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4 Yoga Business Ideas & Online Yoga Offerings to Grow Your Yoga Business


Are you struggling to fill your online yoga classes in this post-pandemic era? It’s time to look into more viable yoga business ideas and start diversifying your yoga offerings to show up and serve your community in more transformational ways. 

As we all know, most yoga teachers transitioned into the online space in 2020 with the closure of studios around the world which was a great pivot in and of itself. However, now we see most teachers back where they were in the pre pandemic era. 

Commonly, yoga teachers are burnt out from conducting 15-20 Zoom classes each week while their class numbers are dwindling.

What you may not have realized is that the role of the yoga teacher has shifted into something more than just offering drop-in zoom classes. Students are searching for deeper experiences that offer transformation and connection.

The pandemic has affected the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of us all and we’re yet to see the impact of the last couple of years in societal mental health. 

What does that mean for yoga teachers?

As a yoga teacher there’s more demand for your services. As a yogipreneur, you have a job to do, a new role to fulfil within the post pandemic world. However, you cannot do this with just drop in zoom classes. Instead, you have to diversify your online yoga offerings and show up in different ways in order to support your communities. 

This means you need to seek out other yoga business ideas that can help you grow and scale your yoga business.

Getting clear on your yoga niche

In order to go beyond zoom classes and start diversifying your yoga offerings , you need to know what the transformation is that your students are looking for. Which means you need to know more about your ideal students and who you are serving. 

The key is to identify your niche and find a specific need or problem that your ideal students are looking to solve. That is how you create more powerful messaging that people take notice of and start moving away from being just another yoga teacher that offers drop-in classes. 

After you have honed in on a specific problem your audience has and the solution that they’re looking for, you can start creating your yoga offerings. You can choose the format in which you’d like to facilitate this transformation for your students. 

4 Online Yoga Offerings & Yoga Business Ideas

1. Online Yoga Membership

An online yoga membership is a subscription based yoga offering where you can provide your students with a number of key features, classes and community to help support them with their transformation.Your online yoga drop in classes can also be part of the membership along with other features such as class recordings, masterclasses, Facebook community and more.

Offering an online yoga membership allows you to add greater value to your students, whilst giving them the opportunity to feel more deeply supported.The strategy here is to price the membership in a way where it’s positioned as the most valuable option. For example, you can create a membership that is $30/ month and includes your current drop in classes whilst providing more value by offering a backlog of classes and access to a Facebook group.

Given that your drop-in classes are priced at $15, your membership will easily become the go to for many students. The great thing about memberships is that unlike drop in classes, it provides recurring revenue and helps you build a more intimate relationship with your students. This then helps you to  position yourself as an expert in your niche.

2. Yoga Workshops/Workshop Series

An online workshop is a great way to position yourself as an authority within a certain topic or niche. It doesn’t have to be something that takes extensive planning or resources, rather it’s something you can even start doing today.

The great thing is that regardless of the outcome of the workshop, even if you get no sign ups, you’re still elevating yourself as an authority. Just the act of promoting a workshop and stepping into doing something new is you leveling up in and of itself.

3. Online Yoga Coaching 1:1

Online yoga coaching is not only a great way to provide deep transformations for your students, but also offers the opportunity to validate and test ideas for an online course.

Online yoga coaching is a little different to private yoga sessions that you might already be familiar with.In order to succeed with online yoga coaching you’ll need to shift the way you think about 1 on 1 yoga classes. Thinking more about creating a personalized program for your students by understanding in a deeper way the results that your students are looking for in their life.

The great thing with coaching is that it’s not necessary for you to know it all or to be the best in the field. If you’ve had the results that your students are seeking and you’re a few steps ahead of them, then you can easily support your students in this capacity.

4. Online Yoga Course

An online yoga course is where you take the methodology/framework of what you teach and turn it into an online group course. It’s a framework where you provide a solution to your clients problems by taking them from Point A (problem) to Point B (solution). Most successful courses tend to have pre recorded content, live content and a community for the students.

However, most yogipreneurs often feel as if they’re not ready to launch an online yoga course. If this is you, start working 1 to 1 with students first and you can use that as your starting point to test and validate your ideas for an online yoga course.

An online yoga course is scalable and will completely change your business. It can be hard work upfront but it’s a powerful digital asset in your business. It’s something you can sell again and again with little effort on your part. Creating an online course is key to building a sustainable online yoga business.


The role of the yoga teacher has shifted within the post pandemic world.

The reality is that drop-in zoom classes have now become the bare minimum of what you can offer. The state of the post pandemic world requires you to take things up a notch, and show up for your community in different ways than you’re used to. 

There are many different ways that you can do this whilst also, requiring you to level-up, shift your mindset and see yourself as more than just a yoga teacher who offers the general drop-in classes. 

You have to start seeing yourself as a leader of transformation and identify other yoga business ideas that you can implement to help you scale and grow your online yoga business. 

Ready to step into this role and start serving your community in a more transformational way? 

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