Launch your yoga business online, grow your community and effortlessly make sales.  

Calling in all Yogipreneurs who are ready to finally launch their yoga business online and serve students all around the world. 

Figuring out how to grow and nurture your online community and transform people’s lives shouldn’t feel like a struggle - it should feel exciting!

Perhaps you’re a new yoga teacher starting from zero. You’ve seen the online yoga space boom and you want to be part of a bigger mission to impact people on a global scale.  

Maybe you’ve been teaching only in person. Imposter syndrome, resistance to transition from the studio and not knowing where to start online has kept you stuck.

You know that launching your yoga biz online holds the key to freedom in your business and you’re finally ready to take the first step. 

But none of us were born marketing experts…

You’re spending hours trying to make your Insta feed look pretty but you don't know what to post and your community isn't growing - in fact, it’s pretty much non-existent.

You think you're getting the hang of it and then another strategy or platform launches (hello TikTok and Reels) and before you know it, you've lost hours scrolling to make sense of it all.

You're realising that growing and marketing your yoga biz online effectively requires a strategy but you just don't know where to start.

This is your opportunity to get support and a step-by-step process so you can feel confident and motivated to finally launch yourself as an online Yogipreneur!

To thrive online, it's essential that you…

It starts with building a strong foundation - the root chakra of your yoga biz!


When you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one. It’s time to gain clarity on who your ideal student is and how you serve them. That’s how you cut through the noisy online space.

Become intentional about marketing 

This is the year to follow a solid marketing plan with proven strategies to grow and nurture your community online and to effectively communicate the transformation you offer.

Think beyond the drop-in class

Creating online offerings that allow your students to go deeper is what separates the Yoga Teachers from the online Yogipreneurs in 2022.

With this solid foundation, wave goodbye to hustle, overwhelm and burnout.

It’s time to do things differently, to shift from being just a yoga teacher and to step into the shoes of the Yogipreneur. 

It’s your turn to grow and serve your online yoga community and to effortlessly make sales inside...

A high-energy, 16-week group business program designed to help you to shift your mindset, clarify your message and launch and sell your online offerings with ease.

yes! let's do this ▸


Weekly live guidance and mentorship on the strategies you've been learning and implementing. 


An accountability partner and a like-minded community to stay focused, motivated & on-track.


A proven, step-by-step framework to turn your passion into a profitable online yoga business. 

Emily is now bringing her vision to life

Emily finally has the steps and tools to express her knowledge in creative ways and really connect with her community.

Discover the 3-Step Yogipreneur LaunchPad Framework to build your business and grow and serve your online community with ease. 

Build a Solid Business Foundation

Grow Your Online Community 

Serve Your Online Community

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Three steps, 11 modules, here’s what’s inside…

Module 1

Build a solid business foundation

Step One

Break through limiting beliefs to step into the success mindset

Create a business plan, set up processes and systems, set goals and forecast for the future

Find clarity on your niche and ideal student and create magnetising messaging that deeply resonates

Module 2

Module 3

Create and share value-packed content to attract your ideal students

Launch a website that actually works and is discovered

Get started with email marketing and create a winning opt-in freebie to grow your list

Build trust and connection on social media

Extend your reach through aligned partnerships and discover how to confidently secure them

Grow your online community

Step Two

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Create offerings your students love through research and learn how to price to reach your financial goals

Maximise sales through launch sales and marketing activities

Retain a loyal community of students who stay who want to continue to work with you

Serve your online community

Step Three

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Our expert mentors

Annie Dunhof

At Enga Unite, Annie teaches multilingual yoga teachers how to find and embody their voice to communicate and teach yoga in a foreign language with total confidence and clarity.

Annie knows what it takes to build a thriving online yoga business and will help you put in place the foundations of your biz, including your mindset, niche, social content, email marketing and collaborations.

Amy McDonald

Amy has taught yoga since 2013 and is now a mentor and trainer and the founder of Evolution Lab Yoga.

Based in London, Amy has taught in some of the city’s top studios and has traveled internationally teaching retreats and teacher trainings.

Amy has gone through the process of setting up her own yoga business and she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience to help you to build your confidence and fast track your progress in building a successful yoga business.

You’ll be supported by our fully trained mentors every week during the live Q&A Mentorship sessions Our mentors are yoga teachers, yoga business owners and graduates of our programs.

Real stories from other Yogipreneurs who have gone through our programs...

I joined the program as a brand new yogipreneur and had just left my job to take my yoga business full-time!

The program gives you confidence and a solid framework, which helped ease any nerves I had going into this. The program shows you it is possible as a yoga business owner.

I felt guided, cared for, seen and heard, by the DYA team, the program community, and my accountability partner.

I am still in the early stages of building my own community and business and I am confident in my ability to make it happen. This program is one of DYA's gifts to the world and I'm so grateful I made the choice to receive it!

Brittanie Calilan Tulabut 

I am in a completely different place from six months ago, so THANK YOU!

There’s been so many positives, I don’t know where to start! This program and the community has facilitated such a big shift in my mindset and belief in what I have to offer.

Without this program, I genuinely wouldn't have identified my ideal student, grown my community numbers, started sharing more online, launched my podcast, reached out to connections - the list goes on! 

The step-by-step process has been so valuable, as it’s helped me to focus on what I can do right now but to also be positive about what I can aim for in the future. The support and connection has provided an incredible experience . 

Rachel Beanland 

I want to thank you for everything, big and small...

For your wisdom, your energy, and your personal feedback during this course.

You are a light and I am so grateful to you for your teachings and support.  

I have made wonderful strides during the last six months and feel that the path is laid before me.

I've been slow to action as I juggle life, work and motherhood - but my plan is to stick with it and show up. 

You are brilliant and I am so grateful.

Jennifer Wilkinson 

I feel most supported just by the presence of everyone here and of course especially from the DYA team.

I was part of other programs and there was so much judgement and shaming. Here there is no judgement. I feel I can be myself and we support each other. Thank you!

I never would have created my brand or started creating content and enjoy the simplicity of content repurposing. I wouldn’t have run an online challenge.

Mostly, I wouldn’t be putting together an online course - it was always on my mind but procrastination was holding me back big time.

Thanks for making me SHOW UP! I’m taking small steps but I’m moving forward more than ever before ❤

Patricia Creola

The program is an excellent investment for your yoga business.

I’ve overcome mental blocks to understand myself more as a person, business owner and yoga teacher. I now have a systematic approach for not just my online course but my business. The course has taught me how to be more engaging in a virtual session, and how to be as authentic as I can be. I’m getting more enquiries and requests for my work from implementing what I’ve learnt around growing and nurturing my community and I now have a vision and plan for my online course. 

I am forever grateful to the DYA team for the program, the support and for bringing me together with new yoga teacher friends all around the world. Thank you! 

Daniel Chandranayagam

The program has helped me create a stable strategy for bringing my knowledge online.

It has built up my self confidence to succeed by clarifying my ideal student and how to message my knowledge to them.

The program has also made me realize that my energy will show through, even online. 

Wivi-Anne Nyberg

If you have no idea where to start with growing your yoga business, feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done, lack motivation or direction as people gives you different views, then join the program!

You’ll get support on every aspect of your journey - mindset coaching, technical tutorials, sales strategy and you will connect with like-minded and inspiring teachers and learn from each other !

Maud Eckman

The program is a game changer. What the course promises, it delivers. The DYA message is clear and consistent and lights a fire up your bum every now and then to get you moving.

The course covers not only the business side of running your own yoga business but shares accurate knowledge on how to overcome the psychological roadblocks that will be met on the way to success, which I found particularly helpful .

Sumitra Devi Chandran

Before applying for this course, I lacked clarity on my niche and who I was serving. I knew nothing about marketing strategies an I didn’t have a yogipreneur mindset. I was completely lost and overwhelmed! 

The programme has helped me to develop the right mindset to run my business. Step by step through the process I gained confidence to be visible and share my talents, skills and knowledge. The programme provides a complete framework for selling your first online course.

I’m so glad I took part! The DYA team are fantastic, very supportive and caring people.   

Kristina Vesovic

The program was pivotal for me and my online yoga company. I was guided step by step inside a solid and proven framework to create the foundations for my online business, grow my audience and visibility and finally launch my first online paid offer. 

Now I know that having an online yoga business is a sustainable way to keep teaching with passion what I love without burning out and the daily hustle. The most important shift was the mindset shift: the strategy doesn't work if the mindset is not oriented towards growth. And last but not at least the DYA team's generosity, knowledge and accountability is the sparkle that makes this experience unique, accessible and enjoyable.

Andrea Vannini

DYA have offered me the most supportive and motivational support. They really practice what they preach, and the amazing impact of whatever they teach really shows in the DYA business. 

DYA are the queen of videos and FB/IG lives which motivates me to be on videos too. Even though we have never met in person, every time after listening to Kelly and her team, I feel like I can accomplish anything and it’s unbeatable! Thank you DYA, you have been our greatest supporter :) 
Nonetheless to mention how step by step the program is, it really has everything I need! from mindset, tech stuff, email sequences, seo, etc etc, it’s all there!

Janet Fong 

Don’t leave without some extras!

10 Exclusive Bonuses

Podcast Your Way to a Global Community


In this training you will learn how to become more efficient and productive in your podcasting journey. Learn how you can use your podcast to connect with your audience in an intimate and passionate way.

This training will give you a step-by-step roadmap to successfully launching and maintaining your podcast. It's a powerful way of connecting with your community, building your list and generating more revenue in your yoga business.

Planning for Profit


You’ll create a 12-month product suite launch plan of new online offerings that provide a seamless journey for your students to work with you over a longer period of time. At the end of this workshop, you’ll have made some key decisions on a launch plan with timelines and actual dates and you’ll set sales goals and a profit forecast.

This workshop is for the next-level Yogipreneurs who want the proven roadmaps to creating a sustainable and profitable online yoga business - and are ready to do the work!

(value: $197)

(value: $197)

The Profitable Pivot Summit


A high-energy, supportive, yoga business summit designed to help you to finally take action. Get access to interviews with yoga business experts including Dianne Bondy, Tara Stiles, Noah Maze, Koya Webb and many more, and live masterclasses with Kelly McHugh on the proven steps to bring your online course to life.

Profitable Launches Live

A high-energy and supportive virtual event that will give you the strategy, mindset, and momentum to have your first ever profitable online yoga course launch. Get access to the expert masterclasses by Kelly McHugh, Christina Bernhard, Mackenzie Fleming and Hannah Cluley.


(VALUE: $197) 

(value: $397)

Reels for Yogipreneurs Masterclass


The ultimate step-by-step Reels for Yogipreneurs masterclass to creating epic reels on Instagram.

You’ll discover the secrets to creating fun and educational short form content to build awareness and increase your reach and to not only attract new ideal students but also build engagement with those already following you. This masterclass will get you out of fear and into confident creation mode!

(value: $197)

Customizable Social Media Templates


A pack of pre-designed social media Canva templates to create stunning Instagram and Facebook posts that can be customized to suit your yoga brand and fit your visual style.

(value: $197)

Total value: $2170


Facebook Ads for Yogipreneuers


Learn how to run cost effective ads that target people who already know you and are more likely to click on your ad, book your retreat or sign up for your opt-in freebie.

A must-have training with tech tutorials that show you how to install your pixel and set up ads from start to finish.

Retreat Planning & Launching Success


Learn how to craft the experience, plan logistics and crunch the numbers before creating and launching your marketing plan to fill your retreat. A must have for any yoga teacher who wants to offer retreats and are not sure where to start!

(value: $197)

(value: $197)

The 5k Retreat


Imagine bringing 5k into your business in a matter of weeks. Imagine waking up with sales notifications in your inbox.

This masterclass will lay out the foundations and the process for creating a virtual retreat and the launching and sales process to fill it with paying students.

You'll learn how to craft the offering with added value that makes it irresistible and how to launch it in a way that saying yes is the only option.

(value: $197)

5-figure Launch Strategies with Allie Van Fossen


As the founder of The Journey Junkie, an online yoga business with a 80k strong community, Allie has created a business that's allowed her to buy a boat and sail around the Caribbean with her husband. Together, they're enjoying the financial and location-dependent freedom that teaching online offers
Allie shares her success having had multiple five-figure launches. You'll learn how she's approached content, email marketing and launching to sell her online courses over and over again.

(value: $197)

Leah has just launched her membership.

After two years of trying to work things out on her own, Leah has just completed the program and finally feels confident and supported to build a profitable online yoga business.

Clarify your business vision, set growth goals and create a clear action plan to grow both your community and revenue. 

Decide on a niche and dial in your message and what you have to offer (beyond a drop-in class) so that you can provide real transformation to your students.

Discover how to attract a steady flow of new potential students and nurture those relationships using powerful strategies that build trust and a real sense of community.

Create online offerings that you’re excited to share with your community because you 100% believe in the impact and transformation that you can offer. 

Use email marketing, social media and social ads to amplify your marketing and increase sales.

Master the mindset and energetics to take you from overwhelmed and burnt out yoga teacher to thriving and impact-driven Yogipreneur.

Yogipreneur Launchpad is the only program you need to...

I've turned my passions into an online business that’s now scaling to seven figures and it’s literally transformed my life. With the right strategies and mindset, you too can build a profitable online yoga business that you love.

Digital Yoga Academy has been leading the way in yoga business and marketing education since 2017, helping over 20k yoga teachers to step out of their limitations to become confident business owners.

Now it’s your turn!

I know how it feels to take a leap of faith and to find your place as a Yogipreneur. Yet here you are, about to embark on that journey!

Inside Yogipreneur LaunchPad, you'll discover a proven framework to grow and serve your online yoga community and effortlessly make sales. This doesn't work unless you do - and we’ll be there to support and guide you each step of the way.

Hey, I'm Kelly!


I help you to launch your very yoga business online. 

Meet the creator of Yogipreneur LaunchPad and founder of Digital Yoga Academy

Imagine how different it would feel to...

No longer waste hours crawling Google, going around in circles and trying to piece together out-of-date strategies.

Work with an expert who has helped Yogipreneurs to create profitable online yoga businesses. 

Overcome your fears so that you can reach more people around the world and make more money.

Wear the shoes of the Yogipreneur, believing whole-heartedly in your purpose and 100% on what you offer.

Remove the pressure of having to come up with strategies and a plan on your own.

Know that what you are creating and sharing is what your students actually want and will pay you for.

Wake up to sales in your account.














Your community is everything - Queen learned how to grow hers!

Queen hosted a virtual summit to grow her email list.
*Update* Queen's Flow in Solidarity Summit had over 1,000 attendees!

The future of yoga is online and people need your expertise more than ever!

How we teach yoga has changed.

The modern world needs modern Yogipreneurs who are actively learning how to create impact-driven online businesses that reach and serve millions of people on a global scale.

This is the change that is needed in the world.
And this is your invitation to be part of this change.

It's time to invest in you!

$387 / month (6 months)

✔ Six Private Mentorship sessions with a DYA trained mentor
✔ Two Power Hours of tech support from our team
✔ Lifetime access to 11 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live mentorship sessions (16 in total)
✔ Five incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Accountability pairing 

✔ Lifetime access to 11 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live mentorship sessions (16 in total)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Accountability pairing 


You’ve already spent thousands on your teacher trainings...

Now is your chance to transform that investment by launching your yoga business online and building a sustainable and scalable business model.

✔ Six Private Mentorship sessions with a DYA trained mentor
✔ Two Power Hours of tech support from our team
✔ Lifetime access to 11 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live mentorship sessions (16 in total)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Accountability pairing 


Pay in Full:
6-Month Payment Plan:
$200 / month
12-Month Payment Plan:
$100 / month

Pay in Full:
6-Month Payment Plan:
$387 / month
12-Month Payment Plan:
$194 / month

+ Private Mentorship

Yogipreneur LaunchPad

Yogipreneur LaunchPad


What previous students have to say


What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say



What previous students have to say


How do I know it's for me?

This program is for new online Yogipreneurs who do not currently have an engaged community online. It’s perfect for you if you are new to business and marketing and you need guidance and support to launch and grow your yoga business online. 

How long is the Course?

You'll get access to 16-weeks of weekly mentorship support and the awesome community but you actually have lifetime access to the course content!

Do you help with the tech?

Yes! There are tech tutorials inside the program to support you with setting up your email list, creating landing pages, building your first Facebook ads campaign and so much more.

What format is the content?

There's video lessons, screen recordings, workbooks and live sessions. 

How many hours do I need to invest?

An hour a day will give you more than enough time to watch the video lessons, go through the workbooks and join the live sessions. Whatever you commit to on top of that will have a direct impact on your success! 

What if I've only just started teaching?

The question to really ask yourself is this - how committed am I to learning how to build my yoga business the right way? So many teachers spend years trying to launch themselves online using strategies that don’t work. You’re not one of those teachers. 

Do you offer any refunds?

This program is only for you if you are serious about getting results. The program works if you do, so please only join if you’re 100% to taking action and growing your business online. 

Commit to showing up and doing the work. For that reason, there are no refunds. Once you're inside, you'll see why.

What times are the live sessions?

The mentorship sessions will take place alternatively on Wednesday's at 12:00 GMT or Thursday's at 12:00 GMT. You will receive a form 24hrs before to submit questions, and these will be answered even if you can’t join the live. Replays are available within 12hrs.

What results can I expect?

Results come in many shapes and forms and ultimately are dependent on you!

As a student you can expect to grow your community, create online offerings and learn how to sell effectively. You'll learn a lot about yourself, you'll learn what it really means to be a business owner and how to move through your fears. Our students have seen financial results from $1k up to six figures. They've upgraded their mindsets and they've become business owners with a plan!

Will I have to purchase expensive software?

We feature free and paid tools so you can choose how much you want to invest in your business right now (you can always upgrade later, which is why you get the paid options, too!)

What results can I expect?

Results come in many shapes and forms and ultimately are dependant on you!

As a student you can expect to grow your community, create online offerings such as a course and launch those online offerings. You'll learn a lot about yourself, you'll learn what it really means to be a business owner and if you do the work and follow the steps, you will create an online asset you can sell again and again. Our students have seen financial results from $1k up to six figures. They've upgraded their mindsets and they've become business owners with a plan!

How long do I have access for?

This program won’t always be offered at this price and will continually be revamped with new strategies, info, and advice. You will stay inside as a lifetime student in the program and you won't have to pay extra for those updates.

Can I really do this?

Your financial goal is available to you right now — even if you can't see the way there yet. This program is the shortcut. Being ready is a choice you make yourself. It's not gifted by someone else. You have to choose. Stay stuck or choose to invest in yourself and your business. The choice is yours! 

Can I really make money teaching online?

Yes. If you do the work, that is. This program doesn't promise that you will make a specific amount of money. That's dependent on how committed you actually are to following the steps and implementing the strategies.

Be committed to the journey, show up, do the work and the rest will follow.

Can I not just do this on my own?

Receiving the right support from experts who have walked this path with proven results, will always be the fastest and easiest route. If you continue to do what you've been doing up until now, you’ll get the same results you’ve had up until now. 

You've likely spent thousands on your teacher trainings, now is your chance to make that investment pay off by building a sustainable and profitable online yoga business. 

What other yogis asked before building a thriving online business with the Yogipreneur Launchpad...