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How to make constant progress in your yoga business



Remember it’s more than a dream. It is a devotion to staying true to who you are, remaining present and aware of that you can achieve more than you can dream.” Natalie Farrell

In 2014, I decided to change my career. Curiosity was making me think bigger, personally and professionally.  My passion has always been to educate people to live healthier lives and be the best versions of themselves. And I knew I wanted to do this globally.

I had 10 years of experience as self-employed and although the business had been financially successful, there were areas within the business I had ignored.

This change was my chance to explore all aspects of my entrepreneurial self.

I made a conscious pact with my higher consciousness –  the new business would serve me and grow with me.

The pact consisted of the following 6 principles:

  1. Be consistent with my communication
  2. Educate myself on how to use social media to grow an online business
  3. Employ professionals to accelerate the growth of the business
  4. Define my vision and create a short term, midterm and long term plan
  5. Build healthy business collaborations to educate people on sustainable living
  6. Meditate and look after myself so I could be fully present in all business and personal decisions.

Yummy Yoga Girl came to life in May 2017 and within a year we have an audience of over 2k across all social media channels, over 40k visits to the website and a perfectly yummy mailing list with genuine customers.

Somedays I feel like nothing is happening and then I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Building a yoga business is a step by step process. One of my favourite questions to ask myself when I’m dipping into this mindset and in need of some motivation is “what is the smallest step I can take right now?”

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions be the awareness behind them.” Ekhart Tolle

I want to ask you the very same question.

What is the smallest step you can take right now towards your business goals? 

Get writing – your ideas have value!

Take a minute – write down three online businesses you just love…and now write down all the reasons that keep you calling back for more, more, more.

For me, it’s companies such as Rude Health, Honestly Healthy and Little Deer Company based in Brighton.

There are reoccurring themes to why I love and keep hitting the return button.

  1. Sustainable shopping mindset.
  2. I just love the way they chat with me.
  3.  The products are made with love and with people’s interests at heart.

No time like the present

“Fall in love with your creative ways so your customers can fall in love with you and you can lead them on a journey.” Hilary Rushford

Wherever you feel you are in your business journey, acknowledge the power of now.

You can start to bring your visions to life anytime.

Make them real. Formulate your message. Offer your ideas space to begin to grow. They deserve to be honoured and given the time to develop.

Find networks which will support you and also offer a space where you can meet other yogipreneurs who will support your yoga business ideas.

Show up daily.

One of my favourite ways to start the day is with an uplifting guided meditation, a smoothie, some gentle movement before I go to my “work from anywhere” desk.

“Daily habits are the engine that move us toward our goals.”

This is a quote to live by from the Digital Yoga Academy blog post: Why you need daily habits to achieve goals. 

A deadline isn’t enough! The power comes from setting a schedule.

Now my daily routine goes something like:

By 10am I will have achieved… 

At midday I will have achieved…

By 2pm I will have achieved…

At the end of the day I will have achieved…

This schedule enables me to get results, make notable progress within my daily tasks and stay on track with all my deadlines.

Being organised is so important. No change that…

Being organised is IMPERATIVE if you want to build and grow a business, build traction and develop that vital ingredient: trust.

At the end of every week, I use my Yummy Yoga Girl wellbeing planner. I designed and produced it as a gift to my wellbeing coaching clients so that they can continue to create their ultimate yogini lifestyle.

I use the planner at the end of the week before I shut shop for the weekend to write down all my tasks for the following week, outlining them in three categories:

Imperative – Top notch – Must get done! 

Important – Needs attention – But move to another day! 

Indifferent – Chill pill – Can wait till next week! 

This has two benefits:

  1. It allows my mind to shut off to relax for the weekend ahead
  2. It sets me up for the week ahead as I have a list to shape my week for progress and success.

Tell your story…

Whilst I was studying to be a yoga teacher in 2015 I came up with The F.I.V.E Motivators:

  • Freedom
  • Instinct
  • Versatility
  • Expansiveness

I vowed these four core beliefs would become my way of living.- a cohesive existence of self-love, laughter, truth, self-reflection and evolution. They remind me of how I want to live life and my devotion to who I am.

Begin telling your story as what you have to say is important. Hilary Rushford the founder of Dean Street Society says so many people need what you have to offer in the world. I 100% believe this and this is why it is important to tell your story. People want realness, honesty and natural charm.

It could be one of the reasons why they are turning to yoga in the first place. They are intrigued and it’s our job as teachers to educate them. And the best way to do this is through storytelling.

Find a social media channel which you like and begin to play!

Sharing stories, antidotes, pictures, your favourite quotes, yoga moves and begin the conversation. I am continuously working on being present for my tribe and have grown my Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram following to 2.5k within 12 months.

I am building my followers organically as I want everyone to be there because they want to be there.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at this blog post: 3 Ways to Engage Facebook Fans.

How blogging creates leads 

I began blogging in 2014 talking about my travels around the world. From here I moved the blogs on to the Yummy Yoga Girl website. I blog once a month and with time I am starting to see great results.

Yoganect approached me last Summer, to be one of there supporters and blog contributors on their online global community. Most recently I have guest blogged for Form yoga mats. And in April this year, I received a request in my inbox from Siddhi Yoga School in Malaysia, offering me a guest blog, which I have turned into a series of six blog posts. My initial desire to reach a global audience has come true.

I love writing and have continued to use this passion in approaching publications.

This year Om Yoga Magazine published my story and I was on the front cover! In the article, I speak honestly about how yoga helped me through my recovery from bulimia. This is a wonderful achievement as I hope it may inspire others who suffer from body conscious issues to use yoga to bring balance and perspective into their lives.

The success of all the publications so far including being Om’s May front cover came from an introduction email to the right person, some advertising within the magazine and simply asking for collaboration opportunities. I believe I have something to offer which is valuable and in return, my message is being honoured and shared to the world.

I believe you too have something of value to offer and encourage you to ask for what you want, as with persistence and love, it will come to fruition.

Loyalty takes time

It’s been just over a year since I launched Yummy Yoga girl. I now have a tribe of loyal customers who want to hear from me and are engaging with my content. In return, this is producing sales and interest in all other aspects of my yoga business. Each week is shaped differently which is the way I like it.

The achievements so far have been amazing and the consistency is paying off. I am using all my skills and just being Natalie which is another aspect of what I love about being a spiritual boss lady!

A fellow yoga teacher and my google analytics specialist, Alice Jackson, shared what she loves most about my yoga business: Yummy Yoga Girl is a home brand and she can feel my presence within all my communication. Feedback like this is fulfilling and a great reward from the days when you are sitting tapping away at your computer working on leads, content and filing!

Now that you know you can start building your yoga business straight away.

I recommend getting started on your mailing list by following Digital Yoga Academy’s 3 day list building challenge. I grew my list from 0-100 in 3 days and it was easy and fun.

Here is the route I followed after the 3-day challenge to continue growing my mailing list and shaping my weeks for progress and success.

  1. 5 steps to email marketing success 
  2. 7 great ways to grow your email list 
  3. How to create an email opt in yoga freebie your ideal students will love 


Natalie Farrell founder of Yummy Yoga Girl an online wellbeing shop committed to healthy living and offering 21st century Yogini’s a place of inspiration so they can create the ultimate yogini lifestyle. She is a Wellbeing and Yoga Coach and a public speaker, speaking on NLP, wellbeing and hypnotherapy and her own business journey, inspiring others to find and follow their true calling, encouraging them to combine business with their passion. She founded the boutique yoga wear range Yummy Yoga Girl in 2017 and will be exhibiting at Om Yoga Show this October from the19-21st at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Work with Natalie now sign up to her free 21-day wellbeing challenge at

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