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What it really takes to create and launch an online yoga course


Do you want to launch an online yoga course?

Maybe you’re stuck because of all the things you know you need to do or you’re not sure what you need to do to get started!

In this post, you will learn what it really takes to create and launch an online yoga course.

To launch an online course there are a number of things you need to do such as:

  • Creating a compelling, valuable, step-by-step course from scratch
  • Recording and editing all of your yoga videos
  • Building a community of qualified potential ideal students that want to learn from you in your course
  • Putting yourself out there, being visible and launching your course to your community

And so much more!

All of this can feel very overwhelming.

Especially if you’re already busy holding down another full-time job or if you’re just starting out. 

There is an entire proven framework you can use to launch an online yoga course. There is a process that is broken down into simple steps which you can follow.

But what does it really take to create and launch an online yoga course?

It’s YOU!

Chances are you want to launch an online yoga course, but do you have a plan as to how you will sell it? Do you have the structure, processes and planning in place to actually sell this course in a scalable model that produces predictable and consistent income?

Think And Act Like An Entrepreneur To Launch An Online Yoga Course

The reason so many yoga teachers struggle and never see their dream business become a reality is because they don’t think like a business owner. Entrepreneurs become successful because they make big decisions, take the actions and act like entrepreneurs!

How do you expect to become successful if you don’t take the same actions that successful people take?

You need to start taking actions as a yoga business owner and not as an employee.

This means accepting that there are tasks that are better to be delegated to someone else and accepting having to pump some money into your business.

If you stay in the mindset of not wanting to invest money into your business it will never grow!

If you have been struggling to get your yoga business off the ground or you’re getting burnt out you need to make some changes.

How You See Your Business Determines What Is Possible

Once you change how you see your business, everything changes.

First off ask yourself “what is possible?”

Well, what is possible? The answer is ANYTHING! Anything is always possible 100% of the time.

You have to believe this.

Stop playing small.

Start thinking and acting like a successful yoga business owner and you will have what it takes to create and launch an online yoga course.

If you are struggling it isn’t because you aren’t experienced enough, or you don’t have enough followers.

The actual reason is you keep telling yourself lies to keep yourself small. You need to be willing to be brave.

Are you questioning yourself?

Can I really do this? Is my yoga business really ready? Am I kidding myself that people would want to take my online yoga course?

These questions all highlight the same thing. They highlight the struggle women have with being brave, trusting themselves and backing themselves- even when they are trying to create something they REALLY want.

You need to move beyond that self- doubt and build up the confidence needed to take a chance, to step up, to speak your truth, invest in yourself and to finally TAKE ACTION.

So what does it really look like to think and act like a Yogipreneur?

Firstly it comes down to your ability to take risks. One of the differences between successful entrepreneurs and those who are waiting to achieve success if their ability to take risks. You need to be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone, innovate and work towards creating something of value.

If you aren’t prepared to implement new ideas or to jump into a project 100% then you cannot expect success to come easily.

In order to achieve great things you need to be ready to put your fears aside and take risks.

This really is about fear, it’s the fear that stops you from taking risks.

Your Yoga Business Is A Laboratory Not Your Baby

You need to understand that running a business is more like running a laboratory. There is a lot of testing that happens there and a lot of messing up. You need to welcome mistakes that you make without fear of judgement. Making mistakes is awesome. You will gain so much wisdom and experience from all the mistakes you make!

A lot of people look at their businesses as their babies. When you start looking at your business like that you are in big trouble because you won’t want to experiment and take those risks. You will be too afraid of messing up!

It is so important to prepare yourself so you can handle setbacks and failures. It is inevitable that you will run into complications and challenges. If you are unprepared and you think that everything will run smoothly you will feel disappointed and frustrated when things don’t go perfectly.

These feelings are negative, but to be successful you need to stay in a positive, growth mindset!

Failing is part of the process of mastering something.

Take Imperfect Action To Launch An Online Yoga Course

Making mistakes and dealing with failures is part of your job as a yoga business entrepreneur. Nothing needs to be perfect. It’s all about taking imperfect action. If we always strive for perfection, you will never launch your online yoga course. You will sit on it forever because it will never live up to your expectations.

Be willing for it to suck at the beginning, just know that you have to progressively get better. This is a brilliant mindset for business success.

Feel comforted by the knowledge that whatever you do today will be the worst it ever will be! You will continue to nurture and improve everything you create.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It is essential that you get used to the uncomfortable being of not knowing what you’re doing.

We tend to see others doing what we are aiming for and falsely assume they’re always been good at it.

But the reality is we all have to do everything for the first time and NONE of us does anything well the first time!

The Entrepreneurial Scorecard

You need to address who you actually spend your time when you’re wearing the hat of a yoga business owner.

There is one strategy that addresses this and it’s called the entrepreneurial scorecard. It is something that you track for 14-30 days.

So lastly I want to address how you actually spend your time when you’re wearing the hat of a yoga business owner. 

Every single day you track the value of the activities you’re doing during your day. On a spreadsheet or in a notebook track what you’ve been working on and what dollar rate you value those tasks at.

Are they tasks that would make you $10 or are they tasks that would earn your $100 or even $1000?

Tasks that earn your $10 per house is a task that someone could be hired and paid $10 an hour to do that task. Hiring and delegating tasks is a decision that a yoga business owner should be making.

You need to move your time and energy towards higher-value tasks.

These are tasks that over time will earn more revenue in your business.

This is necessarily what you will physically earn from that task in revenue but what the value is.

What is the value of working on a partnership that will expose you to thousands of new students versus the time spent travelling across town to teach a studio class?

If you’re struggling to create a design for your website and you’re spending days creating something that is sub-standard, next time you are better off outsourcing this.

It’s about using your time more effectively and identifying where your energy is best spent to grow your business.

This is dependant on your ability to make decisions!

A success-minded individual wants to make as many decisions as quickly as possible with the information they have available to them. Our knowledge comes from experience and most of our experience comes from being wrong.

This goes back to embracing failure and taking risks.

Do You Trust The Process?

Are you open to possibilities that may not be evident to your immediately? Are you trusting that they will come?

They will come if you mentally allow yourself to let go and trusting that there is a process and you are one element to that process.

Look for answers as the days unfold. Be open to possibilities and EXPECT guidance, solutions, insights and answers and ACT on them.

Do this and you will be well on your way to launching a successful online yoga course!

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