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Top 3 mistakes yoga teachers make when creating an online yoga course


There has been no better time to start creating an online yoga course.

The current crisis is giving us the opportunity to raise up to new expectations and new realities. To show up more than ever with resilience, determination and an open heart.

And when you do rise up, your whole world will SHIFT too. It’s happening already.

How are you feeling? Are you feeling inspired? Because you should be!

In this post, you are going to learn the top 3 mistakes yoga teachers make when creating an online yoga course.

This is not just about live-streaming classes, this is about building an online yoga business that will see you teaching yoga for years to come. It’s about living a hustle-free life that feels limitless with the freedom to financially support yourself.

This type of business requires an ASSET. This could be an online course or membership that provides a real transformation and offers immense value beyond that of a live-streamed yoga class. It is something you can sell again and again.

At Digital Yoga Academy we have cracked the code on the specific steps you should take to build an asset like this in your business. Throughout this learning this process, we have made mistakes which you can learn from!

Mistake #1: Not Growing Community Before Creating An Online Yoga Course

Not growing an audience for your course and instead, jumping headfirst into creating your course is a mistake.

You might have so many incredible ideas and be excited to jump straight into creating your course but you must focus on growing your community first.

Having no audience will create three issues:

  1. You won’t know who your ideal student is
  2. You won’t be able to validate your course idea
  3. Selling your course will be a struggle

So many teachers spend the first few years of their business taking shots in the dark hoping someone will magically find them. But you need to do the groundwork and audience building first.

Before you start creating your course you need to:

  • Understand your ideal student and their challenges
  • Choose an idea that will be transformational for your ideal students
  • Validate your idea to gain confidence and clarity
  • Qualify your audience to ensure you get enrolments

You can’t do these things unless you have a community.

People Buy Transformation

No matter what you’re teaching or how good your topic is, the only reason someone will purchase your course is because they want the outcome. They are buying how they will look and feel as a result.

You want to be very clear on the outcome and transformation.

This is the most important part when it comes to creating an online yoga course. But you won’t know what this is unless you have a community to research and get feedback from to validate your ideas.

You need to do the work to validate your online yoga course. You’ll test out ideas, get feedback and use validation strategies to fully understand what your ideal students want and need from you. It is essential to do this before you start creating an online yoga course.

Creating an online yoga course is not just about throwing together some classes and putting them online for people to purchase. This is not about standalone yoga classes like what you will find on YouTube or streamed live classes.

We’re talking about guiding your students towards an outcome, a goal and a total transformation.

Before you put your heart and soul into creating your online yoga course you need to make sure your audience wants it. You can’t just guess here. You need to know in your bones that this is what your audience wants and needs.

If you don’t do this work to validate your course and build a community when you launch your course you will have no one to launch it to.

Mistake #2: Not Approaching Your Online Yoga Course Creation Process with Consistency And Persistence


Consistency is really important. It’s all about creating habits that provide results which compound over time.

What might seem really insignificant when it’s just done once, can actually become very significant when it’s done consistently over and over again.

Creating daily habits and focusing on one thing, like creating your online yoga course, is so important especially if you get distracted or overwhelmed.

As yoga teachers, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to hustle. We got to hustle and do all of the things. All of the tasks and priorities are competing and often we feel we have to do everything and be everything, especially when we’re just starting out.

But what if you could just do one thing every day that would set you up for success. By focusing on the task at hand and being consistent

A lot of yoga teachers are not consistent enough, and this is the reason for the hustle and bustle. Trying to do all the things and not have any accountability. Let’s face it, you’re likely doing all this on your own. It’s likely you don’t have a business partner or a support team to help you stay accountable.

It’s not enough to just set goals, you need to be consistent with daily habit.

Daily habits are the engine that moves us toward our goals.

That might not sound like a big shift, but it is. Productive and successful people practise the things that are important to them on a consistent basis. They create habits for success.


Creating an online yoga course is not a get rich quick scheme. When you have an online yoga course you have created a business asset. This is an asset that you can sell again and again, you just need to do the hard work upfront.

This is about building a sustainable yoga business that is profitable for the long term.

But you won’t start out with a 6 figure online business. You have to do the work.

Online learning is growing at an alarming rate and is expected to increase five-fold by 2025. This is a huge opportunity for yoga teacher worldwide to teach online and impact other peoples lives while getting paid for it. Don’t be disillusioned by thinking there is no space for your online for your yoga business. You might be starting with zero but if you really believe in yourself, are fully connected to your purpose and are persistent you can do this and reap amazing rewards.

It requires dedication, hard work and not giving up.

You need to show up for your yoga business, for your vision, for your dream, for having more time with your family and freedom to be location independent. Show up for having more income to support your household and the things you love to do.

You need to show up to ultimately make a bigger impact!

Showing up means being present and engaged with absolute intention and purpose. It means having a real connection to your WHY. It also means you know there will be setbacks, it’s your ability to get through the setbacks that will determine your success.

Failing is part of the process of getting good at and mastering something. Making mistakes and dealing with your failures is part of your job as an entrepreneur.

From the moment we launch something, we want it to be perfect. So perfect that it typically doesn’t even get launched, because it never lives up to our expectations.

Be willing to suck at the beginning.

Be aware that you have to progressively get better. This is a brilliant mindset for business success!

When creating an online yoga course it’s not a case of launch once and that’s it. You will launch again and again. Every time, you’ll learn and optimise your course and you’ll re-launch.

You’ll continue to be persistent in growing your email list and persistent in creating your content.

Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you’ve launched many times and see that the numbers really are working and perhaps you’ll then decide to make your course evergreen.

Evergreen is when your course is always available to purchase, where everything starts happening in the background and you start generating passive income.

But getting to that point requires you to be persistent.

Consistency and persistence will allow you to keep showing up, to keep building your audience and to keep launching and building a sustainable business.

Mistake #3: Not Investing In Yourself And Your Business

To fully succeed as a yoga business owner you must start to act and think like one.

Successful business owners invest!

They invest in their knowledge, in people and in systems to build a business and truly grow.

You’ve already invested thousands on your yoga teacher training. Some teachers invest in training after training and are still struggling.

Yoga teachers aren’t struggling because they don’t have the knowledge. It’s because they don’t know how to connect with their ideal students, how to grow their communities and how to be consistent in building their business in a sustainable way.

Now is the time to make teaching yoga actually work for you. Its time to actually make the money back that you’ve spent to become a yoga teacher. It’s time to make teaching yoga work for you financially, energetically and sustainably.

Make Decisions Like A Yoga Business Owner

Whether that’s enrolling in a business course, getting a business coach, being part of a like-minded community or hiring a virtual assistant to support you, make the decision to invest in your business.

This might mean forking out and not instantly seeing the rewards, making it feel like an expense and a risk. But know that if you are fully connected to your purpose, your why and you really want to do this, it will pay off and reward you.

Everything that you invest in your business will come back to you over and over.

You have to break through your mindset blocks around investing in yourself and in a support team.

When you see yourself as just a yoga teacher and not a business owner you make different decisions.

It’s about your identity. Do you identify as a business owner? This is about being in a growth and success mindset.

Doing the inner work to embody the identity of a yoga business owner is the first thing you need to do when starting your yoga business.

You will stop blocking yourself. To create more impact you have to start thinking and behaving like a yoga business owner.

You Don’t Need To Know What You’re Doing At First

Before you embark on a big goal like creating an online yoga course, you don’t need to know what you are doing. You just need to make sure you find someone who will walk you through it step by step.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

Don’t think you need to have it all figured out before you start creating your online yoga course. Find your mentor and the right program and you’re golden.

Find a mentor that really resonates with you and will be patient and walk you through step by step. Let them teach you how it’s done.

You Can Do This!

Everyone has knowledge and skills they can teach. Everyone has something inside them that they can teach inside of an online course.

You’ve either gotten results for yourself or for someone else. This gives you a tangible process or method that you can teach to others.

Start there! Tap into yourself or the people you’ve worked with one on one.

Allow yourself to dream a little

Don’t let the fear of what others will think of you stop you from moving forward and creating an online yoga course. What others think about you is none of your business. It shouldn’t even enter into your mind! If it does, acknowledge it and then let it go

You can experience what’s possible when you create your own online yoga course. You owe it to yourself t at least explore what your like and business would look like if you created an online course and allowed that course to take over the bulk of the revenue you’re making.

Start being able to say “yes” to the things you want to work on and “no” to all of the things that are draining you.

And ultimately you get to create IMPACT. 

You get to create impact, in your life, in your family’s lives and in your students’ lives.

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