Create and launch a profitable online yoga course like your dreams depend on it!

Calling in all impact-driven yoga teachers who are looking to transition their teaching online without wasting time and energy in an endless cycle of trial and error as a new online business owner.

(spoiler: they do!)

You already know that teaching online holds the key to sustainable, long-term success...

But you've hit a crossroads, and your entrepreneurial spirit tells you there's more to teaching yoga online than drop-in Zoom classes. 

You know that now is the time to step up for the bigger vision in your life so that you can share your gifts and creativity with the world and finally enjoy financial freedom and success!

Figuring out how to reach new students and transform people’s lives shouldn’t feel like a struggle - it should feel exciting!

You’re being called to show up as a leader in your community and to make your message much bigger than your fear.

You're unsure of the first steps to take and you’re totally overwhelmed by the tech and tools to make it all happen.   

You've been "trying all the things" but Zoom fatigue has set in and your class numbers are dwindling. 

You have big dreams and you’re done with trying to do everything on your own and without support. 

But taking action feels like a struggle...

The future of yoga is online

and people need your expertise more than ever!

Imagine having everything you could ever need to EASILY...

Now is your chance to transform that investment into a profitable online course you can count on to sell again and again.

Go beyond your online class schedule and confidently position yourself as the leader of a transformational online course.

Grow an engaged community of ideal students who are lining up to join your online course as soon as the doors open.

Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs so that you can finally reach more people around the world and make more money.

You’ve already spent thousands on your teacher trainings...

Ever wondered what a profitable online yoga business actually looks like?

Claire launched her online course The Modern Yogi and made $6.5k - and she just had a $10k launch!

- Claire Eli, 2020 student

Maria's first Chair Yoga course launch made $7k in sales - she totalled over $30k launch income in 2020!

- Maria Jones, 2019 student

Marylene tripled the size of her online community, launched courses online and grew to 6-figures within one year!

- Marylene Henry, 2018 student

There's no reason why you shouldn't be next!


The only program for creating, launching and selling your online yoga course that you’ll ever need.

Open the door to a powerful group program that not only shows you exactly how to create and deliver your online yoga course like a pro

...but also how to get it into the hands of yoga students all over the world.


If you’re finally ready to receive expert support and to invest in your dreams, it’s time to learn how:

The answer to growing a profitable online yoga business is here!

Craft magnetic marketing and messaging that resonates with your dream students so you can grow and nurture an engaged community itching to buy!

Validate and create an online yoga course that offers the transformation that your ideal students actually want and need.

Implement a proven method of marketing strategies to profitably launch your online yoga course and finally bring consistent income into your business!

How It Works


A proven, step-by-step framework to turn your passion into a profitable online yoga course.


Expert guidance and coaching on the strategies you've been learning and implementing. 


An accountability partner and a like-minded community to stay focused, motivated & on-track.



Your community is everything - Queen learnt how to grow hers!

Queen hosted a virtual summit to grow her email list.
*Update* Queen's Flow in Solidarity Summit had over 1,000 attendees!

This program supports entrepreneurially driven yoga teachers, who are lacking clarity and are feeling overwhelmed, through the process of bringing their yoga business online. 

Consider The Profitable Yoga Teacher the missing piece to actually make your yoga business lucrative online!

Expertly produce your new yoga course even if you fear being on camera or are a total technophobe! Don’t worry - we’ll walk you through each step, including the recording, editing, and hosting so you walk away ready to sell!

Attract a steady flow of new potential students and nurture those relationships using powerful strategies that build trust and a real sense of community.

Develop a high-converting irresistible online course idea that your students actually want and are ready to buy from you.

Use Facebook ads, email marketing, and social media to amplify your launches and increase sales.

Craft a strategic sales page to market your course and a compelling email sequence to realise even your loftiest sales income goals.

Launch your very own profitable online yoga course with confidence


Ready to do all of this in your business?



Check out a Profitable Yoga Teacher in action... 

Kaitlyn launched her first course and made $1.5k 

I know how it feels to take a leap of faith and to find your place as an entrepreneur. Yet here you are, about to embark on that journey! 

Now’s the time to move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to confident and ready to make a bigger impact.

As the founder of Digital Yoga Academy, I've been leading the way in yoga business education since 2017, helping over 20k yoga teachers through online programs, coaching and resources.

I've turned my passion into a multiple six figure online business and I know that with the right strategies and mindset, you too can build a profitable online yoga business that you love!

Inside The Profitable Yoga Teacher, you'll discover the formula for audience growth and online course launch success. This doesn't work unless you do - and I'll be there to support and guide you each step of the way!

Meet your coach and CEO of Digital Yoga Academy


Hey Yoga Teacher, I’m Kelly McHugh!

Celest Pereira, Hypermobile Yogis.

“Kelly is one of the most inspiring teachers you will ever find!

With her support and incredible knowledge, we've welcomed hundreds of students into our online course over the last year. What Kelly has taught us has been invaluable, it's hard work but you will definitely see the rewards.

We've created a massive impact in our community and we've generated a passive income - we never would have generated that amount of money had we not launched our online course. It's been life changing!"

What you get when you step inside


In-depth video lessons teaching you everything from growing and nurturing your community to confidently launching your newly created online yoga course. 

You’ll learn the same step-by-step framework of proven strategies, tools and systems that's built a multiple six-figure online business and has created profitable results for our students.

Get a peek of what’s inside each module below.


In addition to the video trainings, you’ll gain access to the ultimate yogipreneur resource vault. 

With lesson workbooks, journaling exercises, checklists, and a variety of other implementation tools, you’ll have everything you need (and more!) to confidently take aligned action each step of the way.


Receive high-touch mentorship and personalized feedback while being held accountable by some of the industry’s best coaches during our weekly live coaching calls.

We’ll use this time to dive deeper into module concepts, address questions, and connect with other members.

Join as many or as few of the 24 live coaching sessions as you’d like - or catch the replay!

Meet some of your coaches below.


Gain instant access to 10 incredible bonuses including additional online courses to support your learning, a variety of masterclasses, tech tutorials and a library of coaching sessions (imagine having the answers to every question you could possibly have!).

You'll find all the details on each bonus below!


Be seen, heard, and supported by a tight-knit community of like-minded entrepreneurial yoga teachers from all over the world.

Take advantage of the private Facebook group and the rare opportunity it provides to network and make friends with other yogis in the midst of their own similar online business journeys!

Extra bonus: you get lifetime access to this group for support beyond the six months of the program!


Timezone specific virtual meet-ups each week with other members via Zoom to connect, share your experiences, collaborate, hatch plans, and forge new friendships! 

We’ll set up the Zoom room, you just simply turn up!


You’ll be intentionally matched with another incredible yoga business owner for an additional layer of accountability to fast-track your success - and someone else to lean on, encourage and celebrate your successes with!

see what s inside


Monthly Support From Guest Experts

Hannah Rose Cluley

Instagram growth strategies 

Hannah coaches wellness entrepreneurs on how to create impactful content for the platform on everyone's lips...Instagram!

Sessions cover engagement and launching essentials, as well as how to create content to increase the discoverability of your yoga business and gain loyal followers who want to buy from you.  

Christina Bernhard

Facebook ads & sales funnels

Christina works with six figure coaches to scale their online business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

You'll learn about pixels, audiences and campaign set up as well as strategies to reach new audiences and fill up your online offerings.

Mackenzie B. Fleming

Copywriting that converts

Mackenzie is a copywriting coach for six and seven figure coaches teaching how to write copy that converts into sales! 

Sessions include copywriting fundamentals for your sales page and email copy to ensure you nurture relationships with your community and convert readers into paying students.

When you have a proven formula and a step-by-step framework to make money in your business, how much is that worth to you?  

Everything you need to finally create an impactful and freedom-driven online yoga business is inside - comprehensive video lessons to teach you the strategies to transform your business, workbooks, templates and resources, six months of weekly live coaching and support from a dedicated team, mind-blowing bonuses and life-time access to an incredible entrepreneurial community.


You just need to turn up and do the work!

Real stories from other yogis who have gone through The Profitable Yoga Teacher...

"I joined the program as a brand new yogipreneur and had just left my job to take my yoga business full-time!"

Kelly's confidence, approachable teaching style, helpful assistance, and solid framework helped ease any nerves I had going into this. She practices what she preaches. She shows you it is possible as a yoga business owner.

I felt guided, cared for, seen and heard, not just by Kelly, but by her team, the program community, and my accountability partner.

I am still in the early stages of building my own community and business and I am confident in my ability to make it happen.. This program is one of Kelly's gifts to the world and I'm so grateful I made the choice to receive it!

Brittanie Calilan Tulabut 

"I am in a completely different place from six months ago, so THANK YOU!"

There’s been so many positives, I don’t know where to start! This program and the community has facilitated such a big shift in my mindset and belief in what I have to offer.

Without this program, I genuinely wouldn't have identified my ideal student, grown my community numbers, started sharing more online, launched my podcast, reached out to connections - the list goes on! 

The step-by-step process has been so valuable, as it’s helped me to focus on what I can do right now but to also be positive about what I can aim for in the future. The support and connection has provided an incredible experience . 

Rachel Beanland 

"I want to thank you for everything, big and small...

For your wisdom, your energy, and your personal feedback during this course.

You are a light and I am so grateful to you for your teachings and support.  

I have made wonderful strides during the last six months and feel that the path is laid before me.

I've been slow to action as I juggle life, work and motherhood - but my plan is to stick with it and show up. 

You are brilliant and I am so grateful."

Jennifer Wilkinson 

"I feel most supported just by the presence of everyone here and of course especially from Kelly."

I was part of other programs and there was so much judgement and shaming. Here there is no judgement. I feel I can be myself and we support each other. Thank you!

I never would have created my brand or started creating content and enjoy the simplicity of content repurposing. I wouldn’t have run an online challenge.

Mostly, I wouldn’t be putting together an online course - it was always on my mind but procrastination was holding me back big time.

Thanks for making me SHOW UP! I’m taking small steps but I’m moving forward more than ever before ❤

Patricia Creola

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Course is an excellent investment for your yoga business. I’ve overcome mental blocks to understand myself more as a person, business owner and yoga teacher. I now have a systematic approach for not just my online course but my business. Watching Kelly online has taught me how to be more engaging in a virtual session, and how to be as authentic as I can be. I’m getting more enquiries and requests for my work from implementing what I’ve learnt around growing and nurturing my community and I now have a vision and plan for my online course. 

I am forever grateful to Kelly and the team for the program, the support and for bringing me together with new yoga teacher friends all around the world. Thank you! 

Daniel Chandranayagam

The Profitable Yoga Program has helped me create a stable strategy for bringing my knowledge online.

It has built up my self confidence to succeed by clarifying my ideal student and how to message my knowledge to them. The program has also made me realize that my energy will show through, even online. 

Wivi-Anne Nyberg

If you have no idea where to start with growing your yoga business, feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done, lack motivation or direction as people gives you different views, then join The Profitable Yoga Teacher!

You’ll get support on every aspect of your journey - mindset coaching, technical tutorials, sales strategy and you will connect with like-minded and inspiring teachers and learn from each other !


The Profitable Yoga Teacher is a game changer. What Kelly promises she delivers. Her message is clear and consistent and she lights a fire up your bum every now and then to get you moving.

She has covered not only the business side of running your own yoga business but shares accurate knowledge on how to overcome the psychological roadblocks that will be met on the way to success, which I found particularly helpful .


Before applying for this course, I lacked clarity on my niche and who I was serving. I knew nothing about marketing strategies an I didn’t have a yogipreneur mindset. I was completely lost and overwhelmed! 

The programme has helped me to develop the right mindset to run my business. Step by step through the process I gained confidence to be visible and share my talents, skills and knowledge. The Profitable Yoga Teacher provides a complete framework for selling your first online course. I’m so glad I took part! Kelly has a super power. She can read your mind, she knows your struggles, doubts, fears and she has a fantastic team of very supportive and caring people.   

Kristina Vesovic

The Profitable Yoga Teacher Program was pivotal for me and my online yoga company. I was guided step by step inside a solid and proven framework to create the foundations for my online business, grow my audience and visibility and finally launch my first online paid offer. 

Now I know that having an online yoga business is a sustainable way to keep teaching with passion what I love without burning out and the daily hustle. The most important shift was the mindset shift: the strategy doesn't work if the mindset is not oriented towards growth. And last but not at least, Kelly and her team’s generosity, knowledge and accountability is the sparkle that makes this experience unique, accessible and enjoyable.

Andrea Vannini

Kelly has been the most supportive and motivational person on Earth. She really practises what she preaches, and the amazing impact of whatever she teaches really shows in her business. 

She is the queen of videos and FB/IG lives which motivates me to be on videos too. Even though we have never met in person, every time after listening to her calls, I feel like I can accomplish anything and it’s unbeatable! Thank you Kelly, you have been our greatest supporter :) 
Nonetheless to mention how step by step the program is, it really has everything I need! from mindset, tech stuff, email sequences, seo, etc etc, it’s all there!

Janet Fong 

5-figure Launch Strategies with Allie Van Fossen


10 Exclusive Bonuses

Don’t leave without some extras!

As the founder of The Journey Junkie, an online yoga business with a 80k strong community, Allie has created a business that's allowed her to buy a boat and sail around the Caribbean with her husband. Together, they're enjoying the financial and location-dependent freedom that teaching online offers
Allie shares her success having had multiple five-figure launches. You'll learn how she's approached content, email marketing and launching to sell her online courses over and over again.

The 5k Retreat


Imagine bringing 5k into your business in a matter of weeks. Imagine waking up with sales notifications in your inbox.

This masterclass will lay out the foundations and the process for creating a virtual retreat and the launching and sales process to fill it with paying students.

You'll learn how to craft the offering with added value that makes it irresistible and how to launch it in a way that saying yes is the only option.

Dream Planning


Let's put a plan together for those dreams of yours, shall we?! If there's no plan or schedule, well guess what? Your dreams can fade from reality. And your dreams are here for a reason. You are here for a reason. And getting your online course out into the world... well, your dreams depend on it!

In this masterclass, you'll learn planning essentials and how to create a plan that will see you working towards your dreams with clarity and intention every single day.

(value: $197)

(value: $197)

(value: $197)


Membership Success

bONUS #9

A behind the scenes look at how you can create a monthly membership in your yoga business.

Learn what it takes to build a membership that not only attracts your students but retains them for months to come.

Soulful Sales

Stunning Customizable Social Media Templates 

A pack of pre-designed social media Canva templates to create stunning Instagram and Facebook posts that can be customized to suit your yoga brand and fit your visual style. 

bONUS #10

(VALUE: $297) 

(value: $197)

Selling is sacred when it comes from the soul and reminding people how they can improve their health, mindset and change the quality of their life = SERVING!

Selling and serving aren't mutually exclusive and in this masterclass, you'll learn how to overcome objections, create converting sales copy and close with soul.

(value: $197)

The Tech Lab

bONUS #1

A library of 20+ tech tutorials to show you exactly what you need to do to get all your systems up and running and integrated. Everything you need to know about Mailchimp, Convertkit, Teachable, Leadpages, Canva, iMovie and much more. Added to throughout the program.

(value: $997)

The Coaching Vault

bONUS #2

A video library of Q&A sessions. If you have a question, it's likely been asked before (check the question list and jump straight to the video for the answers!). Head to the Vault for hours of real-life scenarios for learning and inspiration! 

(value: $997)

Passion To Profitable Yoga Niche

bONUS #3

Finally gain clarity on your ideal student so that you can create intentional content that builds authority in your niche. You'll discover how to solve people's problems by strategically combining your passions, expertise and experiences.

A real deep dive into niching.

(value: $297)

Yoga Challenge Launchpad

bONUS #4

Discover how to choose the right topic and confidently craft a live challenge that takes your audience day by day through a journey towards the outcome they're looking for right now in their lives.

You'll discover how to seamlessly transition your audience into your paid offering, whether that's a workshop, a virtual retreat or an online course.

(value: $297)

Total value: $3,870



Grow your own six-figure yoga business online!

Marylene tripled her community and grew to six-figures in 2020.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll learn in each of the 8 modules:


✔ Break through limiting beliefs to step into the success mindset

✔ Find clarity on your niche and ideal student
✔ Create magnetising messaging and branding that deeply resonates


✔ Increase your visibility and gain the confidence to consistently show up

✔ Create and share value-packed content to attract your ideal students 

✔ Get traffic to your website and build your email list


✔ Fill your first online yoga challenge with ideal students

✔ Build trust and connection on social media

✔ Extend your reach through aligned partnerships and discover how to confidently secure them


✔ Discover your most profitable online yoga course idea and how to validate

✔ Create the outline of your course content and craft an offering your ideal students will love

✔ Learn how to price your course and set income goals 


✔ Create a course creation schedule to help you create whilst you launch

✔ Professionally record and edit your course even on budget

✔ Create your sales page with copy and that converts viewers into paying students


✔ Pre-launch your course and educate your audience before you sell

✔ Host a free challenge to qualify ideal students

✔ Nurture ideal students inside your new Facebook group

✔ Use Facebook ads to attract ideal students into your sales funnel


✔  Creating email sequence launch copy that converts (use magic formula & swipe files

✔ Boost sales with an online webinar

✔ Share launch content to create hype

✔ Effortlessly sell your course with confidence and soul


✔  Welcome your new students with an on-boarding email sequence

✔ Offer a private members-only Facebook group

✔ Collect student feedback to make improvements for your next launch

✔ Reflect and celebrate because you are awesome!

see what s inside


It's time to invest in you!


pay in full

✔ Lifetime access to 8 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live coaching sessions (24 sessions)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Weekly virtual member meet-ups
✔ Accountability pairing 

$419 / month for six months

payment plan

✔ Lifetime access to 8 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live coaching sessions (24 sessions)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Weekly virtual member meet-ups
✔ Accountability pairing 


What Profitable Yoga Teacher students have to say about the program......


How do I know it's for me?

If you're ready to move beyond a weekly class schedule and you're committed and ready to do the work to create a business asset you can sell again and again, this program is for you.  

How long is the Course?

You'll get access to six months of weekly coaching support but you actually have lifetime access to the content and the awesome community!

Do you help with the tech?

Yes! You get access to a Tech Lab packed with tutorials that walk you through step-by-step how to integrate all of the new systems you'll be using.

What format is the content?

There's video lessons, screen recordings, workbooks and live sessions. 

How many hours do I need to invest?

An hour a day will give you more than enough time to watch the video lessons, go through the workbooks and join the live sessions. Whatever you commit to on top of that will have a direct impact on your success! 

What if I've only just started teaching?

The question to really ask yourself is this - how committed am I to learning how to build my yoga business the right way? 

Do you offer any refunds?

This program is only for you if you are serious about getting results. The program works if you do, so let's not waste anyone's time - if you're in, you're 100% in! 

Commit to showing up and doing the work. For that reason, there are no refunds. Once you're inside, you'll see why.  

What times are the live sessions?

We have planned our session times to accommodate to as many timezones as possible. There are two (weekly rotating) times- 06:00 and 21:00 WITA (Bali). Replays are available within 12hrs.

What if I have other commitments and can't stay on track?

We have a golden rule in this program - "falling behind" is not something we buy into. You are going at your pace and having support and accountability will move you forward, as long as you're committed to your success.

Plus, you have lifetime access to all of the content and the community.

Will I have to purchase expensice software?

In the tech lab, we feature free and paid tools so you can choose how much you want to invest in your business right now (you can always upgrade later, which is why you get the paid options, too!)

How does the hot seat coaching session work?

Sessions focus on a specific topic each week. You'll have the opportunity to request a "hot seat" to receive support during the session related to the topic.

What results can I expect?

Results come in many shapes and forms and ultimately are dependant on you!

As a student you can expect to grow your community, create online offerings such as a course and launch those online offerings. You'll learn a lot about yourself, you'll learn what it really means to be a business owner and if you do the work and follow the steps, you will create an online asset you can sell again and again. Our students have seen financial results from $1k up to six figures. They've upgraded their mindsets and they've become business owners with a plan!

How long do I have access for?

The Profitable Yoga Teacher program won’t always be offered at this price and will continually be revamped with new strategies, info, and advice. You will stay inside as a lifetime students and you won't have to pay extra for those updates.

Can I really do this?

Your financial goal is available to you right now — even if you can't see the way there yet. This program is the shortcut. Being ready is a choice you make yourself. It's not gifted by someone else. You have to choose. Stay stuck or choose to invest in yourself and your business. The choice is yours! 

Can I really make money?

Yes. If you do the work, that is. This program doesn't promise that you will make a specific amount of money. That's dependant on where you are in your journey and how committed you actually are to following the steps and implementing the strategies.

Do the work and you will see results. Claire started from scratch in 2020 and made $6.5k on her first launch. Marylene joined the program in 2018 with an existing community which in 2020 she took online, tripled it's size and made six figures.

Be committed to the journey, show up, do the work and the rest will follow.

Can I not just do this on my own?

Whatever you've been doing up until now, has got you to where you are. Where do you want to go from here and will the strategies you've been using get you the results you want?

Receiving the right support from experts who have walked this path with proven results, will always be the fastest and easiest route. 

You've likely spent thousands on your teacher trainings, now is your chance to make teaching yoga and your business actually work. 

What other yogis asked before building a thriving online business with the Profitable Yoga Teacher...


Our students have had life-changing results

Jessica hosted her first ever online challenge and made $2k in workshop sales.  

- Jessica Van Valkenburgh, 2020 student

Sasha launched her Anxiety Detox program, gaining 17 students and $9k in sales!

- Sasha Marins, 2018 student

Stacey's membership attracted 30 new students and $1k+ in monthly income!  

- Stacey Stufflebeam, 2020 student


pay in full

✔ Lifetime access to 8 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live coaching sessions (24 sessions)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Weekly virtual member meet-ups
✔ Accountability pairing 

$419 / month for six months

payment plan

✔ Lifetime access to 8 core modules of video lessons
✔ Course workbooks, checklists & tools 
✔ Weekly live coaching sessions (24 sessions)
✔ Ten incredible bonuses
✔ Private Facebook members-only community
✔ Weekly virtual member meet-ups
✔ Accountability pairing 

Ready to ditch the weekly class schedule and underwhelming monthly income?

Build a thriving business and an everlasting online course to sell again and again!


It's time to invest in you!


This is the most comprehensive program you will find that's been created to provide you with the support you truly need to succeed in becoming a profitable yoga teacher. How much is that worth to you?