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Which yoga teacher path will you take?


You’ve graduated from teacher training, gained some valuable teaching experience and now you’re ready to start building your new yoga teaching life. But which yoga teacher path will you take?

You’ll perhaps find a venue to set up your own class, you’ll be sussing out your own unique teaching style and how you’ll present yourself. You might start covering for well-known teachers in your area to help build your own presence. It’s time to consider which yoga teacher path will you take.

This is a time of learning the ropes. And how you go about this will depend on what you want to achieve. Some are not fussy and are happy to teach anywhere and everywhere, from church halls to plush gyms. Other teachers want to hone in on being known inside the hottest yoga studios. Wherever you’re heading, the chances are you’ll have to put in lots of legwork to achieve it.

A good place to start is to find your uniqueness as a teacher. Something that cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Draw up a list of your strengths and weaknesses and ask potential students what they might like and need. Through this kind of research, you may be able to spot a niche in the market where you can position yourself.

When you’re ready to go out into the world then make sure you have a few basics in place, especially a website. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It’s simple to make sure you can be found by potential students in your area.

If you fear technology then think of it more like a virtual business card, simply stating how to get in touch with you. That may include your name, phone number, address, teaching style.

But if you can overcome your IT terror then the online world is your oyster when it comes to marketing.

After that, start building your name on a broader level. As well as online marketing, get some flyers printed up (or do them yourself at home). Then place them on community boards, at local gyms, schools and village halls – anywhere you think your students might be looking.

Make contact with the yoga studios in your area and introduce yourself. It doesn’t pay to be shy especially in the early days; it might lead to opportunity.

Above all, be clear and authentic as this will help you win through in the end. It may be difficult establishing yourself during that first year but it can be done.

Ask as many other teachers as you possibly can how they did it – and then follow your own path.

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