Doors are open for The Profitable Yoga Teacher program

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Launch your online yoga business with our self-paced courses.

Take the first step towards building your dream online yoga business with our self-paced courses designed to help yoga teachers like you build and launch a profitable online business.
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Are you ready to take your yoga business to the next level?
Our self-paced courses are designed to help you build a profitable online business and launch your first online offer.

Whether you’re struggling to find your niche, or you’re ready to create an irresistible online course that transforms people’s lives, our expertly-designed curriculums will guide you every step of the way.

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What if you woke up to messages that said "your content really spoke to me, how can I work with you?"
You can achieve this when you know who you’re speaking (marketing) to.
It’s time to gain clarity on your ideal student’s problems so that you create marketing that cuts through the noise and actually works.
This requires you to shift your mindset from seeking to serve everyone to serving a specific type of student with specific problems, needs and desires.
Yes, it means getting specific!
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Discover who your ideal student is and start creating marketing that actually works.
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You’re ready to discover how to finally create your very own online yoga course and have your first profitable launch.
High five to you!
You already know that teaching online holds the key to your success but you’ve hit a crossroads and your entrepreneurial spirit tells you there’s more to teaching online than a weekly Zoom schedule.
Figuring out how to reach new students and create an irresistible online yoga course that transforms people’s lives and gives you financial freedom and success shouldn’t feel like a struggle – it should feel exciting!
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Go from feeling stuck to taking inspired action by watching just five masterclasses and without the typical 4-figure price tag

Yogipreneur MindShift Revolution Toolbox

Cultivate Your Mindset for Yogipreneur Success with the Yogipreneur MindShift Revolution Toolbox

Discover the mindset shifts and strategies that’s grown a 20k-strong yogi community and generated almost
$2 million in revenue.

Inside Yogipreneur MindShift Revolution Toolbox, you’ll access trainings and resources to help you to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back from playing a bigger game.

You’ll also learn how to work through the fear and overwhelm that stops you from being visible and from launching and selling.

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Get access to the Yogipreneur MindShift Revolution Toolbox today and start doing this essential work to grow a thriving online yoga business.