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So you want to become a yoga teacher?


So you want to become a yoga teacher? You’re not alone. There are an estimated 20k yoga teachers in the UK, over 81k teachers registered with Yoga Alliance. And the number is rising fast.

And that’s because yoga is so awesome!

What could be better than to make a living doing what you love, bringing joy and peace? Not to mention better backs, improved posture and general peace of mind – to all those around you. So if you want to become a yoga teacher, there are some things to consider.

Unfortunately, choosing yoga as a career is not as easy as some people might think.

Assuming you can get over the initial hurdles, like training and certification, then there’s the sticky subject of earning a living. And that means getting paid for doing what you love.

Yes, the world needs yoga! But that doesn’t mean people are going to throw their hard-earned money at you as soon as you graduate from your teacher training. So if you want to become a yoga teacher, it takes time, patience and a little know-how.

After you’ve got through your training, you’ll take those first early steps getting students to your classes. Much depends, of course, on what your own goals and aspirations are.

For many people, this could well be enough.

Teaching yoga part-time is a great way to earn some extra spending money. In fact, many people who go through teacher training have no intention of taking yoga as a career at all. They just want to deepen their own practice. And that’s a very beautiful thing.
But if you are looking to turn this passion of yours into profit then you need to learn all the nuances of running a small business.

You need to learn the basics of marketing to drive up your student numbers and get to grips with all the boring stuff that’s commonly associated with running a small business, from bookkeeping and insurance to dealing with the taxman.

If you can get that lot nailed early on then you’re doing a lot better than some. If you build a solid platform this way you can then think about moving up to the next level in.

When you’ve attracted a loyal following of students then you might want to start thinking on a grander scale, running workshops, perhaps, or even doing your own retreat, either locally or abroad.

Once again, it all takes a lot of hard work, planning and dedication. If that all goes well then you may even be ready to set up your own teacher training course. That is another giant leap up the yogic career ladder.

For many yogis, the idea of setting up their own studio is the ultimate dream. This is a huge undertaking. But it remains a dream for many and is not beyond the realms of possibility with adequate planning and resources.

It helps if you’ve put in the legwork, building your reputation through the years, learning your trade and becoming as accomplished and as competent as possible, both when you become a yoga teacher, a small business owner, and future manager.

Get that lot right and you too could one day find yourself one of the world’s big super yogis. That could mean jet-setting around the world to teach celebrities and on posh retreats in the tropics.

That’s not a job most people fall into, but usually the result of years of study, training and commitment. Taking yoga as a career starts on the mat. Find your passion there, and enthuse others with it, and you could really be going places when you choose yoga as a career.

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