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Our coaching program is designed to set the foundations of your yoga business and accelerate your growth. Personalised private coaching with an expert business coach for when you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed and need strategies and support to achieve your goals.

The Profitable Yoga Teacher

A transformational and immersive six month online group program for yoga teachers who want to create and launch a profitable online yoga course.

Success Club

A monthly membership club for yoga teacher entrepreneurs who want to learn a new business or marketing strategy every month.  Your membership includes access to over 20 trainings, a supportive community and monthly live Q&A’s.

“I enrolled well before I was ready to launch my online business and initially wasn’t sure if the program was right for me. Wow, was I wrong! Kelly helped me to think far ahead and laid out a clear plan with many worksheets, videos and exercises. I quickly realized how valuable this information is. I feel much more confident knowing how to grow my business online and it wasn’t long before I created a long term plan that clarified the goals for my business.

Kelly offers so many tips in this course and if you tried to research this information on your own, it would take forever to get started. Kelly is the perfect teacher and coach for yoga teachers who want to launch an online business. You’ll learn everything you need to know and the steps to take while you build your email list, create plans for your videos and take action on all the other great tips that Kelly has to offer. This is very much worth the investment!”

Bridget PallasYoga Teacher UK