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The future of yoga is online

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You’re being called to show up as a leader in your community, to share your offerings in new, meaningful ways and to make your message much bigger than your fear.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re scaling to consistent 10k+ months, we give you the support you need to create a thriving yoga business.

We’ve taught thousands of teachers how to successfully set up and master their marketing in a way that feels good to them - even the ones who didn’t believe they could do it!

Marketing is not the only piece, it’s also about your mindset.

Perhaps you feel like you’re not expert enough and so you undercharge or that your offering isn’t good enough yet so you hold back on launching. 

To the people whose lives you were put on this planet to help, those fears and doubts couldn’t be further from the truth. 

You 100% have what it takes to do this!

Giving support to those around you comes naturally, it’s what you were born to do. But like any business owner, you also need to receive support so that you can grow, take your business to the next phase and get the intel on what actually works.

The one thing you’re missing is support.

Truth is, none of us were born marketing experts.

Branching out from the studio to grow your own yoga community can feel lonely and overwhelming. Especially, if you’ve been pouring your energy into it but growth and engagement has been frustratingly low.

Perhaps marketing makes you feel like a bad yogi and you worry about coming across pushy and inauthentic.

But you know how nourishing it would feel to finally grow your community, fill your offerings and actually make money teaching yoga. 

Figuring out how to reach new students and transform people’s lives shouldn’t feel like a struggle - it should feel exciting!

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Whether you're just starting out or ready to go beyond your drop-in Zoom classes, discover what it really takes to profitably teach yoga online and create transformational offerings inside our six-part video series.

Find out what type of Yogipreneur you are! Whether you're a newbie or a visionary paving the way, your results will give you a personalised pathway to create impact, freedom & abundance in your yoga business.

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Being a Yogirepeneur can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure what steps to take! Get access to the blueprint to creating a profitable online yoga business.

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Imagine how it will feel to...

 ✔  Grow an engaged, global community of super yogis who are lining up to work with you.

✔  Package your expertise into online courses, memberships and programs that deliver higher value, impact and transformation.

✔  Stop chasing $20 class payments and actually make more money whilst working less.

✔  Finally feel like you’re owning your role as a yoga business owner who’s creating an impact in the world! 

✔  Upgrade your mindset and show up confidently with the fullest belief in your own expertise and your ability to change lives (goodbye imposter syndrome!).

Our students have experienced
massive transformations in their businesses:

Caroline welcomed 30 new students into her Yin Yoga online course and made $21k in sales!



Marylene tripled the size of her online community, launched her course online and grew to 6-figures within one year!

Claire launched her online course The Modern Yogi and made $6.5k - and she just had a $10k launch!

Over 400 people joined the free challenge Dagmar hosted to launch her online course - making $14k in sales!

Maria's first Chair Yoga course launch made $7k in sales - she totalled over $30k launch income in 2020!

Meegan's first course launch made $5k, on top of $1.5k she makes each month from her new membership.

Kaitlyn launched her first course and made $1.5k.

Queen created and hosted an epic online summit and grew her email list to over 1000!

Jessica hosted her first ever online challenge and made $2k in workshop sales.  

Stacey's membership attracted 30 new students and $1k+ in monthly income!  

Rose hosted a challenge for 30 students and 12 joined her pilot online course.

Diana hosted her very first online challenge and 120 people signed up!

Nette had 40 yogis join her free online challenge and half of them signed up for her paid online workshop series!

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The Yogipreneur

For yoga teachers who want to stop the hustle and overwhelm, and instead step into the shoes of the Yogipreneur to create more income, freedom, and success.

Every episode will teach you valuable business and marketing strategies to grow your community in a way that makes it easy for you to take action today.

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