that overnight success is a myth, it simply doesn’t exist. 

It requires time, hard work, grit and perseverance to build a successful yoga business. 

If you feel triggered by the words “six figures”, what is your money story that might be holding you back from the possibility of you generating six figures in your yoga business?

In this training, you will discover how you can smash your own ceiling and reach your income goals by shifting your money mindset and showing up in your business differently.

This episode covers:

  • Why ‘six-figures’ might be a trigger word for you
  • Breaking down the numbers
  • Your money mindset and strategy
  • How to take the cap off your earning potential
  • Why building out a team is essential
  • Finding your purpose, drive & getting off the hamster wheel
  • Overcoming fear-based ambition
  • Shifting your mindset from selling to serving
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