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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Launched Your Online Yoga Course


Learn 7 reasons why you haven’t launched your online yoga course and what you can do to make it happen.

When you create an online course you’re actually creating a digital asset in your business which helps you to set yourself up for more financial freedom and flexibility.

Once you have created an online course, you can sell it again and again. Offering you limitless opportunities to expand and grow your online yoga business. You’re able to reach students all over the world when it comes to the online space. You can literally teach hundreds or thousands of students.

This is what it means to stop trading time for money. Creating an online yoga course can provide the opportunity to make more money and lift the ceiling of what’s possible. You can build a six-figure business by creating an online course. But it does take grit, determination and hard work.

Stepping Away From In Person Classes

Take some time to think about your current business model. Does your current model focus on drop in studio classes or other live classes?

With this type of model, you limit your earning capacity, as you only have a certain number of hours in the day. You’re limited by capacity, the number of classes you can teach each week, number of students who show up, studio costs etc. You’re limited in how much you can earn. This business model restricts your capacity and can lead to burnout.

The online course business model, on the other hand, allows you to stop trading time for money and reach a greater audience. Your earning capacity becomes limitless, giving you more income and flexibility.

Creating an Online Course

Creating an online course is a powerful way to step into a passive income business model. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to build your community online, listen to your audience and create online offerings that will sell.

As a yoga teacher, moving into the online yoga course space, requires you to evolve as a yoga teacher and step up. It’s not just about teaching a yoga class. It’s about you understanding your niche, your student’s challenges and creating a solution for them in a much deeper way.

This is incredibly exciting and exactly what is needed right now. You’re able to reach people all around the world to support your students, share your message and create a bigger impact.

7 Reasons Why You’re Procrastinating

There are many good reasons why you might be procrastinating your online yoga course launch, or even creating it in the first place. The key is to understand that these obstacles can be removed with a little planning and research.

What are 7 reasons keeping you stuck in procrastination?

You Don’t Know Who Your Audience Is

If you have been teaching in studios for years and you’ve not really had to think about a niche or who your ideal student is, then you may struggle to really understand your audience.

To stand out in the online space and thrive, you have to narrow in and define who it is you’re serving. What audience are you here to serve and how?

Everything starts with this. You can’t make decisions on what your course will be about if you don’t know who it is that you’re serving. This can keep you stuck in not even creating your course in the first place.

2 You Haven’t Decided on Your Course Topic

If you don’t have a niche and know who you’re serving, it’s almost impossible to come up with a course topic. Of course, there are things you’re passionate about and that’s a great place to start. However, to come up with a topic that really sells, you must know what the transformation is that you offer.

What is the problem that you can provide a solution for? That’s what an online course is all about. An online course provides your students with a way to go deeper in their learning around a specific topic that they’re interested in, to find a solution for what they’re looking for.

They are searching for what meets their needs in an area of their life where they’re currently needing support. What is the solution? Because that’s what your topic needs to be about.

If you already know your audience and niche, yet struggling to decide on an online course topic, you need to do more research and validate your offer. Research will help you feel confident in your topic knowing that people are actually wanting and needing your course.

3 You’re Not Expert Enough to Teach Online

Do you believe you’re not expert enough, have enough skill or knowledge, to teach your online course? This is impostor syndrome and perfectionism. You may have poured your heart and soul into your course, and still not be convinced that it’s ready for the world.

Unfortunately, neither your timing nor your course will ever be perfect. Rather than exhaust yourself trying to achieve an impossible standard on your first attempt, get your course in front of your students, and start learning from them. They’ll show you how to improve your course in no time.

Ask yourself, “what is an expert?” The dictionary defines it as “someone who’s gained knowledge or skills from experience”.

And that’s definitely you!

As a qualified yoga teacher with knowledge and skills gained from experience, you’re one step ahead of your students and definitely have teachings valuable enough to share.

Your course is a way to share and teach what you’ve experienced and had results from.

Creating your course positions, you as the expert! If you know more about something than other people, then you’re already an expert in that field! Don’t underestimate your wisdom, experience and life skills.

Going through the steps to educate your community, pre-launch your online course and then launch your course, will set you up as an expert in your niche.

4 There are Already Courses on Your Topic

Perhaps you do have your topic and it meets a need that your niche is looking for. Yet you fear that the space is already saturated as there are other teachers who have created courses on the same topic.

In truth, this fear is just an excuse keeping you stuck in procrastination. People buy courses because they’re looking for a guide, someone who can help them cut through the noise and achieve their goals quickly.

Insight, inspiration, and guidance are where you provide value as a course creator.

Your community that you’ve built want to learn from you and there’s value in you organising and presenting your content in your unique way. There’s also value in your unique voice and teaching style.

Remember there are over seven billion people on the planet. There is more than enough space for you as long as you bring your unique gifts, perspective, stories and experience. The key is to stay grounded in the genius that is intrinsically you.

If you learn marketing, how to write great copy, connect with your ideal student and share your personality with confidence, you will succeed. Don’t compare yourself to others. You have to have faith and trust in yourself. There has never been and will never be another you.

5 You Don’t Know What Systems & Tools to Use

It’s common that learning and understanding the tech side of the online space can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Often times keeping you stuck from even getting started in creating your online course in the first place.

But in truth, modern technology is the easiest to understand than it’s ever been. Back in the late 90s, we couldn’t build our own website. Yet now we can, with drag and drop website builders, online course platforms and many amazing tools at your fingertips.

Quite often you spend time telling yourself it’s too difficult, that you’re not capable of learning. So, you stay stuck in even trying and figuring it out. This is what it means to be a yogipreneur. To dive in and figure things out.

We’re seeing this right now in the  Profitable Yoga Teacher program, our group training program. Our students are figuring it out and working through the steps to create and launch their online course.

It’s really great to see the progress that can be made when you decide that you can do it and surround yourself with others doing the same thing, who can support you.

6 Your Community Isn’t Big Enough

When we say community, we mean your email list. It doesn’t matter how small or big your email list is, it’s about just getting started with where you’re currently at. We all start with no contacts on our email list. It’s about quality over quantity.

Even with a small following of high-quality students who are invested in your content, you can have success with your online yoga course. What’s really key here is understanding the importance of audience building and showing up consistently.

Even if your list is at 0, it’s totally possible to build an email list of the right people, create amazing relationships and sell them the right course. A course that your ideal students really want and need, at a price that they can afford.

Start focusing your efforts on building your community. Learn the skills to grow your community, understand your niche, solve your student’s challenges and market yourself.

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7 You’re Not Brave Enough

The reason you haven’t created your online course yet, is not because you’re not smart enough or expert enough. The actual reason is you keep telling yourself limiting excuses to keep yourself small.

You have to be willing to be brave, face your fear and do it anyway. When we launch the Profitable Yoga Teacher, and we receive emails from teachers, the vast majority of them aren’t questioning the program. They’re actually questioning themselves. “Can I really do this? Is my yoga business really ready? Am I kidding myself that people would want to learn online with me?”

In essence, these doubts all highlight the same thing. They highlight the struggle that many of us have, particularly women, with being brave and trusting ourselves.


We all have the same 24 hours in each day. You do have time to research and create your amazing online yoga course. It’s just a matter of making it a priority and being organised with how you spend the time that you have.

How long it takes to create your online course, depends on whether you’re doing it alone or with the support of others. The fact is, if you’re wanting to build a profitable and sustainable yoga business, then it’s time to get started in creating your online course today!

You need to plan, have structure, clear steps and a framework to follow. This will help you move past the overwhelm, stop procrastinating and create your online yoga course.


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