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Yoga Coaching – A Great Way To Grow Your Online Yoga Business



If you’re not yet ready to launch an online course as a yoga teacher, but are looking to grow your online yoga business, then yoga coaching is a great next step.

Now perhaps you’re thinking that you’re not a qualified yoga business coach and you don’t have a coaching certification. Whist that might be the case, what this really comes down to are the results that you can promise your students.

If you’ve already achieved those results yourself or have helped others do it, you can sell your knowledge and time working one to one with your students, as a yoga coach.

You may believe that having a coaching certification will help you gain confidence as a yoga coach. But in fact, confidence is built by gaining experience by coaching your students 1:1.

A coach is essentially a mentor. You’re helping people achieve their goals by observing and giving advice. You’re already qualified to do that due to your previous training, experience and skills.

This is about transforming people’s lives in some way. Helping them to overcome a challenge and improve their life with a coach or mentor who has already walked that path and can share their expertise to support others to do the same.

It’s about delivering value. Yoga coaching is about helping people solve problems in their lives, whilst they pay you for your help. Your job is to guide people to achieve the results they want.

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Solid Foundation to Creating An Online Course

If you’ve been in the Digital Yoga Academy community for some time, you’ll know that this sounds like what you need to create an online course. The truth is, it is.

That’s why coaching or mentoring students on a one to one basis, is actually a powerful and effective first step for you if creating and launching an online course is one of your future business goals.

This is because you can take the method that you teach as a yoga coach and turn it into a group course. You’re can use your experience from working one to one with students to test and validate your ideas that can be used in your course. This means you’ll develop your course mush faster when you start creating it.

The key is you’ve helped your coaching students get results, which means you’ll know what to include in your course, to help people get great results.

Coaching is essentially a way for you to understand your audience

At Digital Yoga Academy when we started selling online courses, we had people lining up to enrol as we knew exactly what to include. That’s because we understood what our audience needed to succeed due to the insights, we established from private yoga coaching.

The other great part to coaching is that people understand the value of one to one better than an online course. You are able to price your coaching packages much higher than you would your course.

Can you be a successful yoga coach?

If have you had results yourself by using the methods you teach or have helped others get results, then you can certainly support your students with one to one yoga coaching.

You have expertise that creates results. This is what makes you a credible authority in your space. You’re a fully trained yoga teacher with qualifications in teaching yoga. You have your own personal experiences and have niched down in an area that you’re extremely passionate about. You know what you’re talking about, making you a credible coach gets results.

The experience and knowledge you bring to the table are enough to get started. You don’t need a certification to take that step.

Getting Clear on your Niche

Remember people are looking for transformation. If they have a problem and recognise that they need support, and you have a solution to their problem, you can guide them on a one to one basis.

Yoga coaching is a powerful way to get to know your ideal student and the problem you need to solve. This enables you to support your students in a deeper way, taking them from point A to point B.

Coaching your students offers you the insight to fully understand your niche and what you’re helping you student with. Which then equates to you being able to create a course that speaks to their pain and problems, offering deep transformation.

Getting to know your students and niche then allows you to effectively market your offerings in a way that fully resonates and speaks with your ideal student.

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Share Your Story

As long as you’ve transformed your own or someone else’s life in one way or another, you’re ready to be a yoga coach.

You have a story about yourself and your transformation. Most likely you’re passionate about helping others experience the same. The power is in your own transformation to drive you into helping others solve their problem and get the results that you’ve experienced yourself. Your experience is valuable.

People will pay for you to guide them. You have the results that they want. Don’t undervalue or devalue your knowledge, experience and expertise. Share your journey and story to help your students in their transformation.

Yoga Coaching Can Transform your Business

Working with someone, one to one, is simply an offering. It’s a way of serving your students, whether you call yourself a coach, mentor, guide or leader.

This offering has the ability to transform your business and is a gateway to creating an online course. An online course is scalable which means your yoga business can reach more people around the world and grow.

The key is with an online course, you’re not trading time for money, whilst creating passive income for yourself and transforming the lives of your students.

Yoga coaching is a way to bring your expertise to the table and test how you would work with people in this capacity. It also offers you a solid foundation to create and launch a successful online yoga course in the future.

It’s about the results

Your students don’t really care about your certifications. They care about the results you help them achieve.

There are some exceptions in certain industries where you’re required to get a certification, but for the majority of coaches, this is not the case.

Certifications provide information, and that will only get you so far. The real experience comes from getting out there and learning how to work with your students.

You know enough to help at least one person. That’s enough to get you started, which means you can start yoga coaching today. As you coach and gain more experience, you will become a better coach.

In the beginning as a new coach, your rates will be lower than when you have more experience. When you know more and you can help your clients in a more impactful way, then you can increase your prices.

Steppingstone to creating an online course

As you gain experience as a yoga coach, you can take everything that you’re learning and develop an online course. Sharing your expertise and knowledge with more people, creating a greater impact.

Creating an online course is a scalable offering that will completely change your business and life. By building an online course or launching a group program, you can leverage your time and income.

After you’ve worked with one to three clients, you can use the content you’ve created for your coaching program and implement it as a group program or course. Turning your system into a group coaching program or online course, frees up your time. You will spend less time giving your clients personalized support, and instead offer a weekly call and community instead.

Once you introduce a self-study online course into your business model, you will spend even less time.

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Once you’ve worked with a few coaching clients, you can create more flexibility and freedom in your life. None of that requires you to get a certification.

The key is to start with the students you already have in your community. Use that experience and knowledge to help transform someone’s life. You have everything you need right now to start being a yoga coach.

If you’re ready to learn how to scale and grow your yoga business then be sure to check out our Profitable Yoga Teacher group coaching program. A powerful program to transform your business and create greater impact.

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What is online yoga coaching and how can it benefit my business?

Online yoga coaching is a personalized approach to guiding individuals in their yoga journey using digital platforms. Unlike standard classes, coaching delves deeper into individual goals, challenges, and aspirations. For your business, it means stronger client relationships, better customer retention, and the potential for higher revenue from dedicated one-on-one sessions.

How does integrating yoga coaching differentiate my online yoga business from competitors?

By offering yoga coaching, you provide a tailored experience, addressing individual needs and concerns. This personal touch not only fosters loyalty but also sets your business apart as one that genuinely cares about client progress and well-being.

How do I market my yoga coaching services to attract more clients?

Utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase client testimonials, behind-the-scenes looks, and free webinars. Email marketing, offering free initial consultations, and collaborating with complementary businesses can also help increase visibility and credibility.

Can yoga coaching be offered to both beginners and advanced students?

Absolutely! For beginners, coaching can provide a strong foundational understanding, while for advanced students, it can help refine techniques, address specific challenges, or delve deeper into certain aspects of yoga.

What are the biggest challenges of growing an online yoga business through coaching and how can they be overcome?

Some challenges include maintaining a personal touch in a virtual setting, tech-related issues, and market saturation. Overcome these by investing in reliable technology, offering unique selling propositions like niche coaching, and focusing on relationship-building with clients to foster loyalty and referrals.

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