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Advanced email list building strategies to boost your yoga business!


Do you have email list building strategies in place? 

Maybe you’ve got an email list but you’re struggling to get people on it. 

It’s essential to know what strategies and tactics you can use to maximize the number of people you’re getting on your email list. 

In this post, you will learn 4 effective advanced strategies for building your email list.

Email list building strategy 1: Opt-in freebies & content upgrades

Opt-in freebies

To grow your email list it is necessary to have an opt-in freebie. A freebie is a lead magnet. It’s a free piece of content that you offer to your potential students or your potential subscribers.

You offer this free piece of content to your new subscribers on your website in order to get them to sign up to your list. 

Your freebie needs to be super valuable to your ideal students. These are the people in your niche. If you teach courses online then your free piece of content needs to be closely related to your offering. This gives potential students a taste for your paid content.

You want it to really tie in so that it becomes a natural flow for people who come onto your email list as a result of the freebie that they downloaded. Then it becomes a natural transition from your free content to your paid content.

A freebie is a key element in your email list building strategies.

Content upgrades

A content upgrade could be a pdf, a workbook, a video or checklist that is available via another piece of content that you post on your website or social media. A content upgrade is an amazing type of opt-in freebie you can offer your students.

Content upgrades are usually related to a blog post. When you’re reading blogs yourself, usually what you’ll find is halfway down the page, there’ll be a little banner. When you click on it, it will pop up and ask for your email address.

And most likely what you’re signing up for in that pop-up is a piece of content that is specifically related to the blog posts that you’ve been reading. 

The opt-in freebie is an upgrade of something that your ideal student is already interested in.  If you’re creating a blog post anyway, it could be as simple as a checklist of what you’ve just spoken about. An easy checklist that provides a way for your students to implement what you’re teaching them on your blog.

You can use Canva, a free online design tool, to create templates for your content upgrades. Once you’ve created a template, it’s just a simple job of copy and pasting some of the information that you put into your blog posts into a checklist.

Content upgrades enable you to provide even more opportunities for people to get onto your list in a more organic and natural way as your audience is already consuming that related content.

Focus on value first and put in sincere effort to make it useful and actionable for your students.

If your content upgrade isn’t offering them value, it’s just going to erode the trust and the faith that your audience has in you. They’re not going to download anything and might not come to your blog or your website again. Make sure there’s a takeaway from your upgrade and tell your students what they can get from it.

Start to think about three blog post topics for your ideal students. And then alongside that think about a content upgrade for each post.

Email list building strategy 2: Offer A Resource Library

A resource library is full of free downloads that you host on your website. It can include videos, ebooks, checklists, audios, workbooks.

You can password protect your library and offer the password to your subscribers in exchange for their email address.  If you’ve been creating blog posts and content upgrades consistently, then you’ll end up having a number of different downloads that you can package up in a resource library. 

It’s a great place to host content as it’s a central location for your subscribers to access everything.

Building up the resources for a content library takes time. But it is a good strategy to start chipping away at with the future in mind.

By having a resource library, you are creating a high-value offering because your subscribers can get all these freebies in one place just by giving you their email address.

The easiest way to create a resource library is to upload your content onto one page on your website. If you’ve got a WordPress website, you have to simply password protect that page. You could also use a plugin called Essential Grid, which allows you to professionally display the resources on your password-protected page. 

When a subscriber wants to gain access to your free resources, what’s going to happen?

They will receive an automated welcome email from you. In that welcome email, you would provide them with the password to access your the resources library. Easy!

Remember to keep the content of your resources library really specific for your ideal students. The reason is that people are really picky nowadays about what they’re signing up for. Would you give out your email address unless you’re getting something valuable in return?

People are more inclined to sign up for a library because it’s better than giving you the email and just receiving one thing. They’re going to be receiving multiple things. 

Think about 10 freebies that you could develop over the next 12 months for your resource library that your ideal students would love to receive. If you get stuck with this, ask your students at the end of your class to get some relevant feedback and insights.

Creating a resource library with MailChimp

If you’re using MailChimp, you’d have to create a different list for every different content upgrade. But with a resource library, you just need to create one list.

Regardless of whether somebody opts in for your content upgrade or for your resource library, you send them that welcome email with the password for the protected page. This makes everything so much easier for you. 

Easy tools to help you produce free content

Canva is a great way to create workbooks, checklists, lists of tips. And it’s free.

An easy way to create, video or audio is with your phone and a tripod. Put it in front of you, set up your space and make sure you’re in a room with lots of natural light. Don’t let technology or the fact that you haven’t got fancy equipment hold you back from doing this.

This is all you need to get started! Over time as you start getting more confident on camera you can invest in a lightbox and zoom microphone. You can use a program like iMovie to edit videos if you have Apple. Otherwise there are many different types of editing software out there.

You don’t need to make long videos! It could be simple, 10-minute videos that your students can fit into their day to get into the habit of practising yoga. 

Email list building strategy 3: Giveaways

Giveaways that are strategic and aimed at attracting your ideal students are a great thing to do. If your prize isn’t aimed at your ideal students you’re going to get loads of people onto your list that aren’t your ideal students.

This shouldn’t be a leave a comment on my Instagram post to win type of giveaway. Instead, you’re going to use a giveaway system so that you can collect people’s email addresses. 

Giveaway software

Use a software called KingSumo to run your giveaway and collect entrants’ email addresses. KingSumo is a WordPress plugin that has an initial cost is $ 198, but you can find discount codes online. And once you’ve paid for it, you have the plugin for life.

It also helps people who have entered to share it with their friends in exchange for more entries. This helps you get even more people to sign up to your email list. This is a big incentive for people to share your content. Because they could end up having 100 entries if they get 20 people to enter.

Don’t go overboard

Be mindful that a giveaway should just be one part of your overall email list building strategy.

You don’t want to be doing them every single month. You should be working with partners to put together a really attractive prize package, that’s high value and your ideal students are interested in. Because of the high value you probably only want to do a giveaway two to three times a year. 

Start by thinking about brands that you could work with and that might be interested in offering your businesses some prizes. 

Email list building strategy 4: Collaborations

Collaborations are working with other brands.  You need great content, but you also need to involve other people if you want your business to excel.

This is about collaboration over competition.

So you should think about brands that are aligned with your values and who share the same audience. 

There are many ways that you could collaborate with other yoga teachers and brands. You should start to reach out and work out some opportunities for collaborating.

Once you’ve explored opportunities and you’ve found a way of collaborating, it enables you to reach their audience. And that’s going to help you to get new people into your community. 

Start thinking about what you can offer to a collaboration. If you love writing blog posts then you can offer your service as a guest blogger for a yoga brand that has a large following. This is a great way to get people to come onto your website and then getting them to sign up to your list.

Start to think about your potential partners, what you will offer and how you will reach out to them.

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