How To Create One Piece Of Content To Share In Multiple Places Online!

How To Create One Piece Of Content To Share In Multiple Places Online!

Do you create one piece of content for your yoga business at least once a week?

If you want to drive things forward, you need to spend some time working on your business. Content creation should be a key part of that.

If you want to build an online business and run workshops, retreats and teach yoga online then you need to have a community. A community is an essential part of your business as it grows. 

In this post, you will learn how to make the content creation process easier. The whole idea of having to create content is a barrier in itself to creating content! You probably feel like there is just too much going on in your busy life as a yoga teacher.

When am I going to have the time to actually create content?

You will learn how to make this process fit effortlessly into your busy schedule.

Why Should You Create Consistent Content?

Content Marketing is a strategy that you use in your business to create, publish, share and promote content to your ideal students. The whole idea around this is to bring new students into your business. It is also about nurturing the relationship with the students that you have already got. There are lots of reasons why you want to spend time creating content!

The content you create you are going to be sharing online. This could be blog posts, videos and social media posts. Sharing content online helps you build trust with your ideal students and to create awareness around your yoga brand.

You can use content to help you build organic search on your website with SEO. You can use it to build your email list and to convert people on your list to students.

Content is the best way to attract your ideal students! There are people out there that connect with you and your teachings. The content you share will resonate with the right people.

It can help drive repeat visitors back to your website, especially if you’ve got a blog which allows people to reshare your content. This helps to position you as an expert in your field and gain some influence in your yoga community online.

In general, people prefer to do business with brands and yoga teachers who are creating and sharing content.

Make creating content non-negotiable!

Carve out a day for content creation. For example, don’t book any classes or meetings on a Monday and turn this into your content creation day every single week. This is a non-negotiable day where you can sit down for a few hours and work on your content.

Block it out in your calendar, turn off your phone and emails and strictly focus on your content.

Goals Of Content Creation

It’s important when you are creating content to think about what your content goal is. There are essentially five content goals.

1st Goal: Develop An Awareness Of You Yoga Brand

What are the reasons why you create content? This is about creating awareness, building trust and helping you to stand out. It could be a weekly blog that covers topics that are of interest to your ideal students. It could be a weekly video that you post to YouTube or a weekly themed post on social media.

That content you put out there doesn’t necessarily link to anything. You are just putting content out there in the online space in order to get eyes on you.

2nd Goal: Boost Traffic To Your Website

The idea here is you’re asking people to click through to your website in order to read the rest of your post or to sign up for a content upgrade. You might add a link to the blog post on Instagram in the bio then do a social media post about your blog to direct followers to that link.

There is a trick where you can use the ‘swipe-up’ feature on Instagram with less than 10k followers, learn about that here.

3rd Goal: Generate Leads

Use content to lead people to your email list and gain new subscribers. One way to do this is by creating content upgrades as opt-in freebies. You offer this to people in exchange for their email address.

It could be a downloadable checklist, a free meditation course or a quick yoga flow. It is all about creating valuable content that when your subscribers receive it they will think: “wow if her free content is this good her paid program must be incredible.”

4th Goal: Converting Those People On Your Email List Into Students

You can create content to help convert people into paying students. For example testimonials from other existing students. When the people on your email list read those testimonials it makes them want to work with you more. This content is about positioning yourself as an expert and building credibility. You might use case studies, testimonials or free trials.

There are lots of different ways that you can use content to push your students through to become a student.

5th Goal: Improve Student Retention

Once you’ve gained a new student, it doesn’t end there. You want to continue to add value to your student. For example, if you have an online program where you teach online, maybe you also have a closed Facebook group just for those students in your online program. Through that group, you provide additional content and value. Maybe you do some Facebook lives in order to continue to improve and nurture that relationship

These five goals relate to the yoga marketing sales funnel where people at the top have just begun to know you as a yoga teacher. As you work with them and provide them with more content, you push them down the sales funnel onto your website. Then they end up on your email list and eventually they go through to become your student after you become their go-to teacher.

Use SEO To Get People Into Your Sales Funnel

Before someone lands on your website, they may have actually gone onto Google and searched for what they are looking for. For example “what to expect at my first yoga class”. Because you have written a blog post about this using SEO that is focused on relevant keywords you’ll show up that that search result. They will click onto your website, read that blog post and join the conversation that they’ve been having in their head.

This is key because now they’re going to stay on your website because they are interested in what you’ve got to share.

Create One Piece Of Content and Share It In Multiple Places Online

Now you’ve created that one piece of content, you have a piece of content that you can share in multiple ways. If you’ve got an email list, you can send an email to your subscribers. You could write a little summary and add a bit of a personal story in there to help the reader to resonate with you. Use the email to link through to the piece of content on your website.

Then you could go onto Facebook and Instagram Live and talk about that piece of content. You can even get onto Instagram TV and record yourself. Have your blog post up on your laptop in front of you, read it and expand. Add your personality! Remember that the more you do this, the better you’re going to get.

Get out of your own way. You need to get out of your own way in order to grow your business. In order to become visible online where your students are hanging out so that you can position yourself as the expert and share the insight that you have about yoga.

Get out of your comfort zone!

If you have created a post that is “10 Things To Expect At Your First Yoga Class”, guess what? You’ve got 10 social media posts because each of those points can now become something that you can share on social media.

Search For Your Golden Nuggets

Even if there aren’t 10 points within your post you will still be able to find golden nuggets to share as separate posts. These are snippets of information that make sense as a standalone social media post. Look through what you’ve created and pull those snippets out. If you are using a scheduling tool you can simply copy that little golden nugget and paste it into your schedule.

If you create a yoga flow there will be loads of golden nuggets that you can pull out. You can talk about something in particular in the flow or break down different postures and their benefits. You can upload them to Instagram & Facebook, embed the video on your website and create a summary. Send an email out to your subscribers and drive them to your website.

Even if you just create one piece of content a week you can find ways to create multiple posts using this strategy.

Reach More People!

You can reach so many more people by visible in multiple places online with a chunk of effort. This is why content creation should be non-negotiable. Create one piece of content at the beginning of the week and line everything up for the week. Pick one topic and get it out there in as many places as you can.

Share your message far and wide and make a bigger impact.

When you make that impact you start to connect to the heart and soul of the people that are receiving that from you. That is how you really start to build a strong community that resonates with you as a yoga teacher.


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