Why you should start a Facebook group for your yoga students

Why you should start a Facebook group for your yoga students

Have you started a yoga Facebook group for your students?

Starting a yoga Facebook group creates an amazing place for your students to get trustworthy support from you and from each other.

Here are the top reasons why you should start a yoga Facebook group for your students!

Reason no 1 to start a yoga Facebook group: Increase authentic engagement and fuel discussion.

Engagement with your yoga students will thrive in a Facebook Group over a Facebook Business Page. Discussion can take off because it’s less intimidating for members to have a conversation in a Facebook Group then on a business page.

Think about your own behaviour with businesses you follow on Facebook.

Do you find yourself going onto their business page and igniting and contributing to discussions? Probably not! But you probably do find yourself having conversations in a number of Facebook Groups.

In a group setting a barrier is removed which gives you an opportunity as a yoga teacher to be more personal and connected with your community. You are showing your face to the group and are no longer hiding behind your business.

You become a person and not just a logo to your students. People prefer to interact with other people rather than a business name!

If you are currently interacting with students using a personal profile you should consider setting up a Business Page for your yoga business. The main reason being that you can only run Facebook Ads through a business profile, not a personal one. You might not be considering running ads now, but you need to set yourself up for the future and for the growth of your yoga business.

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Reason no 2 to start a yoga Facebook group: Offer value and build trust with your students

Starting a Facebook group creates an amazing space for you, as a teacher, to offer more value to your students.

The more value you offer, the more trust you will build in your community.

This will create a highly engaged group.

If you don’t have an engaged group you will fail to receive interest when you promote your offerings.

Without a highly engaged group, you will struggle to get discussions going, feedback will be poor and announcements won’t be well received.

So how can you offer value?

Video! Video is a great way to connect with your audience and offer a ton of value! Every time you step into a studio you are sharing your message of yoga. There is no reason why you can’t do that on an online video and a Facebook group is the perfect place to do it.

You must provide value in order to build trust.

Sharing firsthand experiences of your own personal yoga journey and how it relates to your students’ journey will allow your students to resonate and connect with you. These are important elements of building trust.

Answering their questions, providing information, knowledge and support to help with their yoga journey will build trust in your community. Creating value and building trust with your students comes back to finding your niche and understanding your ideal student.

You can’t market yourself properly and build those connections if you don’t know who your ideal students are what they want from you. Make sure that you’re crystal clear with who your audience is.

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Reason no 3 to start a yoga Facebook group: Increase your visibility in your community

Do not start a Facebook Group if you cannot commit to being available to offer value to members when they post.

You must commit to being visible in your Facebook Group.

Facebook groups are a place for you to build relationships with your potential students. It is also a place for you to be available for questions, create daily themes, make announcements and receive feedback from polls.

Facebook wants you to build a community in their groups, as they want to keep people in their platform.

If you are going to be using video make sure you upload the videos directly through Facebook as opposed to YouTube. This is called a native video. Native video allows you to engage your group members effectively. You will receive far more engagement when you announce online programs and retreats.

Reason no 4 to start a yoga Facebook group: Increase engagement organically 

Facebook can be a difficult platform because of the algorithms.

With a Facebook business page, Facebook wants you to run ads to reach your audience.

By having a group it allows you to increase your engagement organically.

Facebook has recently given you the opportunity to create what’s called a custom audience for your group, so ads in groups are definitely coming. Use this opportunity you have now to maximise free engagement on Facebook by starting a group.

We have a yoga Facebook group just for teachers!

Our group is called Yoga Teacher Marketing Community- Digital Yoga Academy and there are over 15,000 teachers from all over the world just waiting to say hello!

It’s a great place to find support with growing your business and ask questions and get ideas. If you haven’t joined already please head over to the group and join us!

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