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How to Make Sales in Your Online Yoga Business


Are you looking to learn how to make sales in your online yoga business? Do you struggle with making sales? How do you feel about selling your products and services?

The word sales can bring a lot of fear and mixed emotions. Perhaps you feel that selling is slimy, sleazy or difficult. Does selling come easy to you or is it challenging?

Selling is an important part of your online yoga business. The key is to sell in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you. Without the overwhelm and confusion.

The key is to learn marketing and sales strategies that can work for your business. Helping you to convert your community into paying students. Without this you may find yourself creating an online offer yet struggle to stand out from the noise. This can lead you to heavily discounting your offer, or giving it away for free.

Is this what you would like to envision for yourself?

You’ve done the work to be known as an expert in your niche and elevated your authority by putting out niche specific content, working with partners and collaborating with other experts in your space. You’ve also built trust and people want to work with you because they know that you’re the best teacher to guide and support them back to themselves.

You feel confident that month after month the money and clients will continue to flow with ease because you have sales and marketing strategies in place that guarantee your success.

This type of ease and success is not reserved for other people. This is meant for you. Abundance, dream clients, ease and spiritual connection.

It all comes down to your mindset!

You can use all of the marketing and sales strategies in the world, but if your mindset isn’t on board then it will be hard to achieve alignment with your online launches and sales goals. Mindset is key. You can learn more about creating a mindset for success in my podcast How to Cultivate Your Yogipreneur Mindset for Success.

Using sales strategies that work

To create a thriving online yoga business and make money, it’s imperative that you know your niche and who you’re selling to. If you haven’t niched down, it means you don’t fully understand or know your ideal clients. You won’t be able to describe their likes, dislikes, challenges and goals. Meaning you will struggle to feel on an emotional level, what’s keeping them up at night and why they need your help.

If you don’t know who they really are and what their pain points are, then you won’t be able to create the sales copy that will draw them into purchasing from you. Knowing your ideal client and speaking to them directly will make them stop and listen to what you have to say. Helping you to cut through the noise and be seen.

It all starts with understating who you’re speaking to. Otherwise you end up speaking to everyone in a general way but end up speaking to no one!

If you’re not able to communicate the problem that you’re solving…

You’re marketing simply won’t work. When your marketing doesn’t work, you won’t make sales. No sales means no business.

The key is to find your niche and be specific. Commit to doing the work in understanding who you’re serving and how you’re helping them. If you’re struggling to make money in your business, you know that you haven’t discovered your niche and spoken to your ideal customer.

Make this your priority.

Understand your ideal client and what their pain points are. If you’re struggling with this then be sure to enrol in our Super Yogi course. You will learn how to discover a niche you’re passionate about and how to use marketing strategies to succeed. Including how to create content, email marketing, website content, mindset and more. Click here to get started.

Create a Premium Offer

Next up commit to creating a premium online offering such as an online course or membership. This is offer that will solve a specific problem that your ideal student needs support with. Create a digital online product that costs at least $300.

If you choose to create a membership, ensure the lifecycle of a student in your membership is for at least 6 months. A membership also works well to upsell students into your online course or program. The same works for upselling a student from an online course into an ongoing membership.

The key to making sales consistently, is to move away from weekly yoga classes. If you’re looking to create greater impact and reach more students in a deeper way, then move to an online course or membership.

Yoga is here to heal and transform people. In the modern world we need to be modern yogis working with the tools, systems and platforms to share your message out into the world.

What do you need to sell your online course? 

Selling your online course is one of the most important aspects of a successful online yoga business. Without a strategy there’s a high chance you could end up creating your course and then struggling to find students to fill it. The key is to have a sales strategy to convert people in your community into paying students.

To be clear, making money from selling an online course isn’t a fast and easy path. You can create a course that’s ten times better than the next one and do all of the research to ensure it’s something that your people will actually buy. You can even have an existing following on social media. Yet this doesn’t mean that the sales of your online course will just magically happen.

You may get those first initial sales when you first launch, but if you want to keep selling consistently for months and years to come, then you need a system and sales funnel in place. A system to:

1. Continually attract new people into your community, generating relevant leads
2. Nurture relationships with your leads and community
3. Pitch your course and communicate its value

1. Attracting New Leads

There are many ways to grow your community. We teach you how to do just that inside of our Super Yogi course. Essentially, it’s about getting traffic to your website, sales page and offer. This can be paid or organic traffic. Paid traffic is spending money on ads to get in front of the right people. Such as ads with Facebook, Google, YouTube or Pinterest.

Organic traffic is free advertising, such as your website, search engine optimisation and social media platforms like YouTube videos, Pinterest and Facebook Groups. You’ll need to do a lot more hands-on work to benefit from organic traffic.

There’s no right or wrong approach. Free traffic is free and often better quality, but it takes time. Paid traffic is quick and targeted, but it costs money.

Our recommendation at Digital Yoga Academy is to include both types of traffic sources within your online yoga business. This is something that we teach inside of our Profitable Yoga Teacher course.

The first stage to your funnel and attracting new leads, is via your lead magnet. This means creating a valuable opt-in that is free for your ideal student to sign up to your email list. From there you can begin to nurture them and create a relationship.

2. Nurture relationships with your leads and community

Nurturing your relationship with your potential students is key into turning them into paying customers. You need to show up and be visible via you’re content, social media and more.

Inside of the Profitable Yoga Teacher program you learn how to create and repurpose your content in an easy and effortless way. So that you can show up and share valuable, educational content with your community. Helping you to attract new leads and build relationships.

One of the best ways to nurture relationships with your community is via email marketing. Showing up in their inbox week after week with valuable educational content to support them on their journey. Consistency is key.

3. Pitch your course and communicate its value

The third stage to making sales is to pitch your offer and convert your community into paying students. One powerful strategy to do this is via a live launch event. This could be a webinar, masterclass or an online challenge. This live online event gets you in front of your potential students to build trust that provides value and free information.

The goal is to teach people a small portion of what you’ll cover inside of your online course. At the end of your live event you open enrolment to your course.

The great thing about live events is the level of commitment from those that have made the time to show up. They are more likely to invest in your message and enrol in your paid course.

What’s really powerful about hosting a live event is that people can interact with you and get their questions answered. This teaches you more about your audience and what additional help or information they need.

A live event gives you the opportunity to sell and serve your community. Helping people to solve their problems. When you know who you’re serving, and how your online course can solve their problem, then it’s becomes easy to sell your course.

To convert viewers into buyers it’s about how you can amplify your frequency so that you move people to take action. True marketing and leadership are all about moving someone to feel, act and do something. The potency of your leadership comes from a place of deep connection with your power.

When you’re showing up from that place, your community can feel that vibration. That’s what moves someone to take action and say “I want to be connected to this frequency of transformation”.

Your students won’t just be coming into your online course to learn from you. They’re coming into it to be in alignment with your frequency. As a course leader, you need to be fully connected with your frequency, show up and share inside of your live event.


In summary tart with creating a valuable free offer/lead magnet, to attract your ideal student into your sales funnel. Nurture them via your email marketing efforts, each and every week to build a relationship with them. Then host an online event to present the solution that you offer with your online course. Continue to show up on social media on a regular basis and create a powerful content, email and marketing sales strategy. Be consistent and give value.

If you need help, reach out to us. Join the waitlist for our next intake of the Profitable Yoga Teacher program and learn how to grow your online yoga business to create a greater impact in the world.

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