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Why every yoga teacher needs a newsletter


Why Every Yoga Teacher Needs A Newsletter: A regular weekly newsletter is the best way to reach your students and stay connected with your community.

There are so many reasons why you should be dedicating time and effort to getting your students on to your email list so that you can show up in their inbox on a regular basis. And remember, anyone that gives you their email address, wants to hear from you!

How often should you send out your newsletter? Well, how often do you want your students to attend your classes? Once a week, maybe more? Then a regular weekly newsletter is the best way to reach students and keep them involved. But that’s not the only reason why yoga teachers need a newsletter.

You should aim to schedule your newsletter on the same day and time every week so that your students expect it and even look forward to receiving it!

Once you know your deadline, you can start to work towards that date by collecting and creating your content on the days prior to sending.

Most people these days read their emails on their phone so it’s essential that your newsletter is reads well and looks good on small devices.

Mailchimp does a lot of the work in making sure that everything is formatted correctly for all devices (responsive) but you can also help by using images and buttons in your email and proofreading before you send to check all the links work and everything is displaying as it should.

Using MailChimp for your weekly newsletter is a great choice as you can replicate the format and sending preferences – which is a huge time saver. All you will need to do weekly is just update the newsletter with the content for that week.

So let’s look at some more specific reasons why you need a newsletter:

1. Keep your students in the loop!

If your teaching schedule changes, or you have a new class or you’re doing a workshop, having an email list means you can keep your students in the loop.

2. Email subscribers buy!

Research shows people on your email list are more likely to purchase from you – so the people who receive your emails and more likely to book your classes, events, workshops and retreats. And if you do email marketing well by focusing on your content and getting more people to open your emails, you’ll get more people booking your classes, workshops and retreats. It really is a no brainer!

3. People check email all day every day!

People check their email multiple times a day so showing up in their inbox is going to keep you at the front of your student’s minds and in an ever evolving and competitive yoga space, this can be the difference between booking your class or the class of another teacher.

4. You can’t reply solely on social media!

With social media’s organic reach diminishing by the day, you can’t rely on social media to keep your students updated, even if you have tons of followers, plus people get to know you on social media but they don’t buy there.

5. Email makes it easy for your students!

Emailing your students means you’re not relying on them to have to seek you out, because there’s a lot of competition out there so you need to make it super easy for your students to get your info. Email really is the easiest way to stay in touch.

6. Your students want to hear from you!

Students will give you their email addresses because they want to hear from you and work with you on a deeper level, so if you don’t step up, they will miss out and so will you.
Even if you think you’re not going to send a newsletter right now, it’s better to start collecting your student’s email addresses now so that you have an email list for when you are ready.

You can use MailChimp to import email addresses manually and also to add opt-in forms to your website to collect email addresses of people visiting your website.

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