Fully embody the Yoga Visionary that you truly are.

You have something transformational inside you that your community is craving. Let’s unlock it together.

Are you ready to start showing up as a leader and to dig deeper than ever before? 

Creating an impact and a buzz in your community comes naturally to you because you were born to do this!  

Right now, you’re up-levelling and expanding into a new phase in your business. This brings new challenges and perhaps you’re doubting your next steps. 

Everything you desire is 100% possible and the good news is that you don’t have to face this new chapter on your own.

That’s where I come in…

I’ve supported hundreds of teachers to grow their online yoga business to the next level and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be next.

Just look at Marylene Henry, founder of ZazYoga. 

She transitioned her teacher training online and has tripled her community and scaled her business to six-figures!

These transformations are totally possible for you too.

You deserve to have financial abundance not just because you deserve to feel free and secure, but also because when money is put into the right hands, the world changes for the better!⁠

I work closely with the most driven and ambitious yoga business founders who are committed and ready to automate, delegate and scale exponentially.

Coaching is for you if you are...

✔ Consistently making money in your business but you’ve hit a ceiling and you’re committed to doing the work to break through limiting beliefs and upgrade your mindset and confidence.

✔ Actively seeking the right mentor and coach and eager to learn from someone who has scaled to multiple six figures in the yoga space 

✔ Serious about learning and applying new sales, marketing and digital techniques to attract new audiences and nurture these relationships to conversion - you’re here to take mega action! 

*If you’re a new online Yogipreneur looking for support with starting your yoga business, our YOGIPRENEUR LAUNCHPAD online course is the perfect option for you!  ▸

Here’s how we unlock your potential



Imagine where you’ll be this time next year if you follow your vision instead of your fear. 

This four month high-touch mentorship program provides personal, undivided attention on your yoga business. I’ll be by your side, tuning in to take an inside look at where you are now and where you need to go - this is the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

Together we’ll co-create a strategic master plan for the year ahead and you’ll receive relentless accountability to flip you into action mode from the get-go and usher you into your full power. 

You’ll get exclusive intel to:

✔ What it really takes to craft signature programs that result in six-figure launches and how to effortlessly execute with complete clarity and all the systems and team players on your side.

✔ The mindset upgrade you’ll experience will have you pushing boundaries, making decisions and taking actions you never believed you could. Until now. 

✔ 3 x private sessions a month, weekly Voxer Messaging and access to all of our online programs.


It all starts with your application. 

Ready to go all in? 



This 90-minute intensive session is designed to elevate a specific area of your yoga business. 

It’s perfect if you’re in need of:

✔ Some serious and timely one-to-one mentorship and coaching to support you to elevate an existing project or launch strategy.

✔ Streamlining your vision in a specific area of your business, whether that’s strategically planning how to scale, bouncing creative ideas for your content plan or learning how to bring some soul into your sales strategy. 

✔ You’ll also have access to a week of follow up Voxer messaging to support your implementation and allow our work together to fully integrate.

Boost your progress with a next level injection of strategy, energy and creativity to elevate our business to new heights. Fast! 

book HERE  ▸ 

It all starts with your booking. 

Ready to go all in? 


Our students share their experience working with Kelly...

free resources 

The Yogipreneur Blueprint 

Whether you're just starting out or ready to go beyond your drop-in Zoom classes, discover what it really takes to profitably teach yoga online and create transformational offerings inside our six-part video series.

If you’re dreaming of creating an impactful and sustainable business with location freedom, and you’re ready to take the first step to make that a reality, this launch plan is for you. 

Get blueprint  ▸

Being a Yogirepeneur can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure what steps to take! Get access to the blueprint to creating a profitable online yoga business.

Teach Yoga Online Series

The Profitable Launch Plan


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Join our Profitable Launches 5-Day Bootcamp


Learn how to create a life-changing online course and profitably launch with confidence and ease. For entrepreneurial yoga teachers who are ready to recession-proof their online business in 2023.   

1 - 8 february 2023