Hey yoga teacher!

I’m passionate about helping you to build a sustainable and profitable yoga business and to connect with your community online.

Since you’re here, something tells me that you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re ready to take your yoga business and teaching career to a new level.

If you’re struggling with overwhelm and don’t know where to start but you’re ready to get your yoga biz off the ground…you’re in the right place!

Because I wasn’t always a yoga teacher. 

I spent over 15 years working in global businesses, agencies and tech start-ups, managing marketing teams and multi million pound budgets. It was high-pressured and I craved more balance, more freedom…and to be my own boss!

So I trained as a yoga teacher and went on to launch Good Yoga Life, a yoga events & retreats company – and I made it my full time career.

I’m passionate about sharing my expertise in yoga marketing to support you on your journey because I understand the challenges that come with the many rewards of teaching yoga. 

I know that teaching up to 20 classes a week leads to burn out.

And that rushing across town from studio to studio to take on more classes just to boost your income is tiresome.

We both know that your knowledge is transformational and you have something valuable to share. 

And I want to help you share it!

At Digital Yoga Academy you’ll learn the essential business and marketing skills that you’re not taught in your yoga teacher training. 
You can access online courses and programs that show you exactly what to do, step by step. 
You’ll get all the support you need to turn your passion and expertise as a yoga teacher into a successful yoga business – and you’ll join over 10k yoga teachers worldwide on the same journey as you!

I want to show you how you too can live a more balanced and happier life doing what you love – teaching yoga.

To get the most out of your time here, get access to my free business resources. 

You’ll find action plans, challenges and masterclasses and a community of thousands of yoga teachers like you in my Facebook group just waiting to say hello. 

So join us and let’s get your yoga business moving!