Self promotion is not what you think

Self promotion is not what you think

Let’s talk about teaching yoga and self promotion.

To authentically promote yoga, having some marketing knowledge will help you to reach your ideal students, fill your classes and workshops and sell our your retreats.

If there’s one topic that keeps coming up again and again in my conversations with yoga teachers, is the issue of how to authentically promote yoga.

Whether it’s a simple Facebook post or the home page of your website, there’s one big mistake yoga teachers are frequently making.

The common thought is that as yoga teachers, you have to self promote to be successful.

However, when you view marketing as self-promotion, what you’re essentially doing is putting yourself on centre stage and focusing on “What I do” instead of “What I can do you for”.

“There’s a difference and it’s a big one! Of course people want to learn about you and that’s what the About page on your website is for. But it shouldn’t be the first thing your potential students see.”

In marketing your services, the most important element to focus on is transformation and what you can do for your students.

In all of the ways that you share your business with people, focus on what you can do for them as opposed to what you do. Let that be your mantra and watch as others begin to gravitate towards you.

To authentically promote yoga and your classes, explain what’s in it for the student.

Talk about the benefits and be confident, appealing and inviting. You could start with a reflective question such as “Ready for more balance and less stress?” to grab the reader’s attention, get them excited about what you’re offering and to make it personal. It also makes your call to action time sensitive and encourages people to act now and book.

So let’s recap on the “What I can do for you” mantra looks like when promoting yourself:

  • Explain or describe the benefits
  • State the positive changes your students will experience
  • Exude confidence to gain trust
  • Always include a call to-action

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about those you seek to serve. When you remember that it’s your students at center stage it takes the pressure off self-promotion. You aren’t selling yourself, you’re promoting transformation through yoga and that is worth spreading.

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