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Why online yoga courses are a feasible business model for yoga teachers


Online yoga courses are becoming more popular for yoga teachers and their students.

The world is going crazy right now for online courses and rightly so! It is a $355 million dollar per day industry that is expected to TRIPLE in the next 5 years. There are course creators launching courses in almost every topic! Courses exist for knitting, coding, entrepreneurship, health, arts and crafts and so much more.

If you want to learn something online there’s a course out there created just for you!

If you think people don’t want to take an online yoga course because yoga is on Youtube, think again. There is no better way to make a bigger impact than to share it online and reach people all around the globe.

Teaching online yoga courses can be life changing for your students and for you!

Is Having An Online Yoga Course Right For You?

You might be thinking “I’m just not sure if teaching yoga online is right for me”. If that’s you here is a quiz to find out the TRUTH, just answer yes or no:

  1. I would love to have more free time and flexibility with how much I work and have the freedom to travel when I want.
  2. I would love more financial freedom and to make an extra income that doesn’t require me to trade my time for money.
  3. I would love to share my knowledge with students around the world.
  4. I would love to wake up every day feeling passionate and excited about the work I’m doing knowing I can be paid well for just being ME

If you answered yes to any of the questions then YES online yoga courses are for you!

If You Are Feeling Unsure About Creating Online Yoga Courses…

  • It’s okay if you don’t have an online course topic chosen yet.
  • It’s okay if you don’t feel like an “expert”.
  • It’s okay if you have a small audience.
  • It’s okay if you’re feeling all the fear around taking this next step in your business!

Feeling fear is normal, but staying STUCK in fear is a choice. To not move forward because we are fearful is a decision that you make.

I am going to share with you strategies and resources to support you from fear to feeling passionate and excited about creating an online yoga course!

It’s the business model I’ve used to build a 6-figure online business with program launches of over $50k using the same strategies I’ll be sharing with you. Its the business model that Allie from The Journey Junkie uses in her business that’s resulted in multiple launches of over $70k!

It’s the business model that over 60 yoga teachers in this community have learnt in my 6 month program The Profitable Yoga Teacher and are now launching their own online yoga courses, programs and memberships!

Creating Online Yoga Courses Is More Achievable Than You Think

If success with teaching online is feeling unachievable to you let me tell you this!

If you had an online yoga course that costs $300 for someone to enrol in and your income goal is $5000 you will need 17 people to enroll in your course. Just 17 people in the whole world! Those 17 people will already be in your community, in fact, they’ll be on your email list!

Here are 5 reasons why you should create an online yoga course!

1. Increase Your Financial Freedom

The great thing about online yoga courses is there’s a magical formula you can use to predict sales. With conversion rates being about 2% you would only need an email list of 842 email addresses to reach your goal of $5000.

Compare that to being a teacher in London, where you would have to teach 20 classes a week every week to make $30k alone. Teaching online allows you to bring additional income into your yoga business and reduce your in person teaching hours.

Creating online yoga courses can be life changing for you as a yoga teacher. It can allow you to build a profitable yoga business. This ultimately means it’s sustainable because you can teach yoga without feeling burnt out or needing to have another job.

Making money from yoga is not a bad thing!

It allows you to continue to help others, sharing your message and do what you love which is teaching yoga!

Financial freedom is the number 1 reason why teaching yoga online is an incredible and feasible business model

2. Reach More People And Make A Bigger Impact by Teaching Yoga Online

One of the main reasons you teach yoga is to make an impact in the lives of your students. Let’s take a look as to why online courses can be life changing for your students.

There are billions of people in this world, many who are yet to discover yoga. Many people don’t live close to a yoga studio but many people do have access to the internet. Those who are looking for a transformation are seeking it out online.

You have an incredible opportunity as a yoga teacher to reach people around the world with your message. Your course will lead people to the transformation they are looking for!

We have amazing online tools and platforms which enables us to reach people all over the world.

By teaching yoga online you have to opportunity to attract new people globally into your business. This means you can help more people and make more impact!

3. Help Your Students Get Better Results

Another reason why teaching yoga online is incredible is that your students can get results quickly. This isn’t about following a yoga class on YouTube. It’s about your students enrolling in a course that leads them to a specific outcome- a transformation.

Your job as the course creator is to pull together content takes your students through a proven system towards their desired outcome.

It’s important to understand who your ideal student is so that you can create a course that will really help them with their yoga journey

4. You Can Sell The Same Course Over And Over Again

Once you build your online yoga course you can sell the same course over and over again. This course actually becomes an asset in your business because you only have to create it once! You can have multiple launches throughout the year to get people to sign up.

You will need to make tweaks and updates to the content but that could just be once a year.

Do the hard work upfront and then focus on launching and building our online student community.

5. Gain Credibility And Become An Expert In Your Community

Having an online course allows you to gain credibility and become an expert in your community. This ultimately means that your niche will want to work with you!

If you have created a course on yoga anatomy for yoga teachers and you focus on this in all the content you create online you will become the anatomy go-to for yoga teachers.

There will be other anatomy teachers out there, but remember there’s enough people in the world to go around! There’s value in you presenting your topic in your own style.

You Can Do This Too!

You need to learn a long-term proven strategy for real success in your business that will bring more income and freedom. It’s not something you will do today and make $70k tomorrow!

You have to be invested in committing to this for the long term by using strategies for a sustainable and profitable business.

Everyone can do this!

There is a process and framework to follow to successfully create and launch an online yoga course. There are steps you need to take and a framework that needs to be followed. You need to build a community who are ready for your course and it is a course they actually want!

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