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10 Sales Promotion Strategies to Sell Your High Ticket Offers


If you’re ready to grow and scale your business, then it’s time to create high ticket offers and learn sales promotion strategies that work.

What is a high ticket offer or higher priced online yoga offering? A high ticket offer is a premium priced offering that provides a high level of value and transformation. For example, an online course, program, membership or 1:1 coaching.

Generally, the price of these offers increases due to the value of what’s included and level of transformation that your students will receive. What kind of support do you provide (number of calls, email support, messaging)? How long is your program?

High Ticket Offer Examples

1:1 Coaching

A great place to start in creating a high-ticket online offer is to provide 1:1 coaching. This business model is very easy to start and allows you to get up and running quickly. After you’ve worked with enough people in a 1:1 capacity, you’ll have the foundation to clearly map out a group coaching program.

With a 1:1 coaching program, you don’t have to create more content or content up front. You can create it for your students as you go, based on their needs.

Over time as you get to know your ideal student, you will clearly define your niche, what you’re offering and get clear on your online course. Creating an online course then allows you to scale and grow your business, reaching more people with the same content.

When it comes to selling an online course or any other higher priced online offer, it requires a higher level of visibility from you and a deeper understanding of your buyer’s behaviour.

Creating a 1:1 coaching program to start with, helps you to more clearly identify your buyer behaviours and what problem you’re helping your students solve. This will then help you to understand your ideal students more deeply and easily create sales promotion strategies that work.

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Creating an Online Course

Creating an online course is a powerful way to step into a passive income business model. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to build your community online, listen to your audience and create online offerings that will sell.

Moving into the online yoga course space requires you to evolve as a yoga teacher and step up. It’s not just about teaching a yoga class. It’s about you understanding your niche, your student’s challenges and creating a solution for them in a much deeper way.

This is incredibly exciting and exactly what is needed right now. You’re able to reach people all around the world to support your students, share your message and create a bigger impact.

Selling with Ease

Are you afraid of selling? How does the word “sales” make you feel?

At Digital Yoga Academy, we often hear yoga teachers say “I don’t want to come off as salesy” or “it feels awkward to sell my programs”.

What you need to realise is that selling isn’t “scammy”. It’s actually part of you serving your community. The key is to learn how to sell what you’re ultimately serving and helping your community with.

You can learn how to sell. The key is to learn sales promotion strategies that align for you and your business. Selling is a skill you can learn and the fastest way to grow your business is to get help. Seek out others who can teach you, find a mentor or coach, join a community. Learn from those who have succeeded and get the support that you need.

Also work on your mindset just as much as learning sales and marketing strategies. This will help you to not give up when you’re faced with a setback. Understand that you you’ll get rejected on many sales calls and fail. This is part of succeeding. Expect failure, work your way through any obstacle, and soon you will become great at sales and marketing.

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10 Sales Promotion Strategies to Sell Your High-Ticket Offerings

1 Market Research

You can only be good at selling if you know your audience well. If you don’t know your audience or really care about what they need, you can’t sell the benefits of what you’re offering. Which means you won’t know what to include in your content to attract the right people.

Research provides the foundation and is what we teach our students inside of the Profitable Yoga Teacher course.  Our students learn how to research, create an emotional driven survey and really get into the heart and minds of their students. This provides them with the backbone to create clear and impactful messaging and offerings that their students actually want and need.

They’re also learning how to validate their online course through their research. An essential step to sell with confidence.

2 Build Relationships

Most people believe that sales occur from a sales call, sales emails or sales page. When in fact, it actually happens many steps before this. Of course, you need a good offering and marketing strategies, yet what matters the most, is the relationship you have with your community or audience.

Sometimes you build relationships fast and other times it can take years. Some people aren’t ready to buy right now but will in months or even years to come. The key is to show up every day, be visible and share value. When your student is ready, they will purchase from you.

3 Share Free Content

There’s no such thing as giving away too much free content. The more you give the more people will want to work with you. It’s your content that helps you to sell and without it, selling is difficult.

Your free content is what shows you as an authority in your industry and grows your community. If you’re consistent in your efforts to offer support and value, your community will know that you’re the person to guide them. They can see your passion and expertise.

People want to work with experts when it comes to higher priced offerings. Here at Digital Yoga Academy we offer super high valuable content that we could charge for, yet we offer it for free. Such as our summits, online challenges and immersions. These are a lot of work, yet build excitement, trust and authority within our community.

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4 Create a Pre-Launch & Launch Plan

When you’re selling a higher priced online offering such as an online course, you need to take your audience on a journey. You do this through the content and activities you share.

Share specific type of content and host specific activities before you open the doors to enrolment. This forms part of your pre-launch phase. Then continue on sharing specific types of content and activities when your doors open until your doors close. This is your launch phase.

All of this requires a pre-launch and launch plan. The purpose is to move your audience towards making a decision, which is to join you inside of your online course.

The pre-launch and launch phases require you to be super organized and streamlined. It’s about getting very intentional with your content and launch activities.

Inside of our Profitable Yoga Teacher program, we teach the specifics of content marketing and activities needed to launch your program. We call these launch campaign activations as part of the pre-launch and launch phases to prepare your audience to purchase.

5 Talk About Money

Most yoga teachers feel incredibly uncomfortable when it comes to talking about money. However, it’s important to understand the value of what you’re offering and get comfortable with talking about money.

Own your price and don’t lower it, unless you’ve decided that’s part of your strategy. Such as a discount for joining your waitlist or early bird enrolments. Talking about money is just you asking to be paid for the value you offer, like your experience and time.

6 Prepare for Objections

When you’re selling your high-ticket digital products and programs, you will come across objections. Objections are things that your audience say to object to enrolling in your program. For example, lack of time or money.

When this happens, it’s not about convincing someone. Your job is to help them to make the right decision for them. This is especially the case if they’ve been chatting with you via direct messaging or on a sales discovery call.

They made the decision to be there to discuss the program with you. Take this opportunity to step up and do just that. Objections come from fear, so don’t be scared when you hear an objection.

When you talk someone through their objections, they might come to the conclusion that buying from you is not the right thing for them right now. Either way, they (and you) get closure.

As a result, you get better clients. If you have to convince someone to work with you, they’re going to need a lot of “convincing” to do all the work. Your ideal clients want your offer and will do the work.

7 Share Stories

Storytelling is powerful and can really support you to sell your higher priced online offerings.

Particularly stories about your previous students and their successes from working with you.

Sharing testimonials and case studies is a powerful way to demonstrate that you help your students get results and can deliver on what you promise.

Share your own personal story and transformation as well. Ideally this is the same transformation and journey you’re teaching inside of your high-ticket online course or program.

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8 Create Email Sales Campaigns

Usually a launch period for an online course or offering, is 10-14 days. As part of that sales promotion strategy, you need to be sending daily emails to your mailing list.

If you’ve done your pre-launch phase the right way, you’ve already shared a great deal of value and its now time for you to shine. You deserve a place in their inbox. Remember that anyone who unsubscribes from your list, was not going to buy from you anyway.

The purpose of your emails is to help your community learn about you, build trust and understand how you can help them transform. All of these steps assist them to make a decision to purchase your offer. If you don’t show up, they will forget to purchase your programs.

9 Show the Transformation

Your students will not be falling off their chair because your course offers a Facebook community. This is a simple feature of what you’re offering.

What they will be concerned with is the transformation and result they will achieve with your program.

If they’re asking about the live sessions, videos, and Facebook group, it’s because they aren’t sure what they’re really getting as part of the offers.

They’re looking for a way to measure their purchase, which most likely means they don’t see the full value of your program.

Instead of talking about the things your course includes, focus on the transformation your students will receive. This is what they truly care about.

10 Move Through Your Fear

Your fears will keep you stuck if you let them. When you are allowing fear to take over, you’ll talk yourself out of showing up daily and sharing what you offer.

Ultimately people are looking for a solution to their problem. If you don’t show up with your solution to their problem with your offer, they’ll go elsewhere to find that solution.

You must trust yourself and believe 100% in what you have to offer that it can help people. Your fears won’t magically disappear, and no one will find you if you’re not showing up.

If you’re not owning what you’re offering, no one will buy what you have to offer. The key to success is working on your mindset and overcoming your fears.


What are high ticket offers?

High ticket offers are products or services that have a considerably higher price point compared to other items in the market. They usually come with added value, benefits, and features that justify their premium price.

Why should I focus on promoting high ticket offers?

Promoting high ticket offers can potentially lead to higher revenue with fewer sales. It allows businesses to focus on providing more personalized and quality service to their clients.

What are some examples of high ticket offers?

Examples of high ticket offers can range from luxury products, exclusive memberships, high-end coaching services, to real estate and investment opportunities.

Can I apply these strategies to low and medium ticket offers as well?

Yes, many of the strategies discussed in the blog post can be adapted and applied to promote low and medium ticket offers effectively.

What is the first step in creating an effective sales promotion strategy?

The first step is understanding your target audience and their needs. Once you have a deep understanding of your audience, you can tailor your sales promotion strategies to appeal to them effectively.

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